At the Mall Road…..
Lawrence School Sanawar (in Kasauli)
Lawrence School Chapel…
..the school corridors
…  the local church..
… the litterboxes are unique..
Bank of Baroda…has a striking building
Ever seen an Ambassador of this color ??
A typical house… in Kasauli
The Tibetian market…
Kasauli Club…
The Shimla – Kalka toy train..
This is @ Chail (55km from Kasauli)
Maharaja of Patiala’s Palace (Chail)
Looks spooky???
Palace Foyer..
Mall Road, Shimla
Indian Coffee House, Shimla
What Dosa looks like at ICH…
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Pictures from Kasauli - hill station in Himachal Pradesh


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Some photographs that I took on a recent trip to Kasauli & Shimla during the summers... both are hill stations in the state of Himachal Pradesh (about 400 kms north of delhi)

from wikipedia:
Kasauli is a small cantonment town in Solan district in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The town is the home of the Kasauli Brewery, which is the highest brewery and distillery in the world. The cantonment was established in 1842 by the British colonial rulers as a hill station. Located 77 km from Shimla, 65 km from Chandigarh and 50 km from Panchkula, it still retains the old world charms and is a throwback to the past.

Legend has it that Kasauli came into being when Lord Hanuman, on his way to getting the Sanjeevani herb, stepped here for jumping on to the Sanjeevani hill. At Kasauli there is a Hanuman Mandir atop the 300 m high hillock, called Monkey Point (locals call it Manki Point), where Lord Hanuman is supposed to have rested his feet. This temple lies within the confines of an air force radar station and base and is subject to security restrictions (no cameras or bags allowed). On a clear day, one can get views of nearby cities like Chandigarh. One can reach this point by road or on foot. On foot, it takes nearly two hours from Kasauli town but the scenery and harmony you enjoy makes the walk worth the effort.

Kasauli has many outdoor trails where one can experience the natural serenity. Some of the better round-trip ones are located off Upper Mall Road and originate near BSNL quarters located within the Indian Army Premesis. One such trail leads to Hanuman point. There's other trails on the Lower Mall that will take you towards Gharkhal. The trails are safe and easy. The main trail to Monkey Point leads through Air Force Guard Station at the end of Lower Mall and one is required to register here first. The entry closes at 5:00pm

The most happening place in Kasauli is the junction of Upper and Lower Malls both of which are markets with shops selling daily commodities and souvenirs for tourists. The Lower Mall boasts local restaurants selling local fast food.

Being a cantonment town, entry to Kasauli is restricted. Foreign citizens must carry their passports. The best time to visit Kasauli is between April and June, and September and November.

Kasauli largely remains untouched by civilisation. During off-season (November-February) it is still possible to walk kilometers without running into other people (unlike its neighbouring cities).

Central Research Institute (CRI) at Kasauli was established in 1905 and is a premier National Institute in the field of immunisation and virological research. The institute's contribution to medical field has been globally recognised time and again.

Kasauli is home to a beautiful club called the Kasauli club which was established by the British in 1880. Image:Kasauli club 1880.jpg

The Pasteur Institute, founded in 1900 by Sir David Semple, is the oldest in India, producing anti-rabies vaccines and also treating sufferers.

Popular Anglo-Indian author of children's literature, Ruskin Bond was born here. The Irish rugby international Andy Mulligan was born in the town in 1936.Kasauli is also home for some months of the year to famous author Khushwant Singh.

Prominent among the town's architecture is Christ Church (located near the bus station) and Lawrence School, Sanawar (6 km).

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  • beautiful pics.............but it doesn't looks like summer.........some pics have fog..........when did u exactly visit kasauli?
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  • wow its really awesome thats why i love my country and my state HP love u.
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  • snapshots of picturesque Kasauli
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  • Some beautiful photographs of an obviously beautiful place.
    Thanks for letting me visit. Greetings and smiles......
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Pictures from Kasauli - hill station in Himachal Pradesh

  1. 5. At the Mall Road…..
  2. 6. Lawrence School Sanawar (in Kasauli)
  3. 8. Lawrence School Chapel…
  4. 12. ..the school corridors
  5. 14. … the local church..
  6. 18. … the litterboxes are unique..
  7. 22. Bank of Baroda…has a striking building
  8. 23. Ever seen an Ambassador of this color ??
  9. 25. A typical house… in Kasauli
  10. 26. The Tibetian market…
  11. 31. Kasauli Club…
  12. 44. The Shimla – Kalka toy train..
  13. 47. This is @ Chail (55km from Kasauli)
  14. 50. Maharaja of Patiala’s Palace (Chail)
  15. 51. Looks spooky???
  16. 54. Palace Foyer..
  17. 55. Mall Road, Shimla
  18. 57. Indian Coffee House, Shimla
  19. 58. What Dosa looks like at ICH…