Resolution for oam managed server start issue.


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Resolution for oam managed server start issue.

  1. 1. Resolution for OAM managed servers “not starting” up due to Coherence configurations Reason: OAM server picks the ports information from oam-config.xml configuration file which is located under $DOMAIN_HOME/config/fmwconfig/oam-confg.xml by default . This file has following port information 1) OAM Managed Server Port – Port that Oracle Access Manager uses for HTTP communications, default value14100. 2) OAM Proxy Server Port – An integrated proxy server (OAM proxy) is installed with each OAM Managed server and uses this port for communication between WebGates and the 11g server, default value- 5575 3) OAM Coherence Cluster Port- In a highly availability Oracle Coherence is user to keep configuration files in sync. Default cluster port in OAM-22828 4) OAM Coherence Local Port - In OAM, Oracle Coherence uses local coherence port as 9095 by default on each managed server . All those default values are hardcoded in oam-config.xml during OAM installation. Now when you try to start 2nd or 3rd or 4th OAM instance for first time, it picks the default values and tries to start services on them. But since first instance is already running services on default ports, the subsequent oam instance fails. Before starting subsequent installation OAM application after installation, take backup of original oam-config.xml file and change the following port values: 1) Search for multiple entries of OAM.coherence.cluster.port and change the default value to a unique port thats not in use 2) Search for oam.coherence.localport and change default 9095 to different value for AdminServer and oam managed server instances 3) OAM proxy port from 5575 to any different value. After making above modifications, the subsequent OAM instance should startup successfully.