Pass the ball for human rights


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Pass the ball for human rights

  1. 1. for activists and international members june / july 2010 VOluMe 40 ISSue 003 World cup 2010 pass the ball for human rights
  2. 2. it’s been a year since… Amnesty International launched the Demand Dignity Campaign, calling for an end to human rights violations that keep people poor. In its first year, the campaign has focused on four key areas: maternal mortality of women and girls in poverty, the rights of people living in slums, human rights abuses by corporations, and the legal enforcement of economic, social and cultural rights. So how have we been doing? In September 2009, we launched our campaign to reduce maternal mortality in Sierra leone. On 27 April 2010, the government of Sierra leone announced a free-care policy for pregnant and lactating women, and for children under the age of five. In june 2009, our report, Kenya: the unseen majority, called for an end to forced evictions and other human rights violations in nairobi’s slums. In September 2009, the Kenyan government reiterated its commitment to draft national eviction guidelines that will incorporate safeguards and due process. These are just two examples of how the Demand Dignity Campaign has been effecting real change. your letters, postcards, petitions, and online activism are doing the job. We still have so much more to do. Go to to get up-to-date information and take action. this is your Wire first published in 2010 by amnesty international publications getting Wire © amnesty international publications 2010 Would you like know more about index: nWs 21/003/2010 issn: 1472-443X amnesty international’s campaigns printed by banbury litho, banbury, united kingdom or use the WIre actionzine for your please let us knoW if you like it on revive 50:50 fsc/post-consumer waste paper. own activism? » have you used the actions? all rights reserved. no part of this publication may WIre is available to download » have you shared the information with anyone? be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, online at » What would you like to see more of in future issues? mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the publishers. to receive your free print copy, » do you have photos or articles that you would like to share with all you need to do is join our international membership – go other members? to the final page of this issue » and finally, don’t forget to visit our blog for more details. send all your comments and suggestions to: institutions are welcome to purchase copies. the price for Wire six copies a year for institutions editorial and publishing programme is £35/us$54/€41. amnesty amnesty international international sections can international secretariat purchase copies for their own peter benenson house members. email us on 1 easton street or london Wc1X 0dW or email us on call +44 (0)20 7413 5814/5507. united kingdom
  3. 3. this Wire inside 11 reasons stand up united As the World Cup gets underway in South Africa, WIRE introduces to be a you to Stand Up United: our team World of 11 human rights defenders from around the world. Read their stories champion and support their work. page 2 contents World cup Q&a activism toolkit Salil Shetty, Amnesty International’s Put together your own team of human rights new Secretary General, talks to WIRE champions and organize football-themed events. about his work for the UN Millennium There are some ideas on how to do this on page 12. Campaign and his thoughts on his Everything else you need is in the insert. new role. page 13 pursuing Justice: for all rights, for all people With the launch of the Amnesty International Report 2010: the state of the world’s human rights, Claudio Cordone, interim Secretary General of Amnesty International, examines the key challenges in the effort to guarantee accountability and justice for human rights violations. page 15 campaign for international Justice Join Amnesty International’s call for an effective international justice system. page 19 World refugee day European governments continue to forcibly return people to Iraq despite the ongoing violence in the country. Call on them to stop. page 20 act noW WorldWide appeals Wire [ June/July 10 ] read, distribute, act see our insert 1
  4. 4. 11 reasons As football teams compete at the 2010 World Cup, another team is also rising to the challenge, determined to succeed. This team is not playing in to be a South Africa – its members are scattered all over the world. And unlike a football team, every one of them is a defender. A human rights defender. World These 11 ordinary – yet extraordinary – people are standing up for their rights, and for yours. Many of them have been intimidated or threatened, and stand up united champion sometimes even risk their lives to defend rights. But they are able to continue their work because they have supporters all around the globe. Be a world champion; support the human rights team Stand up united by taking action now. you can sign and send emails, or print out full versions of the