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Biometric attendance system, attendance machine,face ID with time attendance & Payroll software


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we provide biometric attendance system with attendance & payroll software at reasonable price.

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Biometric attendance system, attendance machine,face ID with time attendance & Payroll software

  1. 1. A.V Techno Soft India (P) Ltd. L-145, Mahipal Pur, New Delhi-110037 Tel: 011-65570012, 9278470413 Main feature of eClockLite time Attendance & Payroll Management Software 1. Designed for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7. 2. Very easy and simple installation process. 3. User friendly software, with minimum User Entry 4. Single software can be used for multiple companies. Facility for creating multiple companies and setting different rules for them. 5. Software is Network environment compatible. Works on all type of Windows Network. 6. This Software works with all type of access made attendance recorder having all different type of communication options including TCP/IP, SERIAL, USB. 7. Easy Master data creation facility for employee, department, category, section, shift, Holidays, Leaves etc. 8. There are various master such as Company, Department, Category, Section, Grade etc. available for selection every where such as voucher’s entry, policy settings, Reports generation etc. in software. 9. Multiple punch option such as no punch, Single Punch, Two punches, four punches and multiple punches. 10. Rotational and fixed shift option for employee wise. 11. Round the clock (night shift) working. 12. Manual punch option in a single click. 13. Holiday entry option Company & Department Wise. 14. Short Leaves, Half day and Outwork entry provisions through software also. 15. More Than 25 Different type attendance Reports in text and Excel format. 16. Data Export facility for using it in other payroll system. 17. Facility for users to create reports as per their requirement and then to take output as per their requirements. 18. Processing and Reports printing is very fast then other software. 19. User friendly Windows based System 20. Many shorting parameters and selection parameters are integrated. 21. Mail Option to find your forget password. 22. Mail Option to contact Us Directly. 23. Mail option to send mail directly to respective department head. 24. Apart from standard earnings such as Basic, Medical, HRA, Convenience etc there are ten extra user defined earnings field is available. 25. Apart from standard Deduction such as PF, ESI, TDS etc there are ten extra user defined Deduction field is available. 26. Multiple employee type for payroll/salary calculation. a. On Roll b. Daily c. Hour Basis Attendance Report Attendance report generates on daily basis, monthly basis, yearly basis etc in text and excel format. The Reports are as below. 1. Daily Performance : You can generate daily performance report of selected employeesA.V Techno Soft India (P) Ltd. Tel: 011-65570012 Page 1
  2. 2. 2. Daily Attendance: You can generate attendance report of all employees for IN punch only on that day. 3. Daily Absenteeism : You can generate absenteeism report of those employees who is absent on the day 4. Daily Late Arrival: You can generate late arrival report of those employees who come late on that day. 5. Daily Department Summary: You can generate department wise attendance on selected Date. 6. Daily Over Time : You can generate over time report of all employees who done overtime 7. Monthly Performance : This report shows the monthly performance of each and every employee’s 8. Monthly Muster Roll: This report shows all detail like pay code, card no., employee name, day’s work, holiday, CL, EL, total absent etc of employee and his present and absent status in the month. 9. Monthly Department wise Attendance : : This report shows department wise attendance of employees like total employees in the department, number of presents, absents, leaves and weekly off and holiday. 10. Monthly Overtime Register: report shows over time for one month of all employees. 11. Monthly Shift Schedule: This report shows shift chart of all employees for a month. This report can be generated for all Shifts (fixed, rotational, Ignorable). 12. Machine Raw Punch: Through this report you can see all record of IN and OUT punching on that day. 13. Leave Sanction: Reports of details of sanctioned leaves of all employees. 14. Leave Card: This is the card which can be given to Employees showing his / her leave status (Accrued, consumed and balance) till date. 15. Leave Accrued: Reports of all accrued leaves. 16. Leave Consumed: This report show how many leaves an employee has taken till now. 17. Leave Balance: This report show how many leave has been left to the employee till now. 18. Leave Register: This report shows employee wise accrual, Date wise consumption with reason and balance of each leave. 19. Yearly Form 14 20. Yearly form 15 21. Yearly Form B 22. Yearly Attendance Report 23. Yearly Attendance Report (New) Send Mail Report You Can directly send the below mention attendance report through mail. 1. Daily Performance Report 2. Late Arrival Report 3 Early Departure Report 4. Absenteeism Report Payroll Report Payroll report generate on Crystal Report to which you can export to PDF, Excel and other format. The Reports are as below. 1. Salary Register 2. Salary Slip 3 PF Register 4 ESI Register THANK YOUA.V Techno Soft India (P) Ltd. Tel: 011-65570012 Page 2