Amplexor - The K2 Case Management Framework


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Presentation form K2 on the Amplexor Case Management Seminar in November 2012

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  • We start with basic understanding of a case within a filling cabinet
  • Single point of truth about the binder approvalBackend systems informationStatus and health
  • The CODIO start page enables the users to select which well to work on. Clicking on a well name in the list brings the user to a well site:
  • At the well site the tasks for all the cases belonging to this well are listed (both those executable for the user and other users tasks). The cases are listed as well as calendar items as upcoming meetings or other events. Documents relevant for this well in this phase are also possible to include here. The KPI indicator in the upper right shows whether there are any open cases for this well. If there are no open cases for the well the indicator is green. The status or phase of the well is shown below this indicator. This status is used to filter out which actions that may be started in the “Relevant Actions” part. A list with links to tools that may become useful in this phase is also included. The users that may use CODIO for this well is listed in the “Participants” part. The overall goals for the drilling of this well is included as guidance to the decisionmakers.If something occurs that qualifies to being a case within CODIO, the user may create a new case for the well. The type of situation determines the case type. The user may e.g. choose to start a new case because of some unexpected geology. Then he selects the “Handle Unexpected Geology” action:
  • Amplexor - The K2 Case Management Framework

    1. 1. K2 Case Management Framework Accelerating Case Management Solutions development using K2s Case Management Framework for SharePoint. PRESENTED BY: IGOR JERICEVICH IGOR@K2.COM TECHNICAL SPECIALISTK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    2. 2. PRESCRIPTIVE “ASSISTIVE” Workflow BPM CASE Simple More Complex Dynamic Core business process Business application Document Routing Content and process Complex Routing Processes are not linear Visibility by stage Approvals Dynamic Logic Performance metrics Integrated Adhoc Audit Simple forms Reporting and monitoring ChecklistsK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    3. 3. EXAMPLE OF ONE OF THE K2 TOOLINGK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    4. 4. THE CORE OF A CASE Process Documents Forms Records Reports Case Data The Business Object Tasks Comments People Audit ActionsK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    5. 5. CASE HAS A VIRTUAL FOLDERK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    6. 6. THE POWER OF WORKFLOW WITH CASE + The Case Lifecycle Process – Process can be kept clean and simple. Ad-hoc actions Cancel Case Request Assistance Send Inspector Etc...K2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    7. 7. K2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    8. 8. DEMOK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    9. 9. WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE DOING WITH CASE MANAGEMENT Customer Location Solution The co-op Financial Services United Kingdom Risk and Incident Management Insurance Brit Insurance United Kingdom Binder Approval Vehicle Finance South Africa Debt Counselling Government United States State Medical Benefits administration Education United Kingdom School Inspection Banking CCAM Portugal Complaints and Incidents Defence Brussels Incident Management Conoco-Philips Oil and Gas Norway Drill deviation exception handling Oil and Gas Statoil Norway Business Proposals BOC – Guatrain Transport South Africa Incident Management Government Australia Development approval Medical Australia Medical aid Steel Industry SCAW Metals South Africa Sales Quotations Finance United States Trading account setup Finance United States Tax certificate managementK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    10. 10. Process Overview Coverholder Checks Coverholder Management Financial Review Request checks Lloyds Review (according to Review Requirements Checklist) Senior Binder Checks Escalate for Claims sign-off Submit approved Actuarial binder fact sheet Fact Sheet Supporting Slips and Wordings (in BRM) Information Brit (application, Binder Binder financials, Management Management Under etc.) Legal Writer Binder Approval (in BRM) Initiation Initial Review Functional Reviews Final Review
    11. 11. Case Instance view in SharePoint
    12. 12. Brit Insurance – Case Dashboard
    15. 15. Conoco Philips 16 © Computas AS
    16. 16. Case for each Well 17 WWW.K2.COM © Computas AS
    17. 17. CRÉDITO AGRÍCOLA a minha áreaLista de Tarefas Gestão de Processos > Processo RECL0001Pesquisa de Processos Formulário da Tarefa Resumo do CasoAbertura de Novos ProcessosDashboardsMonitorização Etapa Elaboração Resposta Elaboração da resposta à Descrição reclamação apresentada pelo reclamante Acções Acções Cancelar caso Escalar caso Gestão de Pedidos Registar pedido de parecer OutrosDetalhe da Tarefa Consultar normas aplicáveis… Pedidos de Parecer… Registo Histórico Progresso do Caso Documentos... Documentos Nome Tipo Documento Data Etapa Data Início Data Conclusão % Conclusão Duração Esperada Duração Actual Carta Correspondência 3/3/2010 Registo Reclamação 07/03/2010 08/03/2010 7 horas 6 horas Resposta Reclamante Original Original 28/2/2010 Análise Reclamação 08/03/2010 15/03/2010 25 horas 35 horas Reclamação Elaboração Resposta 15/03/2010 14 horas 6 horasK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    18. 18. CRÉDITO AGRÍCOLAK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    19. 19. CASE MANAGEMENT ON SHAREPOINT“K2s Case Management Framework represents the closest present-day approximation ofwhat a "pure SharePoint" ECM suite configuration could be.There are a number of enterprises looking for a flexible case framework based on MicrosoftSharePoint , and K2 has become a front-runner by understanding the gaps in bothtechnology and process definition, and by completing the puzzle without losing sight of thebasic economies driving SharePoint adoption.K2s Case Management Framework focuses on auditability and rich information presentedin role-based context via its flexible, intuitive interface.”Toby Bell, GartnerK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    20. 20. K2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    21. 21. TECHNICAL ARCHITECTUREK2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM
    22. 22. To be implementedCase Framework K2 Confidential WWW.K2.COM