action letters at Join the defenders amina the Pakistani security forces © Amnesty International apprehended both men and that the JanJua Inter-Services Intelligence, Pakistan’s intelligence agency, has been holding Urge the Pakistani Prime Minister to end enforced disappearances enforced them in secret without charge or trial. The agency has repeatedly denied any and illegal detention in Pakistan, which deny individuals their disappearances knowledge of their whereabouts fundamental right to due process, despite eyewitness testimony of their and to investigate and make in pakistan detention. “Since that day I have not rested. It has been my conviction and my available any information regarding the fate and whereabouts of all individuals who have been subjected “I was not aware of enforced dedication that I will find my husband to enforced disappearance. disappearance in my country until and bring back the father of my three my husband, Masood Janjua, was innocent children”, says Amina. “I will Please also call for those state abducted in 2005”, says Amina make him a symbol for all those who officials who are suspected of being Janjua. “Since then [I have felt] parliament and stage rallies around have disappeared, for the love of all responsible for ordering or carrying unbearable grief but, at the same the country. the wives, for the love of all the out enforced disappearances to be time, a determination that I should not “We were doing this because mothers who are now suffering held accountable. give up – I should not accept this – we were ourselves the victims of because their loved one was taken that any loved one, the friend I had, enforced disappearance – somebody away by force. We are a hundred Please write to: could be taken away from me just like was missing from our families. So all times more dedicated because we Prime Minister Gilani that.” of the victims’ families held each are hurt ourselves, so that is the Pakistan Secretariat For the last five years Amina others’ hands and then we started this reason that we do not stop and we do Constitution Avenue Wire [ June/ July 10 ] Janjua has been campaigning to end network to find answers and clues not rest.” Islamabad enforced disappearances. She has about our loved ones and now we Pakistan brought together many families whose have registered 788 cases.” Fax: +92 51 9213780 / relatives have disappeared in Pakistan Amina Janjua’s husband +92 51 9210189 to create a network of activists, disappeared on 30 July 2005 with his called Defence of Human Rights, friend Faisal Faraz. She has had no Salutation: Dear Prime Minister 2 who regularly protest outside the news of him since. It is believed that
  5. 5. Join the defenders claudia insufficient information about their © Salud Sin Límites health in their first language. lema Hundreds of pregnant women die from preventable causes as a result of Urge the Peruvian government to ensure that their existing initiatives fighting this lack of access to health care. Claudia Lema campaigns to raise to reduce maternal mortality are adequately funded, implemented maternal awareness of maternal health issues among Indigenous communities and and monitored in order to reduce the number of preventable deaths mortality lobby the authorities on the right to health for women. She says: “Human of women in Peru, prioritizing the poorest regions with highest in peru rights are not something distant, like a treaty or a law. Human rights affect our daily lives. Particularly the right to maternal mortality ratios. Please write to: stand up united “In the rural communities where we health, it directly affects the quality Dr Óscar Ugarte work, all of the women know of a of life of many people. Maternal Ministerio de Salud relative or school friend that has Claudia Lema’s NGO works with mortality is a serious issue and it can (Minister of Health) died or has [suffered] serious Indigenous women living in remote be prevented [if we] inform ourselves Av. Salaverry 801, Jesús Maria consequences from pregnancy or areas of Peru who have limited access and put pressure, through petitions, Lima giving birth”, says Claudia Lema, to antenatal, postnatal and other on the Peruvian government and Peru director of the Peruvian NGO Salud maternal health services more readily governments in similar situations to Sin Límites (Health Unlimited). “This available in cities. Many of these give more resources to this area.” Email: is not something that happens, in my women must endure difficult journeys Fax: +511 431 0182 experience, in city life and I am sure on foot to the nearest health centre or that it does not happen to other pay for transport that they cannot women in more developed countries. afford. Many health professionals It seems to me that this is very unjust speak primarily Spanish and and preventable.” Indigenous women often receive Wilter never gave them an alternative place Urge the authorities to ensure that © Amnesty International to stay. We are happy the road is there is adequate consultation with nyabate being constructed, but the problem is that our people were