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SlideShare presents - The World's Best Presentation Contest 2008

It's back.... the World's Best Contest Presentation 2008. Get your creative juices flowing. This is your chance to become a presentation global superhero.

Enter your presentation into the contest. Today! Your entry could be about anything - to teach 5th graders history, tell us why your city is great or convince us to buy hybrid cars. Evangelize Linux or share a recipe for that perfect apple pie!

Any SlideShare user can vote. Judges will pick winners from the top voted presentations in each category.

SlideShare presents - The World's Best Presentation Contest 2008

  1. SlideShare presents the World's Best Presentation Contest
  2. A chance to win exciting prizes including Apple MacBook Air, Amazon Kindle, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, Presentation Zen.
  3. Enter your presentation in the contest! It could be anything you know, love or care about!
  4. Funny pictures, Pitch to Vcs, Promote Hybrid Cars, Review Books, Evangelize Enterprise 2.0, Resume 2.0, Picture Slideshows, Rave about your city, Lesson plans
  5. Choose a category for your contest entry: 1. Business 2. Education 3.Technology 4.Creative / Offbeat 5.Picture Slideshows 6.About Me
  6. Users vote and nominate the best presentations in each category. Top presentation gurus will judge the winning entries. Judges include Guy Kawasaki, Nancy Duarte, Garr Reynolds, Bert Decker.
  7. Loads of prizes on offer! Best Presentation Prizes 1. MacBook Air 2. Amazon Kindle 3. iPod Nano Category winners 1.iPod Touch Honorable Mentions: Presentation Zen – the book All winners will also receive an official certificate from SlideShare.
  8. Why participate? You can be a GLOBAL Presentation Superhero! Winning presentations are viewed by millions and embedded on thousands of blogs.
  9. Check out last year's winners: Shift happens from jbrenman Meet Henry from chereemoore
  10. Last date for submission of entries 31 July, 2008 Results will be declared a week later.
  11. Get started now! Enter your presentation!