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  1. 1. CSR Activities Trust / Bharti FoundationCSR CSR Areas 1. Children 2. Community Welfare 3. Disaster Relief 4. Education 5. Energy 6. Environment 7. Girl Child 8. Healthcare 9. Poverty Eradication 10. Rural Development 11. Vocational Training Three main 1. Education CSR activities 2. Community Welfare 3. Environment . Taking everybody along Community participation and involvement continues to be an integral part of the Satya Bharti School Program. Our efforts at making community an essential part of our operations have not only earned us respect, support and buy-in from opinion leaders, but have also started contributing to future growth of the community. Direct involvement of community in school activities is undertaken in the programs. 1,400 community volunteers signed up to take classes during the summer camp held in June 2009. They took sessions in local arts and crafts, storytelling and music. Community members also volunteer their services for other school related activities. Skills beyond Books The Satya Bharti Schools have turned into mini ITIs where children are learning about other important skills like Carpentry, Tailoring, Gardening, Dancing and Farming from local talent and resources. -- Nathu Ram Choudhary, Sarpanch Jati Bhandu, Rajasthan Design for Giving Social issues in the community are getting addressed through Community Development Programs. 2,100 children across 91 Satya Bharti Schools participated in the Design for Giving contest. They undertook various campaigns in their own communities like girl child awareness rallies, combating global warming, literacy drives, health and hygiene drives, drug abuse, environment, campaigns against child marriage etc. The most effective amongst these campaigns the “Campaign against Child Marriage” was undertaken by
  2. 2. 32 students of the Satya Bharti School in Lordi Dejgara, Jodhpur, RajasthanUshering in a bright futureBharti Foundation has partnered with premier institutes like the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in2000 to set up the Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and Management, IIT Delhi. 200students are supported every year to pursue courses in the field of telecommunications.The Bharti Scholarship and Mentorship program has also been instituted to support academically brilliantstudents from financially weak backgrounds. Under this program Bharti Foundation has also partneredwith Udayan Care to support the Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program. Currently 232 scholars are beingsupported under the Bharti Scholarship and Mentorship Program.The Bharti Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives set up in 2000 as a joint initiative with theEntrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) promotes, develops and facilitatesentrepreneurship and works towards encouraging entrepreneurship among young individuals.ACT – A Caring TouchACT- A Caring Touch is the Company‟s Employee Philanthropy Program which encourages employeesas well as their families to donate their time, skills, knowledge, materials and money to either BhartiFoundation or other charities empanelled under the ACT Program. The program provides a commonplatform to all employees by providing them total freedom and flexibility to contribute towards causes ofother NGOs like CRY, Helpage India, SOS Children‟s Villages of India, Cancer Aid and ResearchFoundation, National Association for the Blind, etcBeyond Corporate LifeEmployee volunteering is an important component of the ACT –Employee Philanthropy Program.Employees across the organisation are encouraged to visit any charity of their choice and spend a dayaway from rigorous office schedules and deadlines. The program has been set up to inspire people tovolunteer for charitable causes and also help create opportunities among employees to support a causeby donating their time, skills, knowledge and moneyDisaster Relief and SupportBharti Airtel has a nation-wide presence that has grown at an exponential rate in the recent years. Eachlocal office undertakes special programs for the local community, thereby touching their lives directly.From time to time various initiatives like material collection, tree plantation, adoption of old age homesand orphanages, blood donation camps, etc are undertaken for the welfare of fellow beings in need.Think GreenBharti Airtel is committed towards taking steps to protect environment either by direct initiatives orconserving the by-products to reduce fossil fuel consumption.We have been running power saving programs in our offices and on network operations for over 5 yearsnow. These programs help in reducing costs and our carbon footprint. Airtel has pioneered the GreenShelter concept for BTS.
  3. 3. The solution reduces operational costs by as much as 40% as compared to conventional shelters andavoids being a cause of global warming, as the greenhouse gas emissions are minimal.Green IT has been a focus area at Airtel and has been a key in all IT decisions and strategies whichincludes IT infrastructure at our office buildings & data centers.Initiatives have been taken to reduce paper in the day to day working operations both for internal as wellas external customers. Processes are introduced to enable paperless workflow based methodologiesand approval mechanisms within the Company.The Company uses electrical equipments with high energy efficiency and low anti environmentemissions. This is a key factor while procuring any electrical equipment. Initiatives like use of waterbased chilling unit at new data centers for cooling instead of gas based are helping in protecting theenvironment and depletion of ozone layer.Bharti Airtel is associated with The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP); an organisation based in UK whichworks with shareholders and corporations to disclose the greenhouse gas emissions of majorcorporations. From past three years we have been constantly measuring our carbon footprint.Waste ManagementBharti Airtel has been able to reduce office waste by introducing simple but effective practices likeprinting only when necessary, double sided printing & photocopying and sending documentselectronically.Bharti Airtel undertook a dramatic transformation in work processes which has delivered powerfuldividends in terms of environmental friendliness. These initiatives have managed to save approx600,000 sheets of paper every year. Bharti Airtel has in place a recycling and waste management program to support the environment whichalso provides significant cost saving for the organisation in long term. Bharti Airtel carefully planned acoordinated approach with full support of the management & employees.Bharti Airtel is in the process of finalising its Environment/Health & Safety Policy (EHS) and will apply for„ISO 14001 compliance‟ within the next three years for each of its facilities.The Company constantly explores for new and innovative ways of reducing the consumption of naturalresources, with the aim of leaving a better and greener earth for generations to come.Farmer WelfareBharti Airtel believes that the real India lives in its villages and our rapid rural penetration enables us toimpact the lives of farmers. The Company has been working with farmers‟ co-operative society IFFCO to provide farmers with vitalinformation around weather, mandi prices, agronomy, horticulture, forestry, government schemes, etc.This is managed through our joint venture with IFFCO called IFFCO Kisan Sanchar Limited (IKSL).Customer WelfareAirtel has also been instrumental in changing 2 lakh lives by infusing confidence amongst rural India byoffering the Speak English service. The service offers lessons in spoken English using real life scenarioslike how to greet people, how to talk to women, how to interact in an interview etc. and has specifically
  4. 4. benefited many housewives & job seeking youth.