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Amplify Local Store Marketing - The complete Local Store Marketing Toolkit


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Amplify is an online educational Local Store Marketing tool-kit built specifically for the food service industry, by food service experts.

Amplify will improve, enhance, and more efficiently manage your local store marketing initiatives by providing clear solutions to corporate, franchisees and local managers. Local marketers and franchisees will now have instant access to pre-approved brand marketing materials in addition to the flexibility to create regionally-sensitive promotions. Now you can be assured that marketers are operating within corporate brand guidelines, and using up-to-date collateral. With fast and easy distribution, time sensitive marketing materials can be made available in seconds, ensuring better management and greater control over your local store marketing efforts.

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Amplify Local Store Marketing - The complete Local Store Marketing Toolkit

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  2. 2. • About Amplify • Future Modules• Why Amplify • Pricing Packages - Features - Benefits • Additional Services - Setup Services• Areas of Opportunity - Design Services - QSR and Fast Casual - Convenience Retail • About Dedica Group - Lodging & Hospitality - Coffee Shops and Juice Bars • Contact Details• Client Case Studies - Jack In The Box - Robeks Smoothies - El Pollo Loco Powered By
  3. 3. About AmplifyAmplify is an educational online Local Store Marketing tool-kit built specificallyfor the food service industry, by food service experts. Powered By
  4. 4. About AmplifyAmplify has been designed and built from the ground up with food servicecompanies and local marketers in mind.Amplify will improve, enhance, and more efficiently manage your local marketing initiatives by providing clear solutions to corporate, franchisees andlocal managers. Local marketers and franchisees will now have instant access to pre-approved brand marketing materials in addition to the flexibilityto create regionally-sensitive promotions. Now you can be assured that marketers are operating within corporate brand guidelines, and using up-to-date collateral. With fast and easy distribution, time sensitive marketing materials can be made available in seconds, ensuring better managementand greater control over your local marketing efforts.Additionally, Amplify can functions as an education tool, allowing users to first identify their local marketing needs, and then search, build, andimplement the right campaigns to meet those goals. These unique aspects differentiate Amplify from “Print on demand” and standard assetmanagement online tools, by empowering local marketers to make informed and effective marketing decisions.By keeping the quality and branding of your marketing materials consistent, your company ultimately saves time, money and resources. Powered By
  5. 5. FeaturesCustomizable Website BrandingAmplify offers website customization to fit your brands. With an editable logo area, header banner, and color schemes, Amplify’s sites fit and feellike a part of your brand. Powered By
  6. 6. FeaturesCentralized Brand Asset Distribution SystemAmplify’s asset distribution system provides the user with a one-stop, centralized storage hub for all your brand assets. The hub is instantly availableto local marketers, franchisees, agencies, partners and press, day or night, from anywhere with a web connection.Store core brand assets such as:• Logos and Style Guides• Letterhead and Business card templates• Image Gallery’sControlling and monitoring the use and distribution of brandassets across a large system can be complex and timeconsuming. Some clients we have worked with over the yearshave commented that they can get as many as 8-10 requests aday for logos, brand standard guides, print ads, etc. Amplifyeliminates these requests by putting everything in one easilyaccessible, centralized place. Powered By
  7. 7. FeaturesCustomizable Ad BuilderAmplify’s customizable ad and marketing collateral builder gives your local markers and franchisees the freedom they need to create regionallyfocused collateral built with brand-approved templates. Amplify gives the flexibility to select size, type, imagery, coupon offers, add location maps,store addresses, and custom copy lines.Amplify Supports the following print formats and more:• Counter cards• Window Clings• Door Decals• Table Tents• Free Standing Inserts• Press Ads• Direct Mail• BannersAn unlimited number of elements can be made available to localmarketers and franchisees through the Amplify Toolkit, givingthem the opportunity to be proactive to ever changing events inlocal markets. Powered By
