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Renark technologies

Providing complete consultancy and design in the field of Biomass power,Gasification Projects. In the field of Solar providing the solution like rooftop solar power project,off grid and On grid Project,solar Refrigeration. Providing solution in waste to energy,waste management,

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Renark technologies

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Renark Technologies is the pioneer in the field of Renewable Energy. Renark Technologies is established IIT scholars and Professionals in the field of engineering and science. Company is specialized to provide the complete and reliable solution in the field of Renewable energy . Special area of working in the field of Biomass Gasification projects, Solar Refrigeration/ON-Off Grid Projects. we are already providing the specialized system for Waste Management. Renark Technologies Vision:- To be the most trusted company in the areas of renewable energy systems specially in the field of Biomass, Biogas and Waste Management. Cleaner with reliable source is our main objective. Renark Mission:-To provide engineering, consultancy and design in the field of Renewable Energy and address the quality.
  3. 3.  Rooftop Complete Solution  Solar & LED Street Lighting  Solar Freezer  Solar Refrigeration  On grid Project  Off Grid project
  4. 4.  Biogas Power plant  Portable Biogas cooking system  Bio-Cng Gas for vehicle solution  Consultancy and Design of Vermicompost Plant for Organic Farming.
  5. 5. Waste management  Organic and inorganic waste segregation application
  6. 6. Energy Audit  Industrial energy Audit  Sustainable Energy Advisory and consultancy  Online Monitoring  Consultancy for Rising Electricity Bills
  7. 7.  Benefits of Industrial Energy Audit • Energy Savings • Avoiding Power Factor Penalties and Environmental Compliance cost • Quality Improvement • Productivity Improvement • Reduced Maintenance • Fewer Breakdown • Better Safety and protection • A process of Repeatable Improvement
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