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Beyond The Resources Boom

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  1. 1. Beyond the Resources Boom:Technology Innovation is Key to Future ProsperityDr Alex ZelinskyGroup Executive, Information Sciences
  2. 2. Your CSIRO Australia’s national science agency One of the largest & most diverse in the world 6500+ staff over 57 locations Ranked in top 1% in 15 research fields 170 spin-off companies (20 in last 6 years)4,000+ Patent portfolio of CSIRO innovationBuilding national prosperity and wellbeing
  3. 3. The future – driven by what sector?Australia is well positioned in the global economy 2015 Australian current account balance of payments, 1988-2008
  4. 4. What are we talking about?• Simply put, ‘services’ are… “Anything you can’t drop on your foot”, or “Anything you can’t put in a box and ship”, or - John Harvey, IBM “People doing something for other people for value” - Ravi Namane, UCalif Berkeley
  5. 5. Breakdown of the 80% of Services economy Services gross value added = Knowledge Intensive Services*Services gross value added, i.e. the difference between the value of goods and servicesproduced and the cost of raw materials and other inputs which are used up in production. Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006
  6. 6. Global provision of World-class ServicesUsing Information and Communication Technologies to enhanceexisting industries by the provision of innovative new services.FINANCIAL AGRICULTURE ENERGY HEALTH ENVIRONMENT
  7. 7. Enabling the Services EconomyNational Broadband Network for Australia• NBN will connect: • 93% homes, schools and workplaces with fibre to the premises (FTTP) • 100 megabits per second (Mbps) • Remaining 7% with wireless and satellite technologies • 12 Mbp (1-3 Mbp Uplink) $36b Infrastructure roll-out over 5 – 8 years. Creates the opportunity to Innovate
  8. 8. What are we doing? Broadband Innovation Ensure everyone gets symmetric access Change the way Enable services for people can interact broadband with the technologyThe true potential of the NBN is in providing access to high speed,reliable communications to all Australians. Symmetric data rates meansusers can contribute to significant content creation.
  9. 9. Financial Services InnovationTransferWise - the Skype of currency exchange• TransferWise gives all customers access to the mid-market exchange rates that banks use on interbank market, with a flat fee of £1 for each transaction regardless of the amount being exchanged.• Matching those that need to convert money each way – peer to peer.• A disruptive business model to Bank Forex
  10. 10. Broadband Innovation Whatsapp - SMS Game ChangerWhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile short messaging app whichallows you to exchange messages without paying for SMS.WhatsApp uses the same internet data plan that you use for emailand web browsing.After registering your phone number Whatsapp automaticallydiscovers other contacts in your phone.A disruptive technology to Telco – SMS revenue (like internationalcall revenue) will become seriously compromised.
  11. 11. National Broadband:The health care challenge Health expenditure in excess of $110 billion, accounts for over 9% of Australia’s GDP New cost-effective services must be developed to meet the needs of the health system, the hospital, the doctor and the patient
  12. 12. Innovative health servicesVirtual Critical Care Unit (ViCCU) ViCCU proven in clinical trials to be effective with over 501 patients treated over 18 months. NBN ready – Bandwidth 70 megabits per sec required. Nepean Hospital Gbit link using Katoomba State Rail fibre Hospital 150 km
  13. 13. NBN – A new National Challenge – Wireless Broadband Technologies• Bringing high-speed broadband internet access of 100Mbps to rural and remote areas of Australia.
  14. 14. NBN ChallengeCSIRO – Rural Broadband access @ 100 Mbps• CSIRO patented technologies• Re-use existing broadcasting infrastructure• Beamform signals to individual households• Requires reallocation of 56Mhz VHF/UHF analog TV spectrum• Research underway – technology is undergoing field trials with NBN• Tailored solution suitable ONLY for rural, remote and regional access 50-100 km
  15. 15. BIG Data Source – Sensor Networks
  16. 16. Interfaces CPU Antenna Radio PowerCSIRO platform: Fleck
  17. 17. Sensor networks: Fleck Sensor boards• Light, temperature• Water quality: pH, temp, conductivity• Soil moisture• Motion: GPS, acceleration, gyro, magnetometer• Strain gauges• DSP: audio, video
  18. 18. Sensor networks: Self Organising (Ad hoc) Nodes canNo infrastucture be mobile Handles node or link failure
  19. 19. Advanced Technology Platform for ServicesSensor network applications
  20. 20. Smart AgricultureFarm sensor network - test bed
  21. 21. Smart Agriculture Services Virtual Fencing• Restrict the movement of cattle past "virtual fences" in paddocks or around environmentally sensitive areas.