thrown out like the affected communities. Call on them to ensure that all those who stop forced that.” As a member of the community- have to be evicted are offered appropriate and affordable evictions based Soweto Forum, Wilter Nyabate is there to remind the government of alternative accommodation and remedy. in nairobi’s its obligations. “If you are a human rights activist and you go and act on Please write to: slums behalf of the community or the country, they sometimes listen to you, so I am advising my fellow Kenyans Hon. Mwai Kibaki C.G.H., MP State House Harambee House “The government was just evicting and other Africans to join the struggle Harambee Avenue people in our area. So we built an and bring change.” PO Box 30510-00100 umbrella organization for human In 2008, however, the government Nairobi rights activism. I started the activism began a project to improve housing. Kenya from Soweto East in Kibera, the others This is a positive step, but many Join the defenders came from all over the Nairobi area.” residents fear that the new houses will Email: Wilter Nyabate lives with her two be unaffordable: “If those houses will Write to Kenya’s President, children in Kibera – the largest slum be ours, we will be happy with the Mwai Kibaki, and to Minister of Fax: +254 20 313600, +254 20 in Nairobi, Kenya – which has process, but if it is a way of removing Housing Soita Shitanda and call 210150, +254 20 310948 endured decades of neglect by the the poor people from Nairobi to rural for an end to forced evictions. Wire [ June/July 10 ] government. areas, then we will not”, Wilter Urge the government to adopt and Hon. Soita Shitanda, MP Like many of Kibera’s two million Nyabate says. implement guidelines for evictions Ministry of Housing residents, Wilter Nyabate’s family Her activism is aimed at making which comply with international Ardhi House, Ngong Road live in poor quality housing with sure that people who are evicted are human rights standards. Until then, PO Box 30119 – 00100 little access to clean water, sanitation, given an alternative place to go. a moratorium should be imposed Nairobi , Kenya health care, education and other “When they started evicting people to on mass evictions. Tel: +254 20 2718050 3 essential services. construct a road in Soweto East, they Fax: +254 20 2721248
  6. 6. Join the defenders dhondup speak about their suffering.” In March 2008, his interviews with Wangchen more than 100 Tibetans were smuggled out of China. The edited Write to the Chinese leader calling on him to release Dhondup call on china film was shown to foreign journalists in Beijing just days before the Olympic Wangchen (Please remember to include the Chinese characters of to release Games in August 2008. Chinese security forces interrupted the his name:µ± Öª Ïî Ç· ) and to respect and protect the right of Tibetans to tibetan screening. On 26 March 2008, Dhondup enjoy their own culture, to practise their religion, and to use their own film-maker Wangchen was arrested. He escaped language. © Filming for Tibet for one day in July and phoned his cousin in Switzerland, telling him that Please write to: stand up united “In Tibet, the Chinese authorities during interrogation he had been Premier of the People’s are making Tibetan people suffer; beaten, punched in the head, Republic of China the Tibetan population is being are saying that they have made so deprived of food and sleep, and tied Wen Jiabao Guojia Zongli threatened. For these reasons my many improvements in Tibet. But we to a chair. The State Council General Office father risked his freedom and his life.” don't see any improvement at all”, In June 2009, he was charged 2 Fuyoujie Eleven-year-old Tenzin Dadon has not says Dhondup Wangchen in his film. with “inciting separatism”. He was Xichengqu seen her father, Dhondup Wangchen, “Tibetans are forcibly relocated. tried in secret, found guilty and in Beijingshi 100017 for more than two years. He has been Nomads are not allowed to graze their December 2009 sentenced to six People's Republic of China detained in China since 2008 for cattle in the pastures. Are such tight years in prison. The verdict was making a film about human rights in controls an improvement? No! upheld on appeal in March 2010. Email: Tibet. “Under the pretext of setting up Amnesty International considers him Fax: +86 10 65961109 Dhondup Wangchen picked up a civilized cities many Tibetans are to be a prisoner of conscience. (c/o Ministry of Foreign Affairs video camera for the first time in his forced to relocate. Such buildings look or the Chinese Embassy in life to make the documentary Leaving nice from the outside and outsiders your country) Fear Behind. “This film is about may think that the Tibetans are treated the plight of the Tibetan people – very well and that they are happy. But helpless and frustrated. The Chinese the truth is that Tibetans are not free to nataša their homes and never seen alive Join the defenders © Amnesty International again. Many were killed. Although the kandić majority of the bodies have been exhumed from mass graves and Call on Serbia’s