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Mobile Marketing Showdown


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A comparison of volume, quality, and cost of Facebook vs. the field.

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Mobile Marketing Showdown

  1. 1. With over 1 billion smartphones in use globally, enterprises and startups understand the need to reach consumers on the go with their message. However, when evaluating mobile advertising networks, perfor- mance marketers find it difficult to find the elusive “Golden Triangle”: the optimal balance of volume, quality, and cost from their campaigns. Ampush compared mobile ad networks across a variety of industries, and uncovered one that outperformed in all three areas: Facebook. MOBILE MARKETING SHOWDOWN: A COMPARISON OF VOLUME, QUALITY, & COST Sources: “mobiThinking Guide to Mobile Advertising Networks (2012)”, mobiThinking, "Key Facts", Facebook News Room, “iAd Programming Guide”, Apple Inc., comScore Mobile Metrix, Age 18+ on iOS & Android Platforms, U.S., December 2012 Note: Cost and Quality statisitics were gathered from internal Ampush campaign data and independent case stuides from Quips and Cie Games:, GOLDEN TRIANGLE QUALITYWithitssophisticatedtargetingoptions Facebookdeliverscosteffectiveuserswith betterretentionandahigheruserintent COSTThecombinationofbettertargetingandhigher conversionratesofFacebookusersmakesit morecosteffectiveforadvertisers VOLUMEFacebook’sAudienceisHuge&EasiertoReach 4509thStreet|SanFrancisco,CA94103|1.877.AMPUSH.1| Ampush is a social technology company helping brands and direct response advertisers achieve performance at scale with Facebook Ads. As a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD), our fully managed solutions deliver marketing ROI by amplifying the viral power of social recommendations, which Ampush calls Referred Intent. Learn how our solutions can work for you at Grand Prize Winners in Facebook PMD Innovation Competition 23% Facebookis oftimespentinapps Instagram GmailYouTube Other Higher Conversions 500% Demographic Targeting Geo-Location Targeting Topics & Interests Education, Workplace, Likes Customer Relationship Data Offline Purchase Activity Devices & Platforms Re-marketing Demographic Targeting Facebook Mobile Ad Networks Geo-Location Targeting Targeting Accuracy Targeting Accuracy Devices & Platforms Aenean sed ed Aenean sed ed Duis nec erat sed erat interdum faucibus eg et eu massa. neque laoreet eu massa. neque laoreet suscipit. Duis nec erat sed erat interdum et eu massa. neque laoreet s Aenean sed ed Aenean sed ed Aeneanne n n sed ed Aenean Aenean sed ed 720%LARGERIMAGEAREA Facebook Mobile Ad Networks 800+MillionMobileUsers 800+MillionMobileUsers Facebook Tapjoy Mojiv MillennialMedia AOL 1,100 TotalUniqueUsers (millions) Facebook Premium BlindNetworks BlindNetworks Premium Networks PRICINGDESCRIPTION Uniquead typesserved todesktopand mobileusers Cannotchoose specificsites, onlycontent channels Samechoice ofspecificsites inadditionto contentchannels Prime locationson top-tier mobilesites + CPC CPM CPC CPA CPM CPC CPA CPM CPC CPA CPM oCPM BuzCity Madvertise LeadBolt Mojiva Tapjoy Hands Madhouse Millennial Media Greystripe 40 - 80%LowerCost-Per-Install when compared to other mobile advertising channels 339 319 200 150