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Salesforce Apex Hours:- Spring 18 Lightning Component Framework Updates


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Hello Everyone !

"Salesforce Apex Hours" is a recurring event to talk about salesforce ! Some times we'd like to meet on one location and some time online. This time we are planning one online session on "Spring 18 Lightning Component Framework Updates" with Mohith Shrivastava .

Agenda :-
1) New Base Components (Carousel , inputfield,outputfield,input address,list view ,record Edit form , Tree grid )
2) Using flows in lightning components
3) Demo
4) FAQ

Speaker : -Mohith Shrivastava (MVP), Amit Chaudhary
Date :- Saturday, FEB 03, 2018 10:00 AM EST
Venue/Link :-

Amit Chaudhary @amit_sfdc
Email :-

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Salesforce Apex Hours:- Spring 18 Lightning Component Framework Updates

  1. 1. Farmington Hills Salesforce Developer User Group Salesforce Apex Hours :-Spring 18 Lightning Component Framework Updates #SalesforceApexHours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug Speaker :- Mohith Shrivastava, Amit Chaudhary Date :- Saturday, FEB 03, 2018 10:00 AM EST
  2. 2. Who am I ? Amit Chaudhary (Salesforce MVP) • Active on Salesforce Developer Community • Blogging at • Co-Organizer of :- FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug
  3. 3. Our Speaker Mohith Shrivastava Salesforce MVP Technical Architect @Codescience Contributor On Author of Book “Learning Salesforce Einstein” Tweet me @msrivastav13
  4. 4. Agenda ▶ New Component Library ▶ lightning:inputField and lighnting:recordEditForm ▶ lightning:recordViewForm ▶ Using Lightning