Minister of Interior, Ivica Dačić to do everything in his stop the returned to their families, at least 14,000 individuals are still missing. A power to bring the perpetrators of enforced disappearances to justice. obstruction lack of political will, and sometimes deliberate government obstruction, Urge him to ensure that former Serbian military and police and of Justice in continues to block the investigation and prosecution of war crimes. other witnesses disclose full information on any remaining serbia Since 1992, Nataša Kandić has been documenting war crimes committed by the Serbian authorities individual or mass graves in Serbia and Kosovo. He must also co-operate with the Office of the War Crimes “We need to stop talking about victims and assisting the victims. She founded Prosecutor in Serbia and the of war crimes as if they were just the Humanitarian Law Centre and, in investigative authorities in Kosovo. numbers without names – without This kind of information is 2006, RECOM – a body that works knowledge of the people, their important to end impunity for war independently to investigate and Please write to: personal lives and without knowing crimes committed by Serbian publicly disclose the facts about the Ivica Dačić what happened to them.” authorities. The victims of these wars in the region. Ministar unutrašnjih poslova Nataša Kandić, a Serbian lawyer crimes and their families have been Not everyone supports Nataša (Minister of Interior) Wire [ June/ July 10 ] and human rights activist, is denied access to justice for years. Kandić. She has been repeatedly Republike Srbije determined to reveal the truth about An estimated 130,000 people attacked and threatened. The Serbian Boulevard Mihaila Pupina 2, the thousands of people who were were killed in the 1990s across the media have labelled her a traitor; state Beograd, 11 000, killed, tortured and who were victims former Yugoslavia. Approximately officials and politicians have taken Serbia of enforced disappearances and 40,000 people were forcibly legal action against her. Nataša Email: abductions during the break-up of the disappeared or abducted. In most Kandić, however, remains undeterred. 4 former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. cases, they were taken by force from
  7. 7. Join the defenders p © Amnesty International abuse find that poor transport services can deny them access to life-saving organizing treatments, including to prevent HIV infection and other consequences of Write to Collins Chabane in the Office of the Presidency. Welcome practical sexual violence. High transport costs in poor rural the reinvigorated government efforts to combat HIV and AIDS and support communities also mean that women living with HIV are frequently unable ask him to take steps to ensure that transport officials at national and for Women to reach comprehensive health care facilities to start and maintain their provincial level improve the regularity and accessibility of safe in poor, treatment. “Not only is the transport rural transport to enable rural women to access critical services; rural areas expensive but there’s a long distance and that transport plans addressing stand up united to walk before you can access that these needs are included as part of of south economic opportunities. They also transport”, P says. “What you find is people using wheelbarrows or some the co-ordinated government response to the HIV epidemic. africa face persistent domestic abuse and sexual violence, which places them at increased risk of HIV infection. mode of getting a sick person to the nearest point where they can connect with transport”. Please write to: Mr Collins Chabane P is a community activist, working P organizes community workshops P prefers to remain anonymous. Minister of Performance, with women in a neglected rural area to encourage discussion on women’s She sometimes faces hostility, and Monitoring & Evaluation as well of South Africa. rights to equality and dignity. She is other women volunteers have been as Administration Women in South Africa are concerned that “some don’t even beaten by their husbands or other Office of the Presidency disproportionately affected by the recognize the abuse that they are family members to stop them working Pretoria, South Africa, 0001 country’s HIV epidemic. One out of going through. They don’t understand with her. By remaining anonymous, P Email: every three women attending that they don’t have to go through this also hopes to highlight that she is only Fax: +27 12 321 8870 antenatal clinics is HIV positive. In the type of thing.” one of thousands of women doing this communities where P works, women When they urgently need medical vital work. have little access to educational and care, women who have experienced shadi of the most brutal punishments. The including by stoning, or cruel © Jorn van Eck / Amnesty International law states that the stones used should punishments such as flogging for sadr “not be large enough to kill the person by one or two strikes” – clearly aiming having consensual sexual relations. end eXecution to inflict a slow