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Social Media & BlogCamp - Delhi Bloggers Meetup


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Some quick snaps from the Social Media & BlogCamp organised by the Delhi Bloggers Bloc on 7th June, 08 at the IndiaTimes office in Gurgaon

Published in: Business, Technology
  • Nice pics never new that there was a internet building for Times
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Social Media & BlogCamp - Delhi Bloggers Meetup

  1. 2. The Times Internet building in Gurgaon
  2. 5. … . the unconference floor
  3. 6. Taxonomy of Blogs: A Media Perspective : Madhavan N, senior journalist@HT
  4. 7. Digital Marketing for the Travel Industry in the Web 2.0. Scenario   : Nirat Bhatnagar, founder
  5. 9. Participatory Media: The view from inside – Shyam Somanadh, Principal Architect, Network18 (Web18)
  6. 10. Priyanka Sachar (center)… the prime mover behind the event
  7. 13. Impact of social media on purchase – case study : Rajesh Lalwani,
  8. 14. Why must you tweet: Micro-blogging v. Blogging   - Sanjukta Basu, Blog and New Media evangelist
  9. 15. Twitter…twitter…twitter
  10. 16. Protecting "New" in New Media – Prashant Singh