  8. 8. FeaturesThird Party Vendor IntegrationAll marketing materials loaded into the Amplify tool-kit can be tied to: An individual approved vendor, multiple vendors (creating price competition),or made available for download as print ready files, allowing the local marketer or franchisee to print and distribute locally.Pre-approved PrintersAmplify’s unique back-end administration features allow the option to assign a print vendor to each element as it is uploaded. This means that youare no longer tied to one printer for all items within the system, as with many standard print-on-demand tools. You can either drive all print workthrough one pre-approved vendor (ensuring quality and leveraging bulk ordering to get better pricing) or invite any number of print vendors tocompete on specific items. Either way, you win.Download Only OptionAmplify’s download only option allows you to choose which elements are made available for local marketers and franchisees to print themselvesrather than go through a pre-approved corporate vendor.Fulfillment house integration and orderingThe Off-The-Shelf section of the Amplify toolkit can support full integration with your current fulfillment house or multiple vendors if need be.A standardized shopping cart system allows users to add items to a cart, save and complete their order as and when they are ready. Upon checkout,all orders are sent via email directly to their respective vendors and payments are handled offline. Powered By
  9. 9. FeaturesLocal Marketing Educational GuidesAmplify not only gives users the tools they need to create effective local marketing campaigns and collateral, but can also be used to help inform andeducate users on topics such as:• Sales Building• Competitive Intrusion• Community Involvement• Grand Openings and Store Re-imaging• Sports and Event Sponsorship• Recruitment• Crew IncentivesThis unique feature serves to educate the user on identifyingproblems or opportunity in their market, building a plan, selectingand creating the right elements for that goal, and driving sales. Powered By
  10. 10. FeaturesAsset Control and ApprovalAmplify allows for administrative control over the availability of marketing materials by user type, store type and/or region. This gives you the abilityto distribute custom promotions directly to a region or test market without making them available system-wide.Limit distribution of specific marketing material to only:• Corporate Users• Franchise Users• Area Managers or Directors• By Regions or MarketSite FAQ’s and User TutorialsA comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and sitetutorials are available to guide users through the site andhelp them with the planning, building and ordering process. Powered By
  11. 11. BenefitsAmplify benefits corporate owners, local marketers and franchisees alike by givingthe flexibility needed to develop custom campaigns within set brand guidelines.Corporate BenefitsAmplify gives corporate owners the control they need over brand assets, collateral and promotional materials, in addition to a direct-to-market, minimal cost, distribution channel. This allows the instant distribution of new marketing materials throughout the system, and deletion ofout-of-date or problematic elements in seconds.Additional features:• No development costs for pre-existing technology• Better brand management for you, your partners and agency• Faster speed-to-market of critical ad messages• No more monthly or quarterly LSM update mailings• Reassurance that your system is using corporate-approved material• Minimal support : Empower local managers by giving them the tools to do everything from download logo files to create custom elements without your involvement.Empowered local managers = happy local managers Powered By
  12. 12. BenefitsLocal Marketer and Area Director BenefitsRunning a local market with multiple stores or franchisees can be a complicated process.Meeting sales goals, ensuring all stores meet corporate guidelines for operations, staffing, marketing, and trying to keep everyone happy canconsume every waking hour. Add requests for replacement point-of-sale material, ads for local newspapers and magazines, asset requests for PRopportunities, sponsorship opportunities within the community, new store openings, competitor openings, lagging day-part sales, and it can allbecome overwhelming.Compounding this is the problem; submitting continuous requests to the corporate marketing department for specific local marketing asset, resultsin a very busy marketing department, and a very stressed local marketer.Amplify helps support your local marketers day to day needs by giving them a one stop shop for point-of-sale re-orders, asset requests, supportmaterials and more. Given the right assets, local marketers can connect, find, create and download what they need in minutes.Problem solved. Powered By
  13. 13. BenefitsFranchisee BenefitsFranchisees by nature are entrepreneurs and tend to be very active and involved in the running and marketing of their businesses. It is often the casethat franchise owners are in a position to identify opportunities or areas of concern within their local market way before they are seen at thecorporate or system wide level. But franchisees are not marketers, they understand something has to be done, but may not know the solution.Amplify allows you to give them the tools they need to identify opportunity in their local market and build brand approved marketing materialswithin minutes.Amplify’s optional marketing guides help identify and walk the user through the process of selecting, building and distributing the right materials tothe right target markets.Amplify is structured in a way that:• Reacts quickly to competitive intrusion or lagging day-part sales using proven strategies and relevant marketing materials• Provides Instant access to customizable ad, coupon, direct mailer and general sales collateral templates• Provides Instant access to pre-approved brand marketing material, business forms, training manuals and guidelines• Provides fulfillment house inventory search and order system, and approved vendor print-on-demand integration• Allows Advo, Val-Pak and Pennysaver integration Powered By
