Computations exercise


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Computations exercise

  1. 1. Computations Exercise
  2. 2. ROI & Payback1. If your FOOD CART concept costs P430,000 total to set-up and your projected annual net income is P135,000, what is your Return on Investment (ROI)? 3 points2. Using the same information in #1, what would be your Payback Period?
  3. 3. Gross Income1. If your monthly Food & Beverage Sales amount to P325,000 and your Food & Beverage Cost percentages are set at 35%, how much is your Monthly Gross Income?
  4. 4. 13 Month Pro-Rata th1. If your monthly payroll amounts to P275,000, how much will you allocate for the 13th monthly pro-rata?
  5. 5. Total Cost of Investment1. If you have a total CAPEX investment of P230,000 and an OPEX projection of P680,000, how much is your Total Cost of Investment (considering an additional 10% contingency)?