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All about Facebook , from its history to its present facts.
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The facebook

  1. 1. What exactly is Facebook®? • Facebook® is a “social networking website” that allows you to create an online page to connect with friends, family, or make new friends with anyone anywhere. • On your Facebook® page you can share pictures, personal information , messages, videos , join groups and add applications. TheAmitChaudhary
  2. 2. Mark Zuckerberg Eduardo Saverin Andrew McCollum Net worth US $27.9 billion (programmer & Internet entrepreneur) net worth: Unknown (graphic artist) Chris Hughes Net worth US $850 million (promoter) Facebook was founded by Net worth US $3.3 billion (business aspects) Dustin Moskovitz Net worth US $3.8 billion (programmer) TheAmitChaudhary
  3. 3. Mission TheAmitChaudhary
  4. 4. Their Journey… 2014… • Acquired WhatsApp 2012 • Applied for IPO 2012 • Acquired Instagram 2010 • Most visited website 2007 • Microsoft purchased shares for $240 million 2006 • Open to everyone 2004 • TheFacebook 2003 • FaceMash TheAmitChaudhary
  5. 5. 2003 How it began • Facemash, the predecessor to Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg on October 28, 2003. TheAmitChaudhary
  6. 6. It wasn’t completely legal. How exactly did Mark Zuckerberg get the photos? He hacked into Harvard’s computer network and copied them, of course. This whole incident got the attention of Harvard’s school newspaper, The Harvard Crimson. TheAmitChaudhary
  7. 7. After Facemash: 2004 On February 12 , 2004 ,TheFacebook was created. TheAmitChaudhary
  8. 8. Six days after the site launched, three Harvard seniors accused Zuckerberg of intentionally misleading them into believing he would help them build a social network called They later filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg, subsequently settling in 2008 for 1.2 million shares (worth $300 million at Facebook's IPO). Cameron Winklevoss Tyler Winklevoss TheAmitChaudhary Divya Narendra
  9. 9. JUNE, 2004 Moved to Palo Alto, California Peter Thiel TheAmitChaudhary
  10. 10. IN 2005 • After purchasing the domain name for $200,000 and was made available to high school students. Users increased from 1 million to (2004) TheAmitChaudhary 5.5 million
  11. 11. ...”the next logical step” • Facebook expanded membership eligibility to employees of several companies, including Apple Inc. and Microsoft. TheAmitChaudhary
  12. 12. Mobile version debuts April 2006 The first version of Facebook for mobile devices is launched. Early versions worked through SMS, allowing users to send messages or post on their friends' walls by text message. TheAmitChaudhary
  13. 13. September 26, 2006 Facebook was opened to everyone at least 13 years old with a valid email address. (Reached 12 Million users) TheAmitChaudhary
  14. 14. 2007 Microsoft Beats Google on Facebook Deal (October 24, 2007) Microsoft purchased a 1.6% share of Facebook for $240 million - Rights to place international adverts - Giving Facebook a total implied value of around $15 billion Reached 50 Million users TheAmitChaudhary Steve Ballmer CEO (2000-14)
  15. 15. 2009 The 'Like' button arrives February 9, 2009 The social network adds a "Like" button next to posts, allowing friends to show their approval of a status update, shared story or photo. The option has since become one of Facebook's signature features. TheAmitChaudhary
  16. 16. “The Social Network” • 2010 More people visited Facebook than Google for the week ending March 13, 2010 • Another milestone was ‘The Social Network’, a movie based on Mark Zuckerberg, which was released this year and it bragged 3 academy awards, soaring Facebook’s branding massively. Reached 600 Million users TheAmitChaudhary
  17. 17. 2012 Acquired Instagram • Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service. • On April 12, 2012, Facebook acquired Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. The deal, which was made just before Facebook was scheduled to go public. TheAmitChaudhary
  18. 18. Off to Wall Street • Facebook held its Initial Public Offering(IPO) on Friday, May 18, 2012. and valued its stock at $38 a share which priced the company at $104 billion – the largest valuation to date for a new public company. Reached 1 Billion Users TheAmitChaudhary
  19. 19. 2013 In 2013 • Dec. 19, 2013: Zuckerberg donates 18 million shares of Facebook stock to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which (at a value of roughly $1 billion) makes Zuckerberg the most generous charitable giver in the world for the entire year. TheAmitChaudhary
  20. 20. 2014 Facebook turns 10 • Facebook turns 10 on February 4, 2014 and celebrates 10 years with ‘Look Back’. TheAmitChaudhary
  21. 21. Acquiring WhatsApp • February 19, 2014; Facebook acquired WhatsApp, for a total of approximately $16 billion, including $4 billion in cash and $12 billion worth of Facebook shares and an additional $3 billion in restricted stock units. TheAmitChaudhary
  22. 22. Key Facts • 945 million monthly active users on mobile. • 757 million daily active users on average. • Approximately 81% of daily active users are outside the U.S. and Canada. • 1.23 billion monthly active users. Mark Zuckerberg (Chairman & CEO) Sheryl Sandberg (COO) TheAmitChaudhary
  23. 23. “This is a great opportunity, but it also requires greater attention to and awareness of possible risks… Does the danger exist that we may be less present to those whom we encounter in our everyday life? …Virtual contact cannot and must not take the place of direct human contact with people at every level of our lives.” ~ Pope Benedict XVI TheAmitChaudhary
  24. 24. THANK YOU ;) TheAmitChaudhary