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Who runs the world? Girls!


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Women have come a long way in the sporting world. With RIO currently the topic of the month we thought we’d highlight how far women have come in the sporting world.

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Who runs the world? Girls!

  1. 1. Tennis 1884 - The women's singles competition begins at Wimbledon. Maud Watson is the first champion. 2007 - The Wimbledon tennis tournament announces that it will pay women and men equal prize money for the first time. 2016 – Serena Williams claims her 22nd grand slam. Photo credit: Tennis Theme
  2. 2. Hockey 1988 - at the Seoul Olympics, the Australian women's hockey team Hockeyroos, became the first Australian women's team sport to win an Olympic gold medal. 1996/2000 - The Hockeyroos went on to win the gold medal at the 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Games. Photo credit: and SMH
  3. 3. Swimming 1985 – Dawn Fraser is the first female inductee in the Sport Australia Hall of Fame. 2014 - Dori Miller is the first female Australian to swim a double English Channel crossing. Photo credit: Photo Credit: The Daily Telegraph
  4. 4. Winter Olympics 1924 - Figure skating is the only sport open to women at the first Winter Olympic Games. 2002 - Alisa Camplin competes at the 2012 Winter Olympics Salt Lake City became Australia's first female Winter Olympics gold medalist. Photo credit: ABC
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