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Direct to the future


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Overview of an interactive, online facility for investment scenario modeling. Links stock market companies to global business intelligence. Engages professional associations and universities in providing services to their members in a revenue-earning model

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Direct to the future

  1. 1. Providing Risk Management via Strategic Foresight facilities to the professions. Wilson Fyffe President The Futurist Institute Singapore 20 March 2012 Direct to the Future
  2. 2. The 5 “must knows” 1. Most organizations perform future studies before making strategic investment choices 2. Future studies require intelligence on most likely future events, combined into scenarios 3. With current technology, this intelligence can be online, interactive, instantaneous, reducing dramatically the time invested in making go/no-go decisions 4. Strategic investment choices involve members of most Professional Associations & Universities 5. Professional Associations & Universities can earn revenues from introducing their members to Risk Management via Strategic Foresight.
  3. 3. Future Studies  Based on Horizon Scanning to discover those future events which must be considered in developing a mental model of the future  Employs the proven techniques of Failure Mode Effects & Analysis (FMEA) to filter and rank large numbers of future events
  4. 4. Scenarios  A scenario is comprised of:  The top 10 future events based on weighted impact score on the business case under consideration  Consequential relationships between future events  Controllability by management of each future event  A graphic depiction of risk based on impact and controllability  A single value for the scenario risk factor, which changes as the assumptions change  A simple English language narrative summarizing the scenario, which can be automatically translated into local language
  5. 5. The Scenario User Screen looks like this Weighted Impact Score Consequential relationships Controllability Narrative
  6. 6. After round-table discussion, the management team has decided that the outlook for climate change is improving and will have a positive impact on the business case. This choice is reflected immediately in the model.
  7. 7. Next Steps  Visit the Futurist Institute website at:   Evaluate the procedures for:  Free membership  E-Learning for the Certificate of Understanding in Strategic Foresight  Certification via online quiz  Payment, via Paypal, for certification (USD 100.00)  Contact us regarding a partnership to provide introduction of your members and revenue sharing.  Contact details: Wilson Fyffe,