Journaling - A Way For God To Speak To You Each Day - Conversations With Go D


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Journaling - A Way For God To Speak To You Each Day - Conversations With Go D

  1. 1. Journaling - A Way For God To Speak To You Each Day -Conversations With Go DDid you know that God wants to speak to you each day should you would just take the time to get outa book, listen to Him and write down what He has to say to a person God is ever present and reignsin your heart and He lives in us, so close to us, therefore close to us so he can commune with us. Inthis short article I am going to give you an example of a conversation that I have with the HeavenlyFather and His reaction to me. This is personal but I hope it can spark wish in you to do the same.Matthew saysI feel sort of funny doing this in front of the world father. What have you to say to that?Father GodMt Son felt worse knowing that one day he would be whipped and hung bare on a cross before theglobe. Sometimes we have to set a good example for other people to follow. I long to talk to mybeloved new orleans saints if they only knew it had been possible.Matthew saysSometimes i feel I am not worthy to do what you have called me to do.Father GodWhat sort of tale is your beat, what sort of tale that you like to hear... A man from the rich andpowerful loved ones winning in life, or a poor man with no hope but many of courage making asuccess?Matthew saysI like the rags in order to riches stories God.Father GodThat is why your worthy my beloved son. Youre an over-comer. You have had a lot come against youin life. You have been through so much as well as suffered so much emotional as well as spiritualpain. You often have joked that this is why your last name was Payne for all the pain that youendured.Yet from your humble origins you have set your face in order to learning. Through all the many yearsyou have had a heart that loved me. Even via all the years while you had been sinning a lot you stillwanted to be close to Jesus, My boy.People can relate to you. People who read your content articles and watch your you tube videosknow that you are a actual person and that you have real struggles and you have a real belief in Meand my kingdom. That is what makes you very deserving and worthwhile for us to encourage you tobe a teacher of the Word. You dont simply speak it, you live it.Matthew saysThank you to take the time to help with this brief article. Thank you for your life affirming words.Sometimes I think i am such a sinner.Father GodThats my pleasure son. Keep going. We have a bright future for you personally (Jeremiah 29:11).
  2. 2. Jeremiah 29