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Waves Platform - A Complete Overview


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The cryptocurrency disruption has taken the world by a storm in the past few years and has led the coders around the world into a crypto-rush. Unarguably, what would have been a much needed sustainable change to the existing legacy technologies has been handled with a sense of urgency. However, one organization has made its mission to consolidate its position in the cryptosphere by forming a strategic and well-knitted web of services that takes blockchain to the people – Waves platform. Waves is an open blockchain platform – similar to the bitcoin blockchain. The goal of the blockchain is to create an exchange of digital assets while also providing a crowdfunding solution.

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Waves Platform - A Complete Overview

  1. 1. In Focus: Waves A comprehensive summary of the platform that brings strategic and structured crypto-solutions
  2. 2. ● Waves Blockchain ● Waves Client ● Tokenomica ● Waves Lab CONTENTS
  4. 4. ● Waves Blockchain ● Waves Client ● Tokenomica ● Waves Lab CONTENTS
  5. 5. ● Waves - NG is the blockchain that powers the Waves platform ● Recently the Waves team has proved that their blockchain can handle 150 transactions per second, making it fastest amongst the existing blockchains ● Unlike other blockchains, the NG protocol allows user to access the blockchain without downloading it ● Waves releases a block every one minute WAVES BLOCKCHAIN: WAVES - NG
  6. 6. ● Waves is working on the Non-turing smart contracts in first quarter of 2018 ● The initial attempt is to work securely while the smart contracts cover most of the possible use cases ● Post the successful launch of Non-turing smart contracts, Waves team will implement Turing smart contracts in the last quarter of 2018 ● Post this implementation, the smart contracts would cover all the use cases on par with their competition with complete security WAVES BLOCKCHAIN: SMART CONTRACTS
  7. 7. ● Banking on the immutability of blockchain, Waves is apt for voting exercises ● The voting can be in the form of tokens received per person in a stipulated time with one token per person or with no cap on tokens per person ● This voting system would be a game changer for taking business decisions involving many stakeholders ● The voting would be transparent and free from rigging and fraudulent activities WAVES BLOCKCHAIN: VOTING
  8. 8. ● Atomic swaps facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies without the involvement of any third party ● Waves team would be working on the implementation of atomic swaps early this year ● Post the implementation, the team plans to launch the trading of ERC20 tokens against Waves tokens by the end of 2018 ● The implementation on a decentralized exchange would be a monumental step for cryptocurrencies WAVES BLOCKCHAIN: ATOMIC SWAPS
  9. 9. ● Waves Blockchain ● Waves Client ● Tokenomica ● Waves Lab CONTENTS
  10. 10. ● Multi-currency wallet is available with Waves client ● The wallets are blockchain addresses only the users control ● The funds are not stored on the exchange and are stored in the blockchain addresses accessible only by users ● Very user friendly and easy to access WAVES CLIENT: WALLET
  11. 11. ● DEX is the most practical tool to exchange tokens ● A complete decentralized exchange that provides centralized experience with its quick order matching ● Nearly 72 tokens traded on the exchange ● Can load the tokens directly from the wallet without moving the funds to the exchange’s possession WAVES CLIENT: DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE (DEX)
  12. 12. ● Easy to use interface that allows users to create their own tokens in minutes ● An able DEX to register and launch ICOs for the created coin ● Low fee to create and launch one’s own token ● Low transaction fee of 0.003 Waves to trade on their DEX WAVES CLIENT: TOKEN LAUNCHER
  13. 13. ● Fiat gateways are available for depositing money and purchasing crypto ● Through strong KYC, they have made the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies easy and viable ● Moving money in and out of the ecosystem through both Fiat and Crypto gateways is fast and easy WAVES CLIENT: GATEWAYS
  14. 14. ● Waves Blockchain ● Waves Client ● Tokenomica ● Waves Lab CONTENTS
  15. 15. ● Self regulatory body set up to provide the standards for ICOs and blockchain based businesses ● The body makes sure businesses meet all AML/KYC requirements ● It enables corporations to launch their own tokensales ● Open access to the benefits of crowd investment ● Provide compliant services to big businesses TOKENOMICA
  16. 16. ● Waves Blockchain ● Waves Client ● Tokenomica ● Waves Lab CONTENTS
  17. 17. ● Connects projects to wider communities, including businesses ● Ensure the project has solid business proposition backed by viable token model ● Set out a framework within which all Waves ICOs will operate ● Shape the emerging regulatory landscape by adopting a voluntary code of conduct ● Ensure liquidity for tokens traded on the DEX WAVES LAB