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Tactical Secrets of B2B Content Marketing


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What do today’s B2B marketers ultimately care about? Generating leads that their organization can actually turn into viable sales opportunities of course.
This slideshare will show you how to set up a content marketing engine that actually works and generates leads, and how to be data-driven in order to continually learn and grow the volume, velocity and value of leads.

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Tactical Secrets of B2B Content Marketing

  1. 1. Tactical Secrets of B2B Content Marketing @amritamathur 1
  2. 2. People are more connected, more discerning, and have more choice than ever before.
  3. 3. Customers are highly empowered Social Cloud Mobile
  4. 4. And so… purposeful and ongoing engagement is your last competitive advantage
  5. 5. Content Marketing is a great way to do that: build dialogue and rapport non-intrusively
  6. 6. Why Content Marketing Works #1 way: • Improve website traffic • Uniquely position/re-position yourself • Generate leads • Build trust, authority and brand …to ultimately drive sales 6
  7. 7. But wait, how does one get real leads from content? • No set path or formula • Many non-linear paths to conversion • Consistent experimentation and observation + common sense + leaning from other people’s mistakes 7
  8. 8. Content Marketing is like The Movie Business 8
  9. 9. 9 The Director AKA ‘Content Creator’ The ‘Producer’ AKA ‘Content Production’ The ‘Distributer’ AKA ‘Content Distribution/ Promotion’
  10. 10. 10 Content creation • Theme, Copy • Voice, Tone & Positioning • Design, Structure • Format Content Production • Campaign Management • Scheduling and Cadence • Working with influencers Content Distribution • Marketing Automation • Landing pages • Social media channels • Public/Media relations Content can be anything: Webinars, ebooks, Whitepapers, Blog posts, Videos, Slideshares, Infographics, Postcards, Funny memes, Articles, OpEds
  11. 11. Understanding your Audience • Know who your customer is • Know what your customer wants/ needs • Know what they do, where they live • Know their ‘language’ 11
  12. 12. Agreeing on your Customer Segments early on is important Customers Who Are A Certain Demographic Customers Who Buy Specific Products Customers Who Are In A Specific Job Role Customers Who Shop At Certain Locations
  13. 13. Content Planning 13
  14. 14. Traditional Sales & Mktg Funnel Marketing driven process • Thought leadership. • Themed messaging. • Targeted to identified sectors 14 Brand Awareness Information Gathering Evaluation Selection Sales Engagement Point Sales driven process • Targeted, solution focused messaging
  15. 15. Convert Leads to Pipe and Opps to Deals 15 Brand Awareness TOFU Lead Generation MOFU Conversion Deal Support Create and push out useful and targeted content, campaigns and events that helps loosen the status quo Inbound lead qualification engine that prioritizes, routes and responds and gets people to commit to change Sales enablement content that connects back to your value prop, and making a compelling case to advance deals
  16. 16. Campaign Strategy • Tell a cohesive story: find an umbrella theme – Hint: it could be a hot trend that you piggyback on • Know how the theme connects to your core value prop – In the event there are multiple connections, make sure they converge • Look at the funnel and build content for every stage of the funnel – You might need more new content in one stage compared to others – Some content will simply serve as traffic drivers 16
  17. 17. My E.g.: Campaign Design & Assets Traffic Drivers 17 Brand Awareness TOFU Lead Generation MOFU Conversion
  18. 18. E.g.: Sample Campaign Journey Promote Webinar Social, Email, Influencer’s Network, Product login Page, Blog Series, other traffic drivers Promote Follow-up Deal Accelerator Webinar Social, Email, Login Page, Blog Launch eBook Target: Attendees + New Social, Email, Influencer’s Network, Login Page, Blog Series Live Webinar Sales Enablement Cheat sheet, email template, Customer videos Launch Follow-Up and On-Demand Promo Email, Login Page, Website, Blog, Social Live Launch Follow-up with Contact Us CTA Deal Accelerator Webinar BRAND/ TOFU LEAD GEN. MOFU DEAL SUPPORT Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 ONGOING BUZZ
  19. 19. Getting eyeballs (the best part!) 19
  20. 20. Don’t underestimate the power of Email Marketing • Drip campaigns work really well • Leverage Autoresponders (63% conversion!) • Abandoned form fill or shopping cart • Nurture program (13% avg open rate WoW) • Go beyond best practices. Be unconventional. – Click-to-tweets within email body – Design-in quotes from the content you’re pushing – Switch up the format, don’t use the standard 2-3 templates – Copy should be easily digestible copy but not dumbed down – Emails consistently sent from a ‘person’ not a brand – Test every single email: subject line, send times, structure, photos, sender, CTA button placement, button color, wording of the CTA – Experiment with segments, don’t test across the board – unreliable – Specify the type of content i.e. [Webinar], [Slideshare] etc – Use Numbers: 5 ways to blah blah blah – Vague subject lines work too! Specificity only goes so far 20
  21. 21. Landing pages • Test a lot: Google Content Experiments, Optimizely, Unbounce • But don’t test ‘design’ too much. What really shows the variance in all the tests is: – actual copy (length immaterial) – explanation of the value prop – a compelling CTA • One size fits all doesn’t work. When promoting content, landing pages need to vary by channel. • Always-be-testing, because optimizations last for 12 wks tops • Get only crucial information from visitors • Responsive design is a MUST • Use Pop-ups: they work, but only for the returning visitor • Share buttons need to be front and center 21
  22. 22. Sharing of your content • Why people share: – Prestige – Authority – Likability – Consistency – Social Proof – Scarcity • Where to share (Go beyond Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn): – Slideshare, Quora, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Pinterest, Instagram, Craigstlist/ Kajiji, Trip Advisor, Github etc – Think outside the box! 22
  23. 23. Influencer Strategy, Endorsements & your Blog 23 DON’T ASSUME YOU CANT GET THEM! • Find thought leaders/ influencers whose message aligns with yours • When reaching out tell them W.I.I.F.T upfront • Do the heavy-lifting, arm them with content, tweets etc that they can use to promote • Get them to engage across multiple channels e.g. do a webinar with them, have them do a guest blog post, a book signing at an event…
  24. 24. Paid Search • Learn the language of your target audience quickly • Track which keywords convert the best, then adapt them into your language for better SEO • Apply remarketing/ retargeting code to your website from the beginning (even if your spend is small) • Test different types of paid. For example on Twitter test both sponsored tweets + twitter cards. On Facebook test sponsored ads + offers • Find what channel is working best for you – then dump your spend into that for a short period of time. Then test again the following week. 24
  25. 25. Knowing what to look for • Culture of experimentation • Question even your baseline assumptions • Look for the A-ha moment i.e. – how many touches does a prospect need before they convert to an opportunity – What kind of touches do they need – What worked best: content, demos, face to face and in what order and combination? 25
  26. 26. Lead Follow-up is the Holy Grail 26
  27. 27. Time Is Money Source:
  28. 28. E.g.: Lead Flow and Triggers NEW • All leads would enter as ‘New’ lead. WORKING • Status would change the minute you get assigned the lead or pick up the lead from a queue, in order to reach out. QUALIFIED • Status would change if lead is ‘in- target’ and intro call = completed OR marketing qualified CONVERT (ACCEPTED) • Status would change once the disco call = completed and a viable opportunity is present. REJECT BAD DATA (Status can be changed only when lead is in NEW or WORKING) MARKETING NURTURE (Status can be changed at any time) NO POTENTIAL (Status can be changed at any time)
  29. 29. Content Marketing GLORY = Data, Common Sense and a good Gut feel
  30. 30. “Good execution is the ultimate differentiator” @amritamathur 30