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Sales push email marketing platform - all features


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Sales push email marketing platform - all features

  1. 1. Sales-Push Email Marketing Platform Powerful, Robust & 100 % Cloud based
  2. 2. Enterprise Level Features Contact Management Unlimited Custom Fields Unsubscribe Management Automatic Bounce Processing Subscription Center Sign-Up Forms Advanced Features to Lift Engagement Dynamic Segmentation (Saved Searches) MV Split Testing Unlimited Triggered Campaigns Campaign Creation Easy Click-and-Create Custom Templates Advanced Inbox Previewing Reporting & Metrics Powerful Reports Build Segments Right from Reports Marketing Automation Unlimited Triggered Messages Recurring Senders RSS to Email Superb Deliverability Industry Relationships Message Quality Score Spots Potential Problems Powerful REST-based API Wrappers for Six Languages Make Integration a Snap
  3. 3. Contact Management Save Time with Smart Subscriber Management Tools “Don’t waste time manually processing Unsubscribes and Bounces. Our software will handle these and other important subscriber tasks for you, automatically.” – – – – – – Easy Import Tools Unlimited Custom Fields Unsubscribe Management Automatic Bounce Processing Customizable Subscription Center Easy Sign-Up Forms
  4. 4. Powerful Segmentation Options Right Person, Right Message, Right Time Increase your ROI with segmentation Interested in Shoes Send a tailored offer or message to the customers most likely to respond. Add contacts to multiple lists, without additional charges Opened Last Message Lives Near Store
  5. 5. Segmentation: Engagement Scores Easily organize your subscribers by how they interact with you. Engagement Scores and Contact Ratings update as your contact interacts with your messages. Opens, clicks, shares and forwards all factor into the scores. Send special campaigns to reward your most loyal contacts. Or sweeten the pot with a special offer to drive renewed interest among your casual fans.
  6. 6. Dynamic Segmentation Send Directly to a Saved Search No Need to Create Separate Lists Add Unlimited Conditions Search Status, Behavior, Activity Include Any or All Messages Quickly Create Follow Up Campaigns
  7. 7. Content Creation, Your Way So Many Ways to Create Customizable Templates - Perfect for creating stunning, effective campaigns, without code Paste Your Own Code - Ideal for web developers and designers Editor - An easy interface for simple campaigns URL Pull - The ultimate in automation. Pull content from your website, automatically
  8. 8. Create Custom Designs “You don’t need a degree in design or coding to create beautiful email campaigns.” With our template controller, customize colors, layout, fonts and styles with a simple-to-use interface.
  9. 9. Message Quality Score Send with confidence All messages receive a Message Quality Score. This powerful “spamchecker” analyzes your campaign for code problems, broken links, rendering issues and other red flags.
  10. 10. Inbox Analysis Your Ultimate Proofing Tool Check Your Message: +40 email clients and mobile devices. +12 spam filters
  11. 11. Advanced Reporting “Reports and Metrics are what make email marketing a conversation between your organization and your audience.” “It’s how you send the right message to the right person at the right time.”
  12. 12. With Reports, Track: • Opens (Total and Unique) • Clicks (Total and Unique) • Bounces • Messages Delivered • Forwards • Subscribes / Unsubscribes • Shares to Social Networks • Email Clients (What’s being used to read your messages) • Geolocation (Where in the world are opens and clicks) • Sales / Conversions (with Google Analytics Integration) • Even More
  13. 13. With Reports, Take Action Build Advanced Segments for the next campaign, right from the Report.
  14. 14. Social Sharing Social Sharing Expands Your Reach Into Your Subscribers’ Social Networks With the Simple-to-Use Social Sharing Feature, Subscribers Can Share Your Message To:     Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Reddit   StumbleUpon Delicious Track Social Sharing Activity
  15. 15. MV Split Testing Increase Opens, Clicks, Conversions with Testing • Create Up to 26 Different Splits • Manually or Automatically Select the Winner • Test Multiple Criteria in the Same Campaign • Easily Preview and Proof Split Versions Subject Lines Choose the Test Sample Size • Content Personalization Vs. Sending Time
  16. 16. AutoResponders Automate Your Marketing with Unlimited Triggered Messages Powerful Trigger Options Add Advanced Conditions Create a Drip Series Nurture Your Sales Cycle Increase Engagement WELCOME BIRTHDAYS Re-Order Anniversaries Renewals Reminders Thank You
  17. 17. Recurring Sender Publishers The Perfect Solution for Daily Deals Your Schedule Your Website SMTW T F S Delivered Automatically
  18. 18. Superb Deliverability • Reputation Management • Excellent Relationships with ISPs • Expert Deliverability Team • Feedback Loops Protect Your Reputation • Dedicated IPs available
  19. 19. Multiple Users with Permissions Manage Your Workflow —Customize Permissions to Fit Your Office Database Manager Designer / Copywriter Marketing Director  Create Lists  Create Campaigns  Edit Campaigns  Upload Contacts  View Contacts  Send Campaigns  View Reports  View Reports  View Reports
  20. 20. A Few of Our Integrations — Keep your customer data current to power effective segmentations. Facebook Sugar CRM Twitter — Harness the reach of your social networks to push your message further. ZohoCRM Google Tactile CRM Analytics Highrise ClickTale — Optimize your website and track your ROI with Analytics services. Shoeboxed
  21. 21. Amazing API • REST-based API allows for powerful integrations. • Anything you can do inside the app, you can do with our API. • Wrappers available for six languages. • Get real-time notification of events with webhooks.
  22. 22. Pricing Subscriber based Plans No of Subscribers Pricing 5000 Volume based Plans Pricing Rs. 2750 Monthly Email Volume 10,000 Rs. 4125 10,000 Rs. 1500 25,000 Rs. 8250 50,000 Rs. 6000 50,000 Rs. 13,750 100,000 Rs. 11,500 75,000 Rs. 20,900 200,000 Rs.22,000 100,000 Rs. 27,500 500,000 Rs. 55,000
  23. 23. Contact Us • Bhishm Singh - +91 9650 930 658 • Email –