and painful death. Since Shadi Sadr and her Demand an immediate moratorium on executions by stoning until the by stoning in colleagues began their campaign, at least 15 individuals have been saved law is amended. All individuals currently under sentence of death iran from stoning. In other cases, executions have been postponed. However, three of the individuals were by stoning in Iran should have their sentences commuted immediately. “A hope, a deep hope that the executed by hanging. At least 11 Please write to: situation can change.” This is what other people are still at risk of stoning. His Excellency motivates Shadi Sadr, a lawyer, Ali Larijani journalist, and human rights activist Speaker of Parliament from Iran. authorities. She currently lives in exile Join the defenders Majles-e Shoura-ye Islami Shadi Sadr has been and continues her work from abroad. Baharestan Square campaigning for women’s rights, In 2006, she was involved in Call for an end to the use of stoning Tehran fighting on their behalf for equality establishing Women’s Field, a group as a method of execution in Iran. Iran before the law. “I was involved in a lot of women’s rights activists. One of the Wire [ June/July 10 ] of cases of women who were raped, group’s campaigns – “Stop Stoning Urge the Iranian authorities, as Email: who were killed or sentenced to Forever” – aims to save the life of a State party to the International Fax: +98 21 3355 6408 stoning. Those cases that I defended anyone under sentence of stoning in Covenant on Civil and Political were my first reasons to get involved Iran and to abolish stoning in law and Rights, to ensure that any in human rights issues.” Her work has in practice. legislation eventually passed is in come at great cost. Like other women Under Iranian law, execution by line with Iran’s obligations under 5 activists, Shadi Sadr has been stoning is prescribed for “adultery international law, so that no one in arrested and harassed by the Iranian while being married”. Stoning is one Iran risks the death penalty,
  8. 8. blog liveWire chat stay informed catch up With amnesty international’s blog on roma facing forced eviction A Romani family at Belvil settlement, Belgrade, © Amnesty International in serbia Serbia, 28 February 2010. The community is facing forced eviction, following an By Sian Jones, announcement by the Deputy Mayor of Belgrade Amnesty International Researcher on 30 March 2010. “We’ve just heard that the Belvil Romani settlement in Baelgrade will be evicted soon. Smiljana, and Boro and Arif and all the other Four of the families have received eviction families we met in February. They know they notices, although they don’t know when they will have to move, they know their settlement is will be evicted. Everyone living there is really on the way of a new road – which is part of a worried about what is going to happen to them. project to build a bridge across the river Sava. But if they are going to be evicted, then we’ll “Just over a year ago the Romani settlement try to make sure it happens in line with all the next to Belvil – at Blok 67 – was forcibly evicted Gazela Bridge last August. That was supposed relevant international human rights standards, to build an access road for the Student Games. to be a proper resettlement, not a forced and that their rights are respected. This would Although the Roma living there knew they eviction, but in less than three hours, almost mean that people are properly resettled, rather would be evicted, when the day actually came 200 houses were bulldozed to the ground. than forcibly evicted.” they were given no warning, and their houses were just bulldozed to the ground. It was the “We need to act fast. The government must Read more at: same with the Roma evicted from under the stop the city authorities from forcibly evicting Justice for aleksei sokolov! © Aleksei Sokolov “Aleksei Sokolov is head of Pravovaia Osnova (Legal Basis), an organization which is By Natalia Prilutskaya, campaigning against torture and other ill- Amnesty International Researcher treatment in Russian prisons. He became prominent after he publicized and distributed “Russian human rights defender Aleksei the film Torture Factory about torture and other Sokolov has today been sentenced to five years ill-treatment in a temporary holding centre in in a high security prison colony. The Yekaterinburg, called IK-2. The film received sentencing took place exactly one year after wide coverage, both in Russia and Aleksei Sokolov’s arrest by police outside his internationally, and led to the closure of IK-2.” house in Yekaterinburg, Russia. Read more at: “Aleksei Sokolov’s lawyers reported that the court based its verdict solely on the statements of the co-accused in the case, which often Wire [ June/ July 10 ] contradicted each other as well as the individuals’ earlier “confessions”. One of Aleksei Sokolov’s lawyers said that while victims of the crimes had identified the other defendants in the case as possible perpetrators of the crime, none of them had identified 6 Human rights defender Aleksei Sokolov. Aleksei Sokolov.
