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Amod Resume Presentation


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Amod Resume Presentation

  1. 1. Amod Gokhale +353-862146437
  2. 2. 14+ Years in Process Automation Automation •11 Years in Emerson DeltaV •1 ½ Years in ABB 800xA •1 Years in Foxboro I/A •1 Year in Wonderware Databases •MS SQL Server •MS Access Historian •Wonderware InSQL •Proficy Historian Programming •VB 6.0 •VBA (Excel, Access, Word)
  3. 3.  Development of PAI (Process Automation Initiative) Library which consists of CM (Control Module) Classes, FM (Function Module) Classes, EM (Equipment Module) Shell and Classes and Generic Phases. ◦ Currently used by Pfizer in various API facilities ◦ New standards being developed will be used in future Pfizer Biopharma projects. ◦ Currently used by DS2, Ireland and Andover, USA projects  Development for custom software to extract CM/ EM information from phases to aid development of physical models and understanding of CIP Loops.
  4. 4.  Successfully migrated P3 Plant DCS from Rotork MicroDCS to ABB 800xA  Successfully upgraded P2 Plant DCS from Foxboro I/A version 6.3 to version 8.7
  5. 5.  Maintained CM/EM and Graphic Standards Library at GC  Added DCS Health Information Modules to MCS  Created Tank Outlet Queue EM for DS 614KG  Implemented Hygienic Status Module enhancements  Performed Portable Vessel Optimization in MS1  Created DeltaV Simulation Check graphic  Created Excel Report for PMS (Particulate Management System)
  6. 6.  Maintained Process Validation Software System for use with phased software delivery for Pfizer, GC project.  Maintained CM/EM and graphic Standards Library for Pfizer, GC project.  Worked on following DCS projects ◦ Bayer TAD, Germany ◦ Ranbaxy Labs, India
  7. 7.  An inside the box problem solver  I approach the work differently from other people.  I look at restraints and work within them to create novel solutions to satisfy all requirements.  A quick learner  I see new things and ideas immediately rush in.  I can apply skills from one area to another, learning along the way.  I fail, and in process become better every day.
  8. 8.  Can bring provocation solutions  I bring many bits of information together.  I can connect the dots, combining things together in ways not done before.  Can communicate good ideas  I can weave together and create a compelling story.
  9. 9.  Ability to work under time pressure  Awareness of time pressure in situations.  Ability to multitask  Organization and planning  Can prioritise tasks based of importance.  Create schedules to achieve project milestones.
  10. 10.  Understand the peculiar human race.  I have good understanding of where the clients are coming from.  I can see through other people’s eyes.  Absolutely passionate about Automation  Allure of being able to integrate various systems to a Automation Network keeps me wanting more.  To be able to create/validate cross-platform interfaces and customised applications.  To understand was works and what doesn’t.