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The request for a fully interactive mockup of your user interface design is becoming more frequent. It usually means an increased labor within the same scope of work, more time spent and eventually the same amount is charged. Do we really need to become prototypers as well?

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  • Amit daliot-ux-lx-2013

    1. 1. My client wants a prototypeDo we really need to become prototypers?2013
    2. 2. Aren’t we already overloaded?UX Designer Scope of Work02
    3. 3. UX Designer Scope of Work03
    4. 4. UX Designer Scope of Work04
    5. 5. UX job posts 201305Demand for prototyping skills among UX job posts17% 28% 18% 7% 11% 39%(Early 2012)2% 4% - 1% 0% 8%
    6. 6. 3 Alternatives…061. IgnoreAgree with the client that prototyping is outside the scope of work2. Invite a friendWork with someone who will prototype for you3. Take the challengeStart prototyping
    7. 7. Ignore07(Is not an option)
    8. 8. Many reasons to ignore08“Too often you can get bogged downmaking a prototype lookexactly like the real thingthat you lose sight of the design process.”
    9. 9. Many reasons to ignore09“Prototype is causing reviewersto focus on details and less on functions& concepts”“We think in generalities, but we live in details”Alfred North Whitehead
    10. 10. Ignore is not an optionWe use the prototype to better explore the problemand uncover previously hidden constraintsPrototypes can help you sell a decision that isfundamentally different from the client’s currentsolution or visionPrototype saves time. Yes, saves time10
    11. 11. A Quick Example in Axure11
    12. 12. Invite a friend12
    13. 13. Invite a friend13Prototyper ??!!Is it a new profession?
    14. 14. Invite a friend14A web based startup needs to hireat least 5 more professionalsin order to reach the same goalsused to be enough 6 years ago
    15. 15. SEO specialist152006
    16. 16. Page Rank…16
    17. 17. Online Marketer172006
    18. 18. Content Writer (jobs)182008
    19. 19. Online Community Manager192009
    20. 20. UX Designer202011
    21. 21. “GUI Design” VS. “UX Design”21
    22. 22. Web product manager222007
    23. 23. A new profession?23UI prototyper
    24. 24. 24ArchitectBuilderPlumberPainterCarpenterBricklayerElectricianLocksmithInterior designerWhy not…
    25. 25. 25But until the profession is established…A client less acquainted with web servicestends to take a “turn key solution” approach(and personally ask YOU to deliver it all)
    26. 26. Take the challenge26And start prototyping
    27. 27. Prototyping Learning Curve27020406080100120 HoursBased on Axure RP 6.5 statistics± 50h‘Perfection’± 100h
    28. 28. Take the challenge28How much time prototyping addsto your existing project workload?
    29. 29. One Designated Area (1DA)290.5 HourSketchPrototype
    30. 30. 2 Designated Area (2DA)301 HourSketchPrototype
    31. 31. 5 Designated Area (5DA)316 HoursSketchPrototype
    32. 32. Move step by step32Simulate onlythese conceptsthat may wronglyunderstoodSimulatebasic transitions bycreating alternatelayoutsin separate pagesStart deliveringstatic conceptsusing aprototyping tool
    33. 33. Yet, another reason…33Real crafts are evolvedside by side with aunique professional tool
    34. 34. UX = Craft34“A profession that requires some particularkind of skilled work.It is lying somewhere betweenan art (which relies on talent and technique)and a science (which relies on knowledge)”WikipediaCraft
    35. 35. What is a professional tool?35You cannot justify its cost for a single useIt demands a learning curveHas a community around itForms a profession barrier of entryCreates a long term dependency betweencustomer and craftsmanImmediately associated with a professionHelps deliver a tangible value
    36. 36. 4 Things to takePrototyping is becoming a mandatoryrequest from UX designersPrototyping must be part of our core process.It helps us improve our design qualityWe are witnessing the emerge of a newprofession – a prototyperIt is time to gear up with our ownUX professional tool …
    37. 37. Thank You!