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Telda Audit.pdf

  1. 1. Usefull-screenmodeforabetterreading experienceandthekeyboardarrowsfor navigationthroughslides Usefull-screenmodeforabetterreading experienceandthekeyboardarrowsfor navigationthroughslides
  2. 2. Let’sGetStarted
  3. 3. I really like how they start by focusing on the key value proposition of the app with a lot of animation and nice real screen shots from the app and Telda card
  4. 4. Click
  5. 5. Another nice touch, the keyboard opens automatically getting you ready for typing the phone number and saving one click on the user
  6. 6. Click
  7. 7. Let’ s create our passcode
  8. 8. Type
  9. 9. Click
  10. 10. I really appreciate that they use the same style of username inside the app. This would help users quickly recognize it when they see it later
  11. 11. Once you type the username, the @ symbol automatically added to the input field
  12. 12. This is the first pitfall in the design so far. This is the last step in the registration process, I would rather have more descriptive wording, something like "Create Account"
  13. 13. Wearedone
  14. 14. Once you register you get directly onboarded on a screen to request Telda Card, makes sense, since the whole Telda business is built based on this card and this is the right time to introduce it
  15. 15. Click
  16. 16. Type
  17. 17. Would prefer to highlight the most popular cities like Cairo and Giza by putting them at the top to ease the process of selection but anyway not a big thing
  18. 18. click
  19. 19. Type and Click
  20. 20. Ihavebeenworkingin fintechforyears.Wrong nationalidphotoisoneof themostpopularissues thatblocktheprocessof registration.Lovethe instructionsouthere
  21. 21. Telda is doing well clarifying to users how to upload clear and proper ID photos
  22. 22. Click
  23. 23. Relying on an ID scanning tool to have the ID automatically scanned. Nice
  24. 24. Double confirming the quality of the photo to avoid any potential mistake
  25. 25. It's popular to see a high drop-off rate in this step, as in most steps that require document uploading in fintech apps. Being aware of the importance of making it right, saves a lot of potential dropping off users and customer support headache
  26. 26. Click
  27. 27. Iwilltalkaboutthisstep specificallyinthediscussion sectionbelow
  28. 28. Click
  29. 29. Weeks Weeks Weeks
  30. 30. Aftersomewaitingtimeand friendinvitationsImanagedto getin
  31. 31. The screen is well divided into sections and the elements are visually prioritized based on the business priorities and guiding users to the next step
  32. 32. The most important section is visually clear and has dominant CTA
  33. 33. Let’s send some money
  34. 34. Add money
  35. 35. Click
  36. 36. Let’s type the recipient’s username
  37. 37. The username automatically gets called from my contacts list
  38. 38. Let’s attach a GIF
  39. 39. It’s really nice that users can attach a sticker. This takes the experience from a classic money transfer app to a more joyful and youth experience
  40. 40. This is how UX Design should be aligned with the branding. since Telda is meant to be designed for Millennials and Gen Z as mentioned on their LinkedIn page
  41. 41. Let’s choose some cool GIF for Omar
  42. 42. Click
  43. 43. Click
  44. 44. Of course, I knew from the beginning that this going to happen. How could I send money if I don't have a money balance
  45. 45. So, why would Telda let you go through the whole process if you won't eventually be able to send the money?
  46. 46. Wewilldiscussthe answerofthisquestionin thediscussionsection below Spoileralert:thisisn’ta badthing So,whywouldTeldaletyou gothroughthewholeprocess ifyouwon'teventuallybeable tosendthemoney?
  47. 47. Click
  48. 48. Okay then let’s get our card
  49. 49. Here we go. Here is my card
  50. 50. The experience of getting the card was quite easy. I was asked to fill out some info and the only document I asked for was my national ID
  51. 51. Since, most of the time, Egyptians carry their ID with them, Telda didn't need to mention that users have to bring their IDs with them to receive the card
  52. 52. The unboxing experience was quite cool, modern and aligned with their branding and the target audience we mentioned earlier
  53. 53. Once you raise the card, this phrase appears. This is pretty cool.
  54. 54. Once you raise the card, this phrase appears. This is pretty cool. Following the 7th rule of the heuristics evaluation (Flexibility and efficiency of use), this sentence guides you on what to do next and that's the best placement where this phrase should be written
  55. 55. Once you receive your card, the card widget design automatically changes to the ready-for-activation status
  56. 56. click
  57. 57. To the point
  58. 58. Type
  59. 59. Type
  60. 60. Type
  61. 61. Following the 1st rule of the heuristics evaluation (Visibility of system status), This animation here lets you know what is happening
  62. 62. After a few minutes, the card design changes to the new step
  63. 63. After a few minutes, the card design changes to the new step One of the smartest things about Telda is that they hold you by hand step by step to ease the first time using experience
  64. 64. let’s add some money
  65. 65. Let’s try Instapay
  66. 66. It’s nice to explain the steps of the money-sending process rather than just showing the available options
  67. 67. Let’s click here
  68. 68. That button takes you to a YouTube video that explains the whole thing
  69. 69. I would prefer to add a YouTube icon here to let users know that they are going to be navigated outside the app
  70. 70. Click
  71. 71. After sending the money from my Instapay account
  72. 72. Finally, we have some money
  73. 73. Let’s send some money to our old friend Omar
  74. 74. Type and send
  75. 75. Select
  76. 76. Type
  77. 77. We talked about how cool this is and how it works with their brand
  78. 78. Click
  79. 79. When I clicked on the send button here, I thought that was the last step and money going to be sent. That happened because of the inaccurate wording. They should have used “continue” instead
  80. 80. Few cool things here
  81. 81. 1. The white space here is well used to separate design elements besides giving minimal design tune
  82. 82. 2.the most important piece of info is visually prominent
  83. 83. 3.This is the right place to display the balance
  84. 84. However I prefer to use better wording like “Current Balance” since the word “Balance” alone might mean user’s balance after or before sending the money 3.This is the right place to display the balance
  85. 85. Click
  86. 86. Type
  87. 87. Extra safety (usually central bank regulations)
  88. 88. Finally
  89. 89. Omar Right Now
  90. 90. Inthediscussionsectionbelow,wewill discussindetailafewthingswementioned intheslideshow.Enjoyreading