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Technologies of the self


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Technologies of the self

  1. 1. Technologies of the Self: A Seminar with Michel Foucault (1988) A collection of essays based on a faculty seminar conducted and organised by the University of Vermont in the autumn of 1982. Contains an interview with Foucault made in October 1982, his six seminar presentations, a public lecture entitled “The Political Technology of Individuals”, and five presentations by members of the seminar. Foucault’s presentations provide a concise overview of the conceptual and methodological shift that guided his “turn to the Greeks” in The History of Sexuality and his later seminars. Edited by Luther H. Martin, Huck Gutman, Patrick H. Hutton Publisher University of Massachusetts Press, 1988 ISBN 0870235931, 9780870235931 166 pages Review (Montanus C. Milanzi, Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 2001) Download