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Research Analysis

  1. 1. What kinds of people listen to rock music? Qualitative and Quantative Research Analysis…
  2. 2. I created a questionnaire in order to find out the target audience for my magazine, and here are the results based on the 20 people I asked…
  3. 3. Gender – Rock music seems to appeal to males slightly more than females, but only on a 60:40 basis. Age – Mainly teenage; 16-19. Social Class – Working and middle class people. Ethnicity – Any, but predominantly white Britons/white Americans etc. Interests – Playing instruments (mainly guitar or drums), attending gigs, being passionate about their music, being loud (making themselves heard) and generally enjoying life. Dress Sense – Skinny jeans, t-shirts, jackets and trainers etc.
  4. 4. Why they listen to Rock… Most rockers listen to this genre because they like the messages that the songs send across, and the passion that is put into the lyrics. Rock music is a good way of releasing your angers and frustrations, as well as passing over messages of love and hope. How often? – Whenever possible.
  5. 5. What they would like in magazines – They would most likely prefer to buy a magazine if it had variety, and included interviews and reviews with their favourite bands. 
  6. 6. I then took part in a focus group with 3 other people, and talked about what kind of music they like, and why? Here is what they said…
  7. 7. What would your favourite sub-genre of rock be and why? -Indie, although I am not entirely sure why – I just like it. -Hardcore Rock, because it’s angry, and I like the kind of lifestyle they have.  -Metal, because it’s loud.
  8. 8. Do you have a favourite Rock music magazine? What is it? -Alternative Press because it includes hardcore stuff. -Kerrang! or NME because they let you know about up and coming bands, give you gig dates and include variety. -Kerrang! because of the bands they cover.
  9. 9. Do you already collect any rock magazines? Why do you like them? -I don’t collect them, but if there is a magazine about one of the bands I like, I would probably buy it. -Same, I will only buy one if my favourite bands are featured. -I collect Kerrang! as they always have something I like.
  10. 10. Who is your favourite artist/band and why? -Your Demise because of their music. -Kasabian because they have been around a long time but never get old. -A Day to Remember because of the lyrics they use.
  11. 11. How old are you, and do you think it makes a difference as to what music you listen to? -16 – Not really -16 – Probably, cause at our age there is lots of tension in everything we do, and we have busy lives. -16 – Yes, because the bands are not much older
  12. 12. If you had to pick your favourite feature of a music magazine, what would you choose? -Reviews of albums -Reviews of tours and stuff -Gig listings How many concerts have you attended within the last year? -20/25 -15 -4
  13. 13. What attracts you to a magazine? (front cover wise) -The Image and what it is of -Simple images -The person on the cover and the sell lines