  14. 14. Areas of OpportunityQuick Service and Fast CasualAmplify gives QSR and Fast Casual local marketers and franchise owners the tools they need to run locally relevant campaigns and promotions in aquick and cost effective manner. Use Amplify to encourage your stores to market themselves more actively within their communities using elementssuch as school achievement certificates, fundraising programs, military discounts, and local sports team sponsorships. You can also help them buildeffective business to business marketing campaigns using pay check stuffers, lunchtime discount coupons, and more.Amplify’s flexibility means it can be used as a distribution tool for core creative marketing elements.Use Amplify to activate and distribute:• Hanging Banners• Real Estate Signage• Window and Door Decals• Counter Cards & Register Toppers• Danglers & Menu Snipes• Crew Programs• Fundraising Programs• Academic and Sports Achievement Programs• Military & Senior Discount Programs• Sports and Events Sponsorship Materials• Business to Business Programs Powered By
  15. 15. Areas of OpportunityConvenience RetailIn the competitive world of convenience retail, price sensitivity, product offers, and promotions drive the bottom line. As you compete for customersand sales, any advantage you can give your marketers can make a big difference.Amplify helps you put core, locally focused marketing materials and promotions directly into the hands of the people who are in the best position tosee the opportunities in-front of them.Use Amplify to activate and distribute:• Pump Toppers• Snipes• Hanging Banners• Real Estate Signage• Window and Door Decals• Counter Cards• Register Toppers• Danglers• Crew Programs Powered By
  16. 16. Areas of OpportunityLodging and HospitalityLodging and hospitality marketing is more than just selling rooms. Once you have a guest on your property, the key to increased profit is in the valueadded services and up-sales. Using Amplify your managers can create, order, and distribute in-room promotional collateral and catering specificpoint-of-sale materials promoting: breakfast or lunch specials, to-go programs, in-room beverage promotions, happy hour programs, specials andmuch more.Amplify can also be configured as a staff training and crew program distribution tool. Encourage up-sale and better staff performance using incentiveprograms, rewards and scripts.Use Amplify to activate and distribute:• Counter Cards & Register Toppers• In-room merchandising• Table Tents• Menu Inserts• Reward/Frequency Programs• Crew Programs• Business to Business Programs Powered By
  17. 17. Areas of OpportunityCoffee Shops and Juice BarsCompeting for beverage sales within a very competitive local market can be challenging even at the best of times. Now, with new beverage conceptsspringing up daily, staying ahead of the crowd through awareness marketing, value add promotions, and up-sales programs can be the differencebetween success and failure. Using Amplify, you can give your local marketers and franchisees ways to respond to the ever changing competitivelandscape and new beverage trends in their local market.Build new and protect existing salesA new competitor opening up next door or a few blocks down the street can potentially half a stores sales overnight, or much worst put them out ofbusiness. By giving your marketers the correct strategies, tools and marketing elements they need to handle competitive intrusion they can reactquickly and prevent a potentially damaging problem.Use Amplify to activate and distribute:• Real Estate Signage• Free Standing Inserts• Window and Door Decals• Counter Cards & Register Toppers• Danglers & Menu Snipes• Reward/Frequency Programs• Crew Programs• Business to Business Programs Powered By
  18. 18. Client Case Studies“ The toolkit has everything an operator needs to promote his business,” says Eyvazian, who oversees 49 Jack in the Box stores in the Houston area. “I make one click and all of my restaurants are taken care of, which saves time and money. ” Jack In The Box Headquartered in San Diego, California, Jack in the Box is among the nation’s leading fast-food hamburger chains, with more than 2,200 quick-serve restaurants in 19 states. They pioneered a number of firsts in the quick-serve industry including: the first major fast-food chain that started as a drive-thru, and the first to introduce menu items that are now staples on most fast-food menu boards, including a breakfast sandwich and portable salad. Jack in the box is now operating a 60/40 split between corporate and franchisee owned restaurants. They approached Amplify looking for a local store marketing solution that would fit their needs and cater to both their rapidly growing franchise community and their local marketers needs. They had a few requirements: • One that could be customized to fit their business requirements • Robust and scalable enough to support all of their 2200+ restaurants • Could be integrated with their back-end systems and suppliers, and was easy enough to be rolled out nationally with minimal end-user training. Continued… Powered By