  9. 9. father something has to be done.” Urge the authorities to send a © AI (Ricardo Ramírez Arriola) Because of his work, Father clear message that abuses against aleJandro Solalinde has been repeatedly threatened and intimidated by local irregular migrants will not be tolerated in Mexico, and to take all solalinde gangs and officials: “Many local authorities, criminal gangs and drug necessary steps to help migrants file complaints when they suffer or protect traffickers want to get rid of human rights defenders”, he says. “We are witness abuses. The Authorities must ensure that all complaints are undocumented getting in the way of those who want to make a market out of Central promptly, impartially and effectively investigated so that those migrants American migrants.” Amnesty International has been responsible are brought to justice and victims receive reparations. in meXico campaigning for Father Solalinde’s stand up united safety and he has a message to the Please write to: organization’s members: “The Minister of the Interior “Migrants are human beings, and Some migrants disappear without support, the letters, the cards, bring Lic. Fernando Francisco Gómez- they are very brave”, says Father trace, abducted and killed, or robbed, strength to migrants in this situation Mont Urueta Alejandro Solalinde, a Mexican assaulted and thrown off speeding who believe that they don’t have any Secretario de Gobernación Catholic priest who has dedicated his trains. Far too often, officials provide rights and that they don’t have the Secretaría de Gobernación life to providing a place of safety for criminal gangs with cover or simply fail right to talk. A lot can be done with Bucareli 99, 1er. piso irregular migrants who suffer abuses to intervene. campaigns and public outcries to give Col. Juárez, Del. Cuauhtémoc in Mexico. Father Solalinde has made the migrants the strength to carry on.” México DF Every year, tens of thousands of journey himself. He says that it was CP 06600 people travel through Mexico to the the only way of finding out about the MEXICO US border without legal permission. horrors migrants have to face: Join the defenders Their journey is dangerous. Criminal “I saw huge injustices and frequent Email: gangs target the main routes used corruption. Nobody takes any Write to Mexico’s Minister of by irregular migrants. Kidnapping, notice of migrants here: there was Interior, Fernando Francisco extortion, ill-treatment and sexual tremendous impunity, even by daylight Gómez-Mont Urueta: violence by the gangs are widespread. they were hit, kidnapped; so I said Join the defenders haJ sami bullets by the occupation forces in © Private 1971 when I was 16 years old.” He sadeQ lost the use of his legs as a result. His international human Urge the Israeli authorities to rescind all demolition orders end rights campaigning and unfaltering determination enabled Haj Sami against unlicensed buildings in ‘Aqaba and the rest of Area C of the demolitions Sadeq and ‘Aqaba villagers to save their homes and rebuild those that West Bank. Call on them to transfer responsibility for planning and in the were demolished. They also built new buildings, encouraging the return of building policies and regulations in ‘Aqaba and in the rest of Area C occupied families who had left because of the army’s threats. from the Israeli army to the local Palestinian communities. palestinian “This village is a model in the West Bank and Gaza because it works Please write to: territories army has issued 48 demolition orders targeting nearly 95 per cent of ‘Aqaba for peace and in respect of the law. But it has suffered killings and been deprived of basic services, especially Ehud Barak Minister of Defence Ministry of Defence “We want to live in dignity and with village, including homes and other in construction and water, by the 37 Kaplan Street, Hakirya respect” says Palestinian community buildings such as a kindergarten, Israeli military forces.” Tel Aviv 61909, Israel activist Haj Sami Sadeq from the clinic, women’s centre and a mosque. Haj Sami Sadeq hopes to bring Email: Wire [ June/July 10 ] village of ‘Aqaba in the West Bank. ‘Aqaba, like 60 per cent of the the voices and experiences of the Fax: +972 3691 6940 The village has been under Israeli occupied West Bank, is classified as community in ‘Aqaba village to every occupation since 1967 along with the “Area C”, meaning that no structure country around the world. “I hope that rest of the Palestinian Territories. can be built or even repaired in it each individual who wants to defend “Every day the occupation forces without a permit from the Israeli army. human rights will be patient and invade our village, desecrate our Permits are almost impossible to obtain. tolerant in defending their rights in 7 mosque and terrorize our children. We Haj Sami Sadeq has felt the order to succeed globally.” are constantly living in fear.” effects of the occupation at close Since the late 1990s the Israeli quarters: “I was shot with three
