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Amy Boesen: Interior Design Portfolio


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I wanted to upload my portfolio online for easier collaboration with future employers. This portfolio shows a glimpse into my design growth throughout the four years at the best school possible, Kansas State University!


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Amy Boesen: Interior Design Portfolio

  1. 1. AmyBoesen Student Portfolio
  2. 2. My philosophy is to design with purpose, definition, and focususing layers of color, lightand texture to add variety and richness.
  3. 3. Table of Contents Tadao Ando – Church on the Water 4 A Weekend Retreat Lake House 5 Drafting Exercises 6 Modern House 7 New York Loft 8 2010 IIDA MADA Student Gold Winner Pediatrics Office 9 Progressions Hotel & Restaurant 11 4th Dimension Night Club Westar Energy Relocation 15 London – Study Tour 17
  4. 4. Tadao Ando’s Church on the WaterFirst – Year Studio Diagramming is an essential skill to have to analyze important design elements of a project. In Tadao Ando’s Church on the Water, Ando made it evident that the cross was a significant design element for the Church. he created images and views of the cross throughout the space. Another meaningful aspect of Ando’s design is how he integrated the building with the land, as if it was emerging from the earth. Also, Ando deliberately designed the space to guide guests through the Church in order for them to experience and appreciate all of it’s unique features. Medium: Pencil on Vellum 4
  5. 5. A Weekend Retreat Lake HouseFirst – Year Studio In order to design the Weekend Retreat Lake House, solar orientation, natural ventilation, topography, exterior relationships, lake front views, and interior space planning were studied. The project called for a modest single bedroom retreat with room to host two to three guests. The first floor is divided into four quadrants: entry, living room, dining room and kitchen. A spiral staircase leads up to the second floor loft which is accompanied by a personal shower/toilet room and laundry facilities. Shown to the right are a one – point perspective of the dining area with a lake view and the first floor plan with furniture arrangements. Medium: Rapidograph pen on Mylar. 5
  6. 6. Manual – Drafting ExercisesFirst & Second – Year Studio One – Point Perspective Exercise Traditional House Furniture Placement; Drafting Exercise Constructed One – Point Axonometric of The Traditional Perspective Exercise House Master Bedroom 6
  7. 7. A Modern HouseThird – Year Studio Constructed Two – Point Perspective of The Modern House Living and Dining areas. Medium: pen, marker and colored pencil on vellum. 7
  8. 8. Rick Larson’s New York LoftThird – Year Studio Winner: Student Gold at IIDA’s Mid America Design Awards April 2010 The New York Loft was designed for businessman Rick Larson and was inspired by the Art Deco movement and works by A A Charles Rennie Mackintosh. A warm palette of cream and orange was chosen for the space and teal accents on walls and furniture echo the blue- green terra cotta brick Key: 1. Entry/Exit, 2. Guest Toilet, 3. Coat Closet, 4. Dining, which bands across the 5. Functional Divide 6. Kitchen, 7. Living Area, 8. Reading exterior building. Nook, 9. Shelf Unit Unique design features are the functional divide with shelving, a reading nook, functional storage under the stairs, Guest toilet near entry but views shielded from dining area, and an expandable coffee table. To the right are the First Floor Plan and a 3D image of the living area. Medium: Pen and colored pencil on Mylar, Marker on Marker Paper. Modeled and rendered in Living Area view designed in 3ds Max. 3ds Max. 8
  9. 9. Pediatrics OfficeThird – Year Studio The design of the Pediatrics Office was inspired by nature. My goal of the design was to create a therapeutic, relaxing, and uplifting environment. This was achieved by incorporating sky-like light boxes in the waiting area ceiling, by painting flowing ribbons of color on the walls, and the use of greens and earth tones. Reception Desk Modeled in Revit 2010 As a pediatrics office, the intent was to design a space which comforted small children without intimidating them and without excluding the wants and needs of older children and teens. The program called for a reception area, waiting area, nurse’s station, triage, two toilet rooms – one ADA accessible, two consulting offices , three exam rooms, and an employee break room. Medium: Pen and Marker on vellum. Modeling in Waiting Area rendered with pen, marker Revit 2010. 9 and colored pencil on marker paper.
  10. 10. Pediatrics OfficeThird – Year Studio 9 8 6 7 10 5 11 4 15 16 13 3 14 12 1 2 Key: 1. Entry, 2. Break room, 3. Exam 1, 4. Exam 2, 5. Exam 3, 6. Storage, 7. ADA Toilet , 8. Toilet , 9. Rear Exit, 10. Office 1, 11. Office 2, 12. Waiting Area, 13. Reception, 14. File Storage, 15. Nurse’s Station and Triage, 16. Check - Out 10
  11. 11. Progressions Hotel & RestaurantAnd the 4th Dimension NightclubThird – Year Studio Progressions Hotel & Restaurant and the 4th Dimension Nightclub was a group project designed around the concept of time and the ability to capture space in time. Also, we wanted to merge the historic 20’s -30’s of Manhattan, KS with the present and future of Manhattan, KS. Some of the innovative features are a two – story atrium space with access to day lighting, pixilated historic photos, copper and silver colored metal ceiling tiles, Lumiblade’s OLED “You Fade to Light” installation in the nightclub, and reclaimed wood doors for Hotel bedrooms. Design revisions and CD’s were created for this project. Medium: Pen and Marker on Vellum. Modeled in Revit 2010. 11
  12. 12. Progressions Hotel & RestaurantAnd the 4th Dimension NightclubThird – Year Studio , Group Work 4 5 6 8 10 9 7 3 15 16 14 11 2 13 1 17 12 18 N Key: 1. Entry, 2. Candy Bar, 3. Restaurant, 4. Server Station, 5. Kitchen ,6. Men’s Toilet, 7. Women’s Toilet, 8. Employee Area, 9. M/E Room, 10. Office B, 11. Nightclub, 12. Club Entry, 13. Bar Area, 14. Private Lounge, 15. Storage, 16. Atrium, 17. Hotel Reception, 18. Office A 12
  13. 13. Progressions Hotel & RestaurantAnd the 4th Dimension NightclubThird – Year Studio , Group Work Section A Section B 13
  14. 14. Progressions Hotel & RestaurantAnd the 4th Dimension NightclubThird – Year Studio Hotel Guest Bedroom North Elevation South Elevation 14
  15. 15. Westar Energy RelocationBank of America Building, Wichita, KSFourth ----- year Studio Call Center Billing Facilities Human Relations Revenue Credit Collections Common Area Elevator Lobby Objectives: •Provide an open floor plan •Salvage existing materials •Maintain a new, clean look •Attempt as many LEED points as possible •Private offices for Director and Manager level employees •Provide a transitional (conservative) appearance with a contemporary flair •Use soothing colors •Statement finishes in main elevator lobby that says “Welcome” with sophistication 15 •Better utilize office space
  16. 16. Westar Energy RelocationBank of America Building, Wichita, KSFourth ----- year StudioConcept for 96 Call CenterworkstationsCetra Panels, Footprint Storage, Watson adjustable desk, Amia chair Panel Fabric Paint (TYP) Paint (TYP) Upholstery Laminate Carpet Metal Glass 16Material Selections
  17. 17. England Study Tour PhotosID 600Summer 2011 17