  19. 19. Client Case StudiesAmplify worked with the Jack in the Box team to build out software tosupport promotional elements targeted by area, region, and corporatefranchise status. This allowed Jack in the Box to run and test thepromotional and messaging elements to a particular demographic orgeographic region. The tool was extended to provide multiple access levelsincluding store manager, franchisee, vendor, regional manager, backupregional manager, and super user. These multiple levels of access providedgranularity required by the business.Franchisee and store manager responses to the toolkit wereoverwhelmingly positive from day one. The general consensus by users ofthe tool is that they now have the tools they need to be proactive abouttheir local marketing. Powered By
  20. 20. Client Case StudiesRobeks Fruit SmoothiesRobeks is a fruit juice and smoothies chain headquartered in Irvine California. With over 50+ stores acrossCalifornia they are a 100% franchised system.Robeks came to Amplify looking for a local store marketing solution that would meet the demands oftheir entrepreneurial franchisees, and give them the tools they needed to be actively supported at thelocal level.Robeks corporate found that a lot of their franchisees were running their own localmarketing initiatives in-store without the consent of the corporate marketingdepartment, and with no consideration of brand standards.Amplify worked with Robeks to activate the toolkit across their system and ensurethat franchisees had a wide enough range of options within the tool to meet theirneeds, therefore eliminating the use of non-approved marketing materials.The Robeks franchisees applauded corporates proactive approach and praisedthem for finally giving them the tools they need to actively market within theirlocal markets. Powered By
  21. 21. Client Case StudiesEl Pollo LocoEl Pollo Loco is a flame grilled chicken chain headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, with 400+ corporateand franchisee owned restaurants across California and Texas. El Pollo Loco operates a 50/50 splitbetween corporate and franchisee owned restaurants.El Pollo Loco approached Amplify looking for a better, more cost effective way tobuild and distribute local marketing initiatives across their system. At numerousmeetings with corporate stake holders, local marketers, and franchise owners, wediscussed current business needs, marketing requirements and best practices.This lead to customizing the Amplify toolkit to fit the way El Pollo Loco’s grass rootsmarketers did business within their communities, including adding the types ofpromotional and marketing pieces they needed day to day.The introduction of the tool across the whole El Pollo Loco system was wellreceived and meet with a very positive response. El Pollo Loco also found that toolserved as a great value add when pitching the chain to potential investors andfranchisees. Powered By
  22. 22. In The FutureAn Amplify subscription based service means that you get a tool that grows andadapts to new marketing trends at no extra cost and no large capital investment.Future Modules and UpgradesAs Amplify develops and grows as a food service local marketing tool we have plans to add a number of new features that will help our clients bettercompete and adapt to changing trends and innovation. As an Amplify subscriber these upgrades will come at no additional cost to you and areinclusive in your monthly fee. This means that, unlike other local store marketing tool that you purchase outright, your Amplify toolkit will stay relevantand up to date giving you the advantage you need.Proposed future modules and upgrades:• Comments and Ratings Feature (solicit feedback and Amazon style star ratings from marketers and franchisees)• Blog and Forum Module (create an open dialog of idea sharing and discussion)• Email Marketing toolkit (Build customer email lists, select from approved emailer templates, schedule and send email blasts)• Social network integration (run Facebook, Twitter and MySpace activity streams through Amplify)• Four Square location based program management• Mobile and Tablet optimized versions of Amplify (build campaigns, order off-the-shelf materials and check on orders directly on your mobile device)And more… Powered By