  10. 10. mukhmed Gazdiev’s disappearance has been Urge the President to ensure that © Private suspended. Ibragim Gazdiev’s relatives are not gazdiev Mukhmed Gazdiev continues to seek justice for his son and for his threatened or intimidated for seeking justice. investigate family. He has appealed to various officials in Ingushetia and in Moscow. Call on him to ensure that all enforced Most recently, he complained to the court against the suspension of the alleged cases of enforced disappearance are investigated disappearance investigation. His attempts to find his son effectively and independently and perpetrators are brought to justice. in north have resulted in intimidation and harassment against him. In May 2008, Urge the Russian government to sign and ratify the International caucasus Federal Security Services searched Convention for the Protection of All XXX up united his family home using a warrant Persons from Enforced issued for a neighbour’s house. Disappearance and enact effective “You must not stay silent when to his son, Ibragim Gazdiev, who was Since 2002, at least 179 people implementation of the treaty. somebody next to you, your friend, seized by armed men in camouflage (of a population of 500,000) have your fellow earth-dweller suffers. They on 8 August 2007 at 12:54pm. He forcibly disappeared in Ingushetia. Please write to: stand are being killed, and you say nothing. has not been seen since. Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev Tomorrow those who killed will come Ibragim Gazdiev, a university President of the Russian Federation for you, and this time you will stay graduate who worked as a shop Join the defenders ul. Ilyinka, 23 silent for ever. I appeal to everyone manager, was 29 years old at the time 103132 Moscow who can hear me: Do not stay silent! of his disappearance. The men who Call on Russian President, Dmitry Russian Federation Act!” abducted him are believed to be law Medvedev, to ensure that the Fax: +7 495 9102134 Mukhmed Gazdiev is a retired enforcement officials, members of the investigation into the enforced history teacher from Karabulak, in the Russian Federal Security Service. disappearance of Ibragim Gazdiev You can also email the Russian Russian North Caucasus republic of Mukhmed Gazdiev believes that his is re-opened urgently and carried Ministry of the Foreign Affairs: Ingushetia. He is disabled and in poor son was, or still is, held in state out in a thorough, impartial and health. In the last three years, he has custody, but the authorities deny this. effective manner. been trying to find out what happened The criminal investigation into Ibragim Joel nana says Joel Nana. A number of other men and transgender people across © Amnesty International African countries are also considering the continent.” defending legislation that makes the “promotion of homosexuality” a new, ill-defined Join the defenders the rights of offence. Such legislation can be easily used to target activists. Write a message of solidarity lesbian, gay, “I had friends who were gay, like me, who started getting arrested or (max 75 words) to activists defending the right of lesbian, biseXual and started getting sick”, says Joel Nana. “It took me a while to understand that gay, bisexual and transgender people in Africa and email it to transgender everything that was happening to them was because of their sexual Amnesty International will pass people in orientation. I noticed that the problem wasn’t just in the capital, Yaounde, it your message on. africa across Africa. Many African countries criminalize consensual sex between was the whole of Cameroon. As I kept travelling I realized that it wasn’t just Cameroon. It was Nigeria also, it was “My message is simple: we are all individuals of the same sex. Further Senegal, it was South Africa and it was human and we are all equal. The pressure comes from family, Kenya – it was the whole of Africa. Universal Declaration of Human neighbours and religious leaders. That is why I decided to re-orientate Wire [ June/ July 10 ] Rights is meant for all human beings Activists daring to defend their my career to make this work not only regardless of race, regardless of rights are often harassed and my passion but also my profession. cultural background, regardless of intimidated. “I now work for AMSHeR sexual orientation.” “Activists in Uganda are currently (, a coalition of Joel Nana is a Cameroonian fighting a bill so drastic that it will human rights organizations from 15 activist, based in South Africa, sentence people who engage in same African countries working for greater 8 campaigning for the rights of lesbian, sex practices to life in prison and, to access to HIV prevention and care gay, bisexual and transgender people some extent, to the death sentence”, services for men who have sex with
  11. 11. Welcome 2010 to your World cup activism toolkit Inside these pages you will find everything you need to inspire and inform your family, friends and local community about human rights by playing, watching and talking about… football. 11 defenders 11 actions 1 goal