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Techniche 2012 @ IIT Guwahati


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I gave a guest lecture at Techniche 2012, IIT Guwahati's technical festival. This happened on Sep 1st at their Guwahati campus... sharing some snaps.

Published in: Technology
  • Cleo Bonny Reading Ambassador
    I want to share this comment about polict implimentation

    This group assignment critically looks at variables and its impact pertaining to policy implementation from policy analysis perspective. . Even when a policy has been implemented, there may be some doubt whether the problem was resolved
    Cleo Bonny Reading Ambassador

    appropriately. Otherwise, the variables are the framework of policy implementation in public administration. Any selected policy can be implemented properly through the variables. Policy implementation and service delivery are critical for public sectors and is too critical that they are being undertaken
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  • Zastanawiam się kiedy uczelnie w Polsce będą tak wyglądały :)
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