  23. 23. Subscription PricingAmplify Subscription Package PricingAmplify’s subscription pricing is based on your brands total store count. Bandwidth usage, number of users and number of marketing items loaded intothe system is unlimited. 1 to 50 Stores 51 to 100 Stores 101 to 500 Stores 501+ Stores Price $Call $Call $Call $Call per monthPlease Note: Minimum 6 month contract is required. After this initial 6 month period you may terminate the subscription at anytime.What you get:• Initial site set-up and hosting (does not include content development and uploading)• Customized website branding (Logo, website header and choice of background and button colors)• User and store import (lists must be supplied in the correct excel format)• Site user manual and training guide (PDF format)• Technical Support via Email (Website technical related issues only)• Ongoing updates and upgrades (check website for implementation schedule and full list) Powered By
  24. 24. Additional ServicesAdditional ServicesElement and collateral uploadAmplify’s backend administration area has been designed to be extremely user friendly. By following the step-by-step user guide, admin users canconvert existing marketing collateral and promotional elements like mailers, flyers, ads and counter cards from Adobe Illustrator, InDesign orPhotoshop, into high-res print ready PDF for import into the Amplify system. The guide then walks them through setting up custom areas like coupons,coupons Exp. Dates, Store addresses and custom text areas. That said, we do offer a number of set up packages that will get you up and running quicklyand hassle free.Kick Start Setup Package 1 Kick Start Setup Package 2• Logo and Style Guide upload (max 1 style guide, 4 logo formats)* • Logo and Style Guide upload (max 1 style guide, 4 logo formats)*• Image Gallery upload (max 20 images)* • Image Gallery upload (max 30 images)*• Off-the-shelf elements upload and setup (max 20 preprinted items)* • Off-the-shelf elements upload and setup (max 30 preprinted items)*• Custom elements artwork prep, upload and setup (max 10 items)* • Custom elements artwork prep, upload and setup (max 10 items)*• Vendor setup (max 10 vendors)* • Vendor setup (max 15 vendors)**Original design files to be supplied to Amplify by client agency *Original design files to be supplied to Amplify by client agencyOne-time Fee $Call One time Fee $Call Powered By
  25. 25. Additional ServicesAdditional ServicesCustom Design and Upload ServiceWhat makes Amplify truly unique? It was designed, developed, and built by Dedica Group, a design and marketing agency with over 15 years of hands-on foodservice experience, working for some of the largest brands in the industry. Dedica Group is available to support Amplify clients in all aspects oftheir local store marketing efforts. Amplify’s custom design packages are designed to assist foodservice clients that may not have a portfolio of localmarketing elements ready to upload to the toolkit.Kick Start Design Package 1 Kick Start Design Package 2• Logo and Style Guide upload (max 1 style guide, 4 logo formats) • Logo and Style Guide upload (max 1 style guide, 4 logo formats)• Image Gallery upload (max 20 images) • Image Gallery upload (max 20 images)• Off-the-shelf element design, upload and setup • Off-the-shelf element design, upload and setup (max 5 items – Dedica will work with the client to select and create 10 (max 10 items – Dedica will work with the client to select and create 10 brand relevant local marketing collateral elements for upload)* brand relevant local marketing collateral elements for upload)*• Design, artwork prep, setup and upload of Custom elements • Design, artwork prep, setup and upload of Custom elements (max 10 items – Dedica will work with the client to select and create 10 (max 15 items – Dedica will work with the client to select and create 10 brand relevant local marketing elements for upload)* brand relevant local marketing elements for upload)*• Vendor setup (max 10 vendors) • Vendor setup (max 10 vendors)One-time Fee $Call One time Fee $Call* List of recommended elements available upon request and based on template designs, customizes for each client Powered By
  26. 26. Dedica GroupAbout Dedica GroupWho We Are:Dedica Group is a multi-disciplinary creative, design and management agency with over 15 years of hands-on foodservice experience supporting some ofthe biggest brands in the industry. Dedica Group has worked both as lead agency and lead agency support - planning, positioning and activating nationalcampaigns at the store level and developing and implementing regional and local marketing initiatives. For more information visit we do:Dedica Group’s foodservice experience and portfolio of work includes, but is not limited to the following:• Design and activation of full blown consumer promotions • Crew and rewards program development• New product development, testing and activation • Sales support materials and education tool development• Beverage positioning and merchandising development • Takeout and To-Go program development• In-store merchandising strategy and activation • Menuboard strategy, testing and design• Drive-thru concept and strategy development • Beverage center design and development• Local store marketing initiative planning and activationOur Clients Include: Powered By
  27. 27. Contact UsFor More Information on Amplify or to Sign-up:Email Us at: info@amplifytoolkit.comVisit us online at: www.amplifylocalmarketing.comOrCall us direct on: 718 906 3639 Powered By