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Notts Police Design Portfolio


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Notts Police Design Portfolio

  1. 1. THE COMPANY Nottinghamshire Police plays an important role in fighting crime, protecting people and promoting law and order in Nottinghamshire. We do this 24 hours a day, every day. Police an area of more than 800 square miles and serve a diverse population of more than one million people living in Nottinghamshire’s towns and villages and the cosmopolitan city and conurbation of Nottingham, the regional capital of the East Midlands. “Our business is to help make Nottinghamshire a safer, better place to live, work and visit, and we do this in partnership with other organisations and local communities across the county.”
  2. 2. VIDEO BRIEF Create Direct traffic to Communicate awareness how the public of how and specifically to the can contact Nottinghamshire ‘How safe is your home?’ Create awareness of their Safer Police can support quiz. potential areas of the Neighbourhood people to make home that might be Team Officers. themselves and a security risk and their homes the ways that people safer. can make themselves and their homes safer
  4. 4. DVD BUTTON
  5. 5. DVD MENU 1 ANIMATION • Grey crest zoom and scale down into place • White box fades in • Video thumbnails (taken from footage) dissolve in and play • Police logo and title fade and slide in vertically • ‘PLAY’ button appears • Loop menu
  6. 6. DVD MENU 2 ANIMATION • Background appears • Image represents video footage of burglaries. Fades in • Police tape zooms in and scales down over the footage • Police logo and title dissolve in • ‘PLAY’ button appears • Loop menu
  7. 7. DVD MENU 3 ANIMATION • The background image represents footage of a burglar being handcuffed - loop • Title zooms in and scales down • Police logo fades or dissolves in • ‘PLAY’ button appears • Loop menu
  8. 8. COVER DESIGN 1
  9. 9. COVER DESIGN 2
  10. 10. COVER DESIGN 3
  11. 11. LABEL DESIGN