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10 Problems Solved by Referral Automation


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An infographic on the benefits of implementing referral automation software to increase sales.

Amplifinity’s referral amplification software turns customer, employee and partner advocacy into revenue. Our platform provides complete referral tracking and management with 100% accuracy so none are missed. Enterprises like ADP and DirecTV trust Amplifinity to enable high-quality acquisition while providing an engaging, fully-branded experience for their advocates.

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10 Problems Solved by Referral Automation

  1. 1. Referral Automation TOP 10 most common problems SOLVED BY
  2. 2. 1“It is costing us more money to generate leads than it used to and the quality of leads is getting worse.”
  3. 3. 2“Marketing is getting pressure to deliver results for cross sell and up sell within existing accounts.”
  4. 4. 3“Sales productivity is low because marketing leads don’t come with enough information to qualify.”
  5. 5. 4“Our sales team isn’t consistently following through on marketing leads and only rarely ask customers for referrals.”
  6. 6. 5“Our customers buy and don’t think about us until we call them for renewal. We are struggling to get them to engage with us more often.”
  7. 7. 6“We have an in-house referral program that works, but the results are limited because advocates can’t refer using social media.”
  8. 8. 7“Our in-house referral program is an operational hassle. It is extremely costly and time consuming to get IT resources to make changes to the program.”
  9. 9. 8“Customer support is fielding calls from customers about their referral status and getting complaints about lost referrals.”
  10. 10. 9“Our partner network’s production of leads is spotty and based on the relationship with our partner managers.”
  11. 11. 10“It is difficult to ensure a good hand-off between partners and direct sales and even more difficult to properly attribute closed business to partners.”
  12. 12. Referral Automation Software! Get a tour of how referral automation can solve your problems!