Youth participation in decision making at local level - Sofia Martins


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Presentation from the Urban Solutions 2 seminar in Athens, 2013

see and the facebook page at for more on the project.

"The project “Algarve 2020: a youth proposal” had the aim to promote a new culture of youth participation in decision-making processes at local and regional level in the Algarve by being the trigger point to start the debate, reflection, collective construction and strategic thinking about, and with, Youth and its active participation in the development and social transformation of the region. "

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Youth participation in decision making at local level - Sofia Martins

  1. 1. Urban Solutions Seminar | Athens Algarve 2020 a youth proposal Sofia Martins
  2. 2. Algarve 2020: a youth proposal MAIN AIM: to develop a new culture of youth participation in decision making processes at local and regional levels in the Algarve region - Youth consultation processes Spaces for structured dialogue, cooperation, awareness-raising, and learning between decision makers and youth Starting point for Dialogue, Cooperation, Partnerships &… Collective and Participatory Strategies for YOUTH
  3. 3. Algarve 2020: a youth proposal Preparation | Presentation • • • • Visits to the 16 Municipalities Collective meetings with Main Decision Makers Collective meetings Regional Authorities Collective meetings with NGO’s & Youth Organizations • OFFICIAL LAUCHING • WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA • Meetings with regional Media Photos
  4. 4. Algarve 2020: a youth proposal Regional Coordinator Committee • • • • Municipalities Regional Directorates Regional NGO Youth Organisations Space for reflection, dialogue, cooperation and collective construction of the project activities 12 Priority Youth Areas Non Formal Education Collective Construction of the project activities Photos
  5. 5. Algarve 2020: a youth proposal Youth Consultations • Local consultations • Youth Workers Questionnaire • 1Youth Questionaire & cooperation between Youth and st space for dialogue • Radio Program Local decision makers Map Reality Main Challenges and Obstacules Main Proposals and Solutions Raise awarness about Active Citizenship and Yoth Participation Information about Youth Opportunities - YiA Photos
  6. 6. Algarve 2020: a youth proposal EJA - 1st Youth Meeting of Algarve • • • • • • • Thematic Working Groups National Conference Information Sessions Workshops Debates Activities Expositions Young People from all the municipalities Regional and Local Partners 2020 YOUTH AGENDA Photos
  7. 7. Algarve 2020: a youth proposal Other activities: • • • • • • • • • 1st Regional Meeting of Youth Organizations Local “tertulias” Documentary Publication Radio Program 1st Meeting of Municipalitie’s Youth Counselours 1st Meeting of Municipalitie’s Youth Officers 1st European Meeting of Citizenship and Youth Participation European Conference “Participatory Democracy and Local Governance in Times of Change”; • Meeting with the municipaly of Ayamonte – Spain (Euroregion)
  8. 8. Algarve 2020: a youth proposal Outcomes: • • • • • • • Local Reports Youth workers Questionnaire Results Youth Questionnaire Results Agenda 2020 Publication Documentary 1st Guiding Document for the Development of a Regional Strategy for Youth – collective and participative Center for Youth Mobility and Inniciatives Pool of Regional Facilitators in NFE Pool of young volunteers 1st Regional Youth Council
  9. 9. Algarve 2020: a youth proposal Tips: • Use and abuse of social media to engage with the young people; • Look for the support of the high entities to gain recognition and the support of the other entities and organizations; • Launch your project with visibility actions that will promote engagement and curiosity • Sustain more informal relations with the contact person from partners; • Reinforce the co-responsibility from partners and participants; • Find specific media as close partners;
  10. 10. Algarve 2020: a youth proposal Tips: • Maintain a constant communication of project activities – Short Newsletter and formal announcements; • Use video and images to gain the attention and engagement of young people; • Make your results visible to partners and participants; • Allow your partners and young people to follow the ongoing of the project activities; • Plan in advance and give attention to your Communication Strategy; • Be willing to hear and learn from your partners and participats • …
  11. 11. Algarve 2020: a youth proposal TEASER