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Online eCommerce Management Services


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TIU Consulting specializes in providing excellent services in the eCommerce and content management domain. Please go through the slide to know more about it

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Online eCommerce Management Services

  1. 1. • Introduction • What We Do • Area of Services • Online Store Maintenance • Online Store Design • Success Stories • Case Study • TIU USP • Contact US
  2. 2. TIU Consulting is an emerging, U.S.-based website consulting company that can provide your business with clear solutions and structured troubleshooting for your company’s ecommerce, website, database and mobile applications, Online Store Management support. • Online Store Management • Custom e-commerce application development • Dynamic and static website development • Content management systems • Application migration, maintenance, and support services • Search engine Optimization SEO
  3. 3. Our experts team provide a diversified range of inbound and outbound solutions and support services, essentially functioning as your very own “ back office.” And they’re available 24/7, so your business can keep growing around the clock. We’ve already helped many clients become more competitive. Clients using our BPO services enjoy an overall cost reduction of 40- 65%. They also experience enhanced productivity, fast team setup and improved ROI (Return on Investment), with reduced turnaround time for business materials.
  5. 5. Online Store Management  Competitor Analysis  Online Market Researches  Inventory Management  Traffic Report Analysis  Sales Report Analysis  Maintenance : eBay Listing Applications Strategy Making for higher sales Continuous monitoring of Seller’s performance  Shipping & Handling Policy  Defining Return Policy  Feedback Reminder  Customer Support Services  Quality Assurance  Weekly Team Meeting to Increase Sale  Weekly and Monthly Sale Report for review  Immediate Action to Improve Listings Third Party Tools maintenance
  6. 6. Online Store Management  Account Profile Design  Logo Design  Web Store Layout Design  Listing Template Design  Store Design Updates  About Us Page Design  High Quality Product Image Design  Product Keywords Design  Sale Promotion Making  Sale Flyer Design Sale E-Mail Design  SEO Product Services  Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  7. 7. Online Sales & Marketing Daily Orders Processing  Order Acceptance & Maintenance  Product Transfer Entry  Product Shipment Process  Order & Lead Generation  Order Processing  Third Party Tools Maintenance  Easily track and manage sales right in My eBay with Selling Manager.  Automate, improve, and streamline high-volume sales. Manage listings, sales inventory, feedback, and customer emails in bulk.  Expert Professional to track trends and help grow your business.
  8. 8. Success Stories • Expertise in managing online store i.e. eBay, Amazon,, Rakuten, Newegg, Sears, eCrater, Global Industrial • Systematic approach to Build your store, Manage your listings, Promote your store & Track your sales. • Gained trust through continuous growth in ROI with multiple clients for online store management. • Achieved Highest sales growth rate of 136% on eBay & 425% on Amazon. • Maintenance: eBay Listing Applications Like; Auctiva, Turbo Lister and Black throne. • Effective strategy using Third Party Tools; Terapeak, Appeagle, Omniture.
  9. 9. is a leading source for quality packaging supplies. They are reputed in various industry packaging and healthcare packaging products. PackagingSuppliesByMail has done it all with potential presence in the market since many years. Improvement in Conversion and Engagement Matrix Online Stores Sales Total Sales For 2013 Growth Comparison Ebay PSBM 485689 23% Website PSBM 67545 17% Amazon PSBM 414642 425% 18371 24% Ebay MMBM 424010 136% 3849 29% 5838 102%
  10. 10. 99.4% Positive Feedback 12000+ Customers Positiver Feedback Achieved Platinum Power Seller Level on eBay Stores Top Rated Seller on ebay from last 2 years Above 5000+ Listing
  11. 11. Viva Home Decor is filled with the best variety of affordable country and primitive home decor from quilts, bedding accessories, window treatments, braided rugs, home fragrance, kitchen and bath decor and so much more. Improvement in Conversion and Engagement Matrix • 850+ listing in eBay & Amazon online store • Growth of 123% in year 2013 for eBay store of vivahomedécor. • Achieved & sustained top rated seller on ebay store .
  12. 12. All of your item pages contain an eBay Stores icon next to your user ID that links buyers to your eBay Store. The eBay Store Directory drives buyers to your Store. Your eBay Store comes with your own personalized web address so you can drive buyers directly to your Store.  Create a more professional-looking store. Choose to promote and highlight featured items in your Store Header.  Grab buyer interest and spur add-on sales by highlighting special offers, email newsletters, sales, and more with customizable Promotion Boxes.  All of your item pages contain an eBay Stores icon next to your user ID that links buyers to your eBay Store. The eBay Store Directory drives buyers to your Store.  Your eBay Store comes with your own personalized web address so you can drive buyers directly to your Store.
  13. 13.  Use Terapeak to gather your market intel so that everything you list is primed for maximum profit.  Research eBay data and view open and closed eBay listings. See the average price of any item on eBay.  Understand your competitors and capture more sales.  Our powerful reporting allows you to effortlessly monitor the performance and history of all of your marketplace listings and gain valuable insight.
  14. 14. Market Research and Analysis We research your existing products and services for your businesses.  We do competitive market analysis and create strong report to stand you on top with confidence.  Analysis of generalized pricing information to increase monthly and yearly revenue of your businesses.  We do sales research and compare your online sales activity across multiple channels.  Our research and analysis team will reduce your time and investment.  Our analysis reports and monitoring increase convenience traffic and quality to grow your business.  Our research and analysis team will guide you and lead you with best result of your online sales.
  15. 15. Productive Team Management System We select members for productive skills and teamwork ability .  Establish challenging performance standards only we provide you.  Assign whole task and emphasize the task’s importance for excellent output. Challenge the group regularly with fresh facts and information.  We have clear mission and purpose to lead your business to the top.  We have the right team size to manage your businesses time to time.  Delegate the authority to make the decisions needed, given their mission and targets.  Provide access to or control of the resources needed to complete their mission and achieve the goals.  Have an agreed-upon structure appropriate to the task.
  16. 16. Effective Client Communication Understand your businesses.  Web Meetings & Presentations.  Sequenced Communications Process.  Additional Information by Emails.  Deliver results and create ongoing value.  Communicate and define a Strategy with Measurable Goals. Communication Starts From Here Periodic Communication on Plans, Decision and Outcome Strategy Planning Decision Outcome
  17. 17. Quality Control: identifying errors and fixing them effectively  Proper project management structure Ability to find all errors and fix them in min time.  Aims to improve the process as it proceeds  Tracking project progress and providing feedback  Improves brand image of products and services  Improves business relations, operational efficiency, competitive strength and targeted markets.  Brings a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the quality control system by measuring specific project results to determine that the results match the standards.
  18. 18. Together, we can achieve your professional online goals Corporate Office Hudson, Ohio 44236 United States Phone: 800-578-1904 Fax: 866-691-8620 Offshore Delivery Centers  Nagpur, Maharashtra (India)  Gondia, Maharashtra (India) For Business related query kindly get in touch at