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demostration and experiment nursing seminar

seminar on projected av aids (demonstartion & experimant)

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demostration and experiment nursing seminar

  2. 2. DEMONSTRATION 9/15/2017 TMCON
  3. 3. OBJECTIVES: • To preface topic • To define demonstration • To understand the purposes • To outline process of demonstration • To comprehend process of demonstration • To discuss ethical guidelines • To predict advantages • To justify disadvantages 9/15/2017 TMCON
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION: Demonstration is a process /activity to show and providing evidence of process Or happening. In short it is a performance to show a process or activity to others. For example – • How to throw shot pot. • How to play music and instruments • To show how to pronounce words • How to perform CPR 9/15/2017 TMCON
  5. 5. DEFINITION: “The act of exhibiting certain set of skills operations or use of a device & process. PURPOSES OF DEMONSTRATION: • Demonstration method shows some fundamental purposes in activity aids • Teaching a skill concept or principle • Delicate and dangerous experiments involving careful manipulation • Experiments involving difficult and complex operations • To teach the patient a procedure or treatment • Use of costly apparatus. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  6. 6. PROCESS OF DEMONSTRATION: Learning by watching a thing or process actually happening makes students actively involved in the activity as demonstration is an interesting performance .A demonstration will be effective if it proceeds in the following stages: • Pre planning • Rehearsal • Performance • Follow up 9/15/2017 TMCON
  7. 7. • Preplanning: for a demonstration all requisites and piece of equipment should be is advisable to prepare a checklist of all things required for the demonstration. • Rehearsal: After having gathered all the material and pieces of equipment for demonstration, the teachers must try out the demonstration alone for his own sake and confidence. • 9/15/2017 TMCON
  8. 8. CONTINUTION OF PROCESS • Performance: during the class room instruction teachers shows the demonstration at the appropriate point of the lesson the demonstration should be slick to the point with proper. Explanation. • Follow up: after the demonstration over the teacher must ask question and discuss was has been observed by students. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  9. 9. ETHICAL GUIDELINES FOR DEMONSTRATION: Demonstrator must be follow some fundamental instructions while performing demonstration: • The demonstrators must be well selected. • The materials are easily available • Present the information sequentially stressing the main ideas • Let the demonstrator proceed smoothly without interruptions. Do not drag a demonstration unnecessarily as students are likely to loose interest then 9/15/2017 TMCON
  10. 10. 9/15/2017 TMCON CONTINUTION OF GUIDELINES  Ask question from the students regarding what they have observed.  If students have not understood certain ideas during the demonstration then do it again.  Use other teaching aids to supplement your demonstration.  Check continually that your demonstration is going on the right track and students are getting the intended ideas .  Summarize the main points after the demonstration.
  11. 11. CONTINUTION OF GUIDELINES • Have a friendly and warm behaviour during yours demonstration • Allow students to perform after the demonstration is over • Give a handout or written material on the demonstration along with key concepts emerging out of it • Perform the demonstration from a place where from everyone in the class can see it. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  12. 12. ADVANTAGES: • It helps in involving various sense to make learning permanent • It develops interest in the learners and motivates them for their active participation • It helps in achieving psychomotor objectives • Any simple or complex sill becomes easy to understand. • Though, teacher behavior is autocratic, he invites the cooperation of pupils in teaching learning process. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  13. 13. DISADVANGES: • Good Demonstrators are not easy to find. Considerable skills are required to give good demonstration. • The demonstration method is restricted to only certain kinds of teaching situations. Some teachers try to use it where other methods would be better. • The “Result” type of demonstration may take considerable time and be rather expensive. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  14. 14. CONTINUTION OF DISADVANTAGES • Demonstration may require a large amount of preliminary preparation. • There is a danger of students being dishonest when teacher has to play the main role in the demonstration of topic. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  15. 15. EXPERIMENT 9/15/2017 TMCON
  16. 16. OBJECTIVES: • To introduce experiment • To state Definition • To discuss guidelines • To list out advantages and disadvantages 9/15/2017 TMCON
  17. 17. EXPERIMENT: An experiment is a procedure or a learning activity in which students collect interpret observations and carried out to support, refute, validate a hypothesis experiments provide insight into cause and effect by demonstrating what outcome occurs when a particular factor is manipulated. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  18. 18. DEFINITION: An operation or tentative procedure carried out under controlled conditions in order to discover an unknown effect or law to test or establish a hypothesis or to illustrate a known law. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  19. 19. GUIDELINES: While giving a lesson on an experiment ,the teachers should organize the instruction so as to make students aware of the following steps of the experiments: • Object of the experiment • Apparatus required • Procedure or methodology • Observations of data • Treatment of observations or data i.e computation to be used 9/15/2017 TMCON
  20. 20. CONTINUTION OF GUIDELINES • Results or conclusion • Precautions • Ideas for further work • after having given the instructions regarding an experiment ,the teacher must make all students to have hands on it. • Teacher must ask the students to write report on it • Result of the experiment should be based upon cause and effect relationship and conclusions from the observation . • In case of group experiments the teacher should go about the room or laboratory to stimulate and guide students individually. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  21. 21. ADVANTAGES: • The teacher can individually attend students while they are performing an experiment. • In group experiment, student learn to work with one another and this results in the co-operation and co-ordination value. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  22. 22. CONTINUTIONOF ADVANTAGES… • With experiments the student learn by doing and hence better learn. • Experiment makes student patient, regular and punctual. • Experiments builds scientific attitudes, observational power and ability to draw conclusions. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  23. 23. DISADVANTAGES: • can produce artificial results • In peer experiment there is chances of human error. • Some experiment required apparatus and equipment. • Consume time hence it needs patience to draw conclusion. • Person (human) error may leads to artificial or manipulated results. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  24. 24. CONTINUTION OF DISADVANGES • Experiment required some sound ethical grounds. • Experimenter effects - bias when experimenter's expectations affect behaviour • Artificial environment - low realism 9/15/2017 TMCON
  25. 25. SUMMARY: FOLLOWING TOPICS ARE DISCUSSED: • Introduction Of Demonstration And Experiment. • Define Demonstration And Experiment • Understand The Purposes • Outline Process Of Demonstration • Comprehend Process Of Demonstration • Discuss Ethical Guidelines Of Demonstration And Experiment • Predict Advantages Of Demonstration And Experiment • To Justify Disadvantages Of Demonstration And Experiment. 9/15/2017 TMCON
  26. 26. THANK YOU 9/15/2017 TMCON

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seminar on projected av aids (demonstartion & experimant)


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