  22. 22. Smart Agricultural Services Bull SeparationAnimal form a peer-to-peer networkSensor network predicts aggressive behaviour in bulls
  23. 23. Smart Agriculture Services: The Future• Bring together multiple technologies and associated services in agriculture, is a game changer! Precision Irrigation Virtual Fencing Smart Farming Sensor Networks Remote Sensing + WSN
  24. 24. Sensors network applications
  25. 25. Innovative Water Services Lake Wivenhoe wireless sensor network• Storage scale wireless sensor network • 45 “WivenNodes” • 5 “SuperNodes” • 70 Catchment nodes• WivenNodes • Dedicated CPU with ad-hoc routing • Temperature string (6 depths) • Communications range: >1km • Solar panel and navigation light
  26. 26. Innovative Water ServicesLake Wivenhoe NetworkCSIRO. Sensors and Sensor Networks Transformational Capability Platform. Michael Brünig.
  27. 27. Paradigm shift in water quality monitoring • 1 sample / day (week) • Labour intensive • Weather dependant • Bad temporal resolution • 1 sample every 2 hours • High cost • Bad spatial resolution • 1 sample / minute • Low cost • Robust (redundancy) • High spatial resolution • High temporal resolution
  28. 28. Improved water servicesUsing water quality measurements• Closing the loop between modeling and real world observation• Calibrating water quality models• Enabling real time event detection and decision making Source: Seqwater
  29. 29. Water ServicesAustralian Water Resources Assessment (AWRA) Information published at any node is visible to the nation via web services CSIRO is partnering with the Bureau of Meteorology
  30. 30. Water Services Australian Water Resources Assessment (AWRA) Evaporative energy Precipitation top soil E T optimum shallow transpiration soilLand cover maximum deep surface uptake soil water river adjustment ground model water landscape hydrological model aquifer models
  31. 31. How does model-data fusion work?Example: rainfall Rainfall gauge densitysatellite rainfall product 0 32 72 108 144 180 Blended rainfall product for 5 January 2005
  32. 32. Water Services Example ReportsTotal water storage1 February 2010Total soil and ground water storagecombined, compared to average forthis day for 1980-2009
  33. 33. Emergency management servicesToowoomba Flash FloodsCSIRO.
  34. 34. Emergency management servicesSimulation of dam collapse in China.
  35. 35. Information Value Chain Reporting and Visualisation Systems Standards & AccessEnd Focus on the provision of a system of web- Industry based reporting tools to suit different end-users Focus on theUsers development and promulgation of interoperability standards and inter- Modelling and Forecasting Systems agency agreements for sharing dataService Focus on the implementation of accounting and forecasting tools linked to interoperable dataProviders sources Ability to link data and models and report results via a common web Data Integration interfaceStandard Focus on the interoperability of existing dataSetters sets pertinent to natural resources management Cross-jurisdictional agreements on data sharing, security and access protocols Sensorisation Program Focus on improving natural resource monitoring Standards forAgencies provenance, Government accountability and auditability
  36. 36. Summary of Opportunities & IssuesOpportunities• NBN to drive innovation in Service-driven applications World• Data-driven World with Scale and Complexity• Location-aware ThingsIssues• No enterprise or entity can own the whole information value chain• Governments are cooperating on collection and access to data, creating room for industry-led services innovation• Data access and ownership, including provenance and audit-ability• Standardised service interfaces, otherwise every product is bespoke with unmanageable maintenance overhead• Creates high dependencies on information service platforms for currency and reliability (otherwise lots of re-engineering)
  37. 37. Dr Alex ZelinskyGroup Executive,Information SciencesPhone: +61 2 9490 5620Email: Alex.Zelinsky@csiro.auWeb: www.csiro.auThank you Contact Us Phone: 1300 363 400 or +61 3 9545 2176 Email: Web: