The Bible Based Tale Of Abraham Offers Hope In The Midst Of Adversity, Affliction, Loss, And Pain


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The Bible Based Tale Of Abraham Offers Hope In The Midst Of Adversity, Affliction, Loss, And Pain

  1. 1. The Bible Based Tale Of Abraham Offers Hope In The Midst OfAdversity, Affliction, Loss, And PainWhen you are tempted to believe that the troubles of your life are more then you can bear. Whenperhaps many and varied evils come upon you from "who knows where", and when you are temptedto ask, "why does the Lord allow all these troubles in my life?" Perhaps, you should take a fewminutes and think about the testings of Abraham, the father of our faith. Yet, holy bible history recordsthat ultimately no promise of lord to Abraham fell to the ground void. Will Yahweh inflict less for us ifwe remain faithful? When I could possibly get past the raging emotions of my heart during a time oftribulation, at that point, i must admit that I think not really, but what do you think?AbrahamCalled associated with God at the age of seventy five to separate himself from their people, Abrahamtook his household, leaving behind the life which was familiar to him, as well as began a journey thatdemanded that he lead their people hundreds of miles by walking, and at the first, he had no ideawhere he was heading. He was at that time provided a promise that he might become the father of aexcellent nation of people, but remember he was at the time 75 years of age, and his wife Sarah havebeen barren. Later, after "deciding " in the land of Canaan they experienced a drought so severe theywere forced to leave Canaan and to flee to Egypt to obtain water and food. Only then to experiencepressure of being tempted to tell fifty percent truths to save his wife Sarah from being kidnapped, buthis efforts unsuccessful and she was kidnapped. Later on Sarah was, by the operating of Godspower came back to him. Then this guy of peace experienced quarreling and fighting amongst theirhousehold to the extent that he had to separate himself from the nephew that was dear to him.Essentially saying to him, "You choose the direction you want to go, and ill go the other way." a whilelater a band of marauders looted the city near to where his nephew had camped and had stolen awayhis nephew and his home. Abraham was forced to produce an army from among his people andsome neighboring Canaanites, and launch a surprise attack against the marauders in order to free hisnephew and his family. Another twenty years handed while they waited for the guaranteed son to beborn whom was to be Abrahams heir, and the hope of the satisfaction of the promise that he wouldbe the father of a multitude. Keep in mind, Abraham was old if this promise from God came to himand Sarah, however they both were old yet. Year past into yet another year, still the promise of Godwhich was dearest to their hearts hadnt come to them. Tempted to take the matter into their ownfingers Sarah gave her handmaiden into her husbands hands as a wife, that in the young womanmight come forth the promised seed. But Yahweh had never said that through another lady thepromised child will come forth, but through sarah, who through all the many years been barren. Thenwhen Abraham was 99 years old, and the wife Sarah was 90 the promised son came to them. Isaacwas born. But the troubles werent over. Department again entered Abrahams encampment.This time between sarah the wife of Abraham who was a free woman, and the Hagar, who was also aspouse to Abraham, but the servant of Sarah. As the boys grew the division deepened until GodHimself lastly spoke to Abraham educating him to send the youthful boy and his slave mother away
  2. 2. from their encampment. So Abrahams son of 13 years of age was from that point onward held at adistance from Abraham. Still the trials were not over. As the son associated with promise grew to be ayoung teen the voice of the head of the family came to Abraham instructing him to take Isaac and goto the mountains of Mariah there to sacrifice him like a burnt offering to the the majority of High God.Of all the testings of this mans life, surely this was the very greatest of them all. To obey was to killthis son of promise that he and debbie had dreamed of and waited so many years for.It was to kill the very one who was their single great joy and treasure in this human life, but to refusethe voice of god and disobey was to behave contrary to all his years of obedience to the God ofheaven. With a faith that is beyond description this guy walked out those few days prior to thesacrifice, and proceeded towards the very point of joining the promised son on an altar. There heelevated his knife to destroy him, but at that moment the actual voice of God directed him not to do it,however that he was to raise their head and find a lambs stuck in the thicket, it was to be used as theoffering. Being tested, this man is discovered faithful.Were The Major Testings Of This Man And His spouse Sarah Easy? Were these people anyeasier then what we should as Christians might need to endure today? consider :• Called of lord when he was seventy five years old to leave all that had been familiar to him as well as travel to "who knows where?" for it was to be revealed exactly where he was going because he/they traveled.• From the point of leaving their homeland he and the community of people with him lived in tents, moving as nomads across the land.• Experienced a drought so extreme that it forced them to flee to a place exactly where he knew full nicely the well being of his wife would be at stake.• In truth, he had their fears realized when their wife Sarah was kidnapped, but was later shown the mercy and energy of God in that she was delivered back to him.• Experienced a major division exactly where he had to separate himself in one very dear to him, his nephew Lot.• Was forced by each love and duty to raise an army and go to the protection of his flesh and blood, even though his nephew had not earlier shown complete honor to him.• All this while Abraham lived with a wife who he loved very deeply, but yet being disappointed in the reality that her tummy was barren. Yet possessing the promise of god that one day a child would come, but year past 12 months and the promised child did not come.• Not fully believing and not understanding Gods ways they struck out to answer the lords promise of a child based on their own wisdom and ability by Sarah offering the womans slave girl as a wife to Abraham. Which resulted in a son being born to Abraham, but had been the beginning of the distraction as well as pain of division that would plague their encampment for a long time.• Having to cast the bondwoman (who was a spouse to him) and his/their son into the wilderness to again establish peace as well as unity in his encampment as well as life. Thus having a boy and wife that were dear to him held at a distance the rest of his life.• Being told by Yahweh to consider the son of promise, this son who was more dear to him after that
  3. 3. life its self, and offer the life of that son like a burnt offering on mount Moriah.• Later, having past the check of being told to offer the kids life as an offering in order to God, Abraham had to encounter the challenge of finding a spouse suitable for Isaac, which he knew could not be from among the people of the land where they dwelt, for they did not worship the god of heaven. So, after that in yet another great behave of faith he directed his chief steward to come back to the land of his birth to find there amongst his family a wife suitable for Isaac.So fellow Believer, I request you to consider. Are the challenges that the Lord leads you throughanymore demanding than that which he or she led Abraham and his household through? Yet, we seethat God was faithful to him, (them) even when he (they) failed to be completely faithful to God. MayGod not do the same for us who in these last days follow Him through the Holy Spirit? Does he or shenot speak to us his love and fidelity by the scripture in such verses as these, guaranteeing that He willnot forsake all of us, but bring a good finish to our lives if well trust Him and remain true and faithful?For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith god, the father, thoughts of peace, andnot of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, as well as ye shall go andpray unto me, and that i will hearken unto you. (Jeremiah 29:11-12 KJV)Can a woman overlook her sucking child, that she should not have empathy on the son of herwomb? Yea, they may overlook, yet will I not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee upon thepalms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me. (Isaiah 49: 15-16)What shall we say then to these things? If God end up being for us, who can be against us?He that spared not His own Son, however delivered Him up for all of us all, how shall he notwith Him freely provide us with all things? (Romans 8 31-32 KJV)And we know that all things work together for good to them that love god and are the calledaccording to His purpose. (Romans 8:28 KJV)A Watchman,Gregory A DeHartJeremiah 29