Amplexor Alfresco ECM Solutions Seminar - Alfresco Vision And Roadmap 2014


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Amplexor Alfresco ECM Solutions Seminar - Alfresco Vision And Roadmap 2014 by Bas Peters (Alfresco)

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Amplexor Alfresco ECM Solutions Seminar - Alfresco Vision And Roadmap 2014

  1. 1. Alfresco Vision and Roadmap Bas  Peters   Solu-ons  Architect  
  2. 2. CPU based subscription model 24/7, 365 day "follow-the-sun" support Open Source 1300+ active customers in 180 countries 95% 4 billion documents 300 recurring subscriptions employees Founded in 7 million users 2005 San Mateo Atlanta London Maidenhead Sydney Japan
  3. 3. Alfresco in information intensive industries Government & Intelligence Banking & Insurance Manufacturing Media & Publishing High Tech
  4. 4. Alfresco Customers
  5. 5. 
 From the 2013 Gartner ECM Magic Quadrant
  6. 6. Alfresco Vision Simple + Smart
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  10. 10. Hybrid ECM Control the lifecycle of content from behind the firewall to the cloud
  11. 11. Press Agency Advertising Agency Media Agency Firewall ECM
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Content Chaos
  14. 14. Advertising Agency Media Agency Alfresco Sync Press Agency Alfresco Firewall
  15. 15. Alfresco Roadmap Simple + Smart
  16. 16. Alfresco Platform Document  Management   Full  access  to  all  the  features  needed  to  manage  your  documents   including  version  control,  access  control  and  workflow.   Collabora-on   Use  Alfresco  to  create  department,  project  or  team  sites.    Invite  other   users  and  collaborate.   Cloud  Sync   Allows  employees  to  select  documents  and  folders  from  Alfresco  on-­‐ premise  and  sync  them  to  Alfresco  in  the  cloud.  Alfresco  is  the  only   Hybrid  ECM  plaKorm  in  the  world  with  a  seamless  cloud  sync.   Records  Management   Need  an  extra  level  of  compliance?  Install  the  addi-onal  Records   Management  module  to  manage  your  records.   Case  Management   Get  a  holis-c  view  of  the  lifecycle  of  a  case,  with  relevant  content  in-­‐ context,  based  on  business  roles.  Efficient  content  crea-on,  process   management,  deadline  monitoring,  repor-ng  and  archiving  for  cases   of  any  kind.   Mobile  Access   Download  the  free  Alfresco  Mobile  app  for  iOS  or  Android  to  access  all   of  your  content  on  the  go.  
  17. 17. Alfresco 4.2 •  New Collaboration Options •  Simplified User Interface •  Workflow Enhancements •  Ease of Administration •  Simple Records Management
  18. 18. Disclaimer The roadmap themes that follow are areas that we will be working towards but no commitments yet
  19. 19. Desktop Sync! •  •  •  •  Simple sync and share Easy collaboration Hybrid Easy application integration
  20. 20. Roadmap and delivery •  The next major release of Alfresco One will be announced at Summit 2014 •  The following are the prioritized themes: + Reporting and Analytics + Improved Search + Office Integration + Kickstart and End-user modeling + Accessibility •  Additional Continuous Improvement Items will also be delivered, currently being prioritized
  21. 21. Reporting and Analytics •  Market Problem +  Customers have no information on the type or volume of content, how it is being used and how user adoption is progressing •  Requirements +  Provides graphical and tabular views on how the ECM system is being used •  Features +  Number and types of each type of content stored +  Repository growth +  Uploads, downloads, shares +  Most viewed documents +  User metrics - numbers, activity levels, top 10 users +  Custom reports +  Reports can be selected for different date ranges to give trend information
  22. 22. Office Integration •  •  •  Market Problem +  MS Office and SharePoint is ubiquitous, end-users use both to perform their jobs and there is resistance to changing they way they work Requirements +  Allow Alfresco to masquerade as SharePoint from the perspective of an end user using MS Office applications +  Allow end-users to interact with content held in Alfresco from within MS Office applications without leaving their normal working environment Features +  Check in and out documents +  Add metadata +  Launch Activiti workflows +  Act on Activiti workflows e.g. approve documents, provide feedback +  Treat Alfresco as any other shared drive from within Windows with enhanced WebDAV capabilities +  Take advantage of document management functionality from within Adobe Acrobat and Reader
  23. 23. SharePoint Integration •  Market Problem + SharePoint is ubiquitous with users trained and processes established to manage content. Alfresco needs to co-exist with SharePoint as a content repository •  Requirements + Allow end users to access content stored in Alfresco from within a SharePoint portal. •  Features + Users can search Alfresco, navigate libraries and perform all the standard file operations normally available from within SharePoint
  24. 24. Content Application Tools •  Market Problem +  Enterprises have business specific requirements around Content and Process Management that require customization of ECM systems. This customization currently requires engineering resource (coding) •  Requirement +  Produce Content Application Tools to give Business Analysts/LOB Managers who do not have the development skills or resources required, the ability to customize their ECM to match their business needs through configuration. •  Features" The two features proposed in this category are: +  Share Workflow Tool: Kickstart +  End User Modeling
  25. 25. Share Workflow Tool (Kickstart) •  Market Problem + Customers build custom process solutions, this is typically done with IT or consultants +  Line of business managers (AP, Purchasing,..) would like to create ad hoc workflows without IT resources •  Requirements + An extension to Alfresco Share that enables line of business managers to create their own simple content based workflows •  Features Include: +  Drag and drop interface with simple steps +  Single use or re-use (template) workflows +  Share with group
  26. 26. End User Modeling •  Market Problem +  Content Models define the business context for content +  We have exceptionally strong modelling capabilities under the covers however…. +  Today they require technical knowledge •  Requirements +  A user interface for content modelling enables the Business Analyst/ LOB manager to define and manage the business context for their content •  Features Include: +  Configure Aspects (property groups), Modify basic display layout, define/modify forms including Search, Data Entry, View/ Edit Forms
  27. 27. Improved Search •  Market Problem + Search is Not Intuitive •  Why can’t it just be like Google (or Amazon or eBay…) + Rich metadata (a key strength and differentiator) is not matched by the search capabilities + If you can’t find it, it doesn’t exist •  Requirements + Provide a simple, consumer-like search experience + Allow search to be a primary interface + Support knowledge mining, discovery and re-use •  Features include: + Auto-Suggest Terms, Filtered (Faceted) Results, Search Term Highlighting, More Like This, Reusable Searches
  28. 28. Accessibility •  Market Problem +  Public sector organisations mandate accessibility compliant solutions •  Requirements +  This feature addresses Industry and Government standards for Accessibility +  Regulatory Compliance •  Standards +  W3Cs Web Content Accessibility Guidelines & US Section 508 Compliance •  Features +  Full Keyboard Navigation, User Agent (Browser) Zoom support, High Contrast Theme, Screen Reader Support, WAI-ARIA Widgets
  29. 29. Mobile Server Add-On •  Market Problem + Increasing number of mobile devices accessing Alfresco +  Majority of mobile enterprise deployments require customized apps yet often configuration of Alfresco app would suffice •  Requirements + Administrative tool to control device/user access + Administrative tool to manage mobile content including role based access •  Features Include: +  Registering devices for secure access and notification +  Remote wipe stored content +  Configuration of individual device’s features and personalization +  Push content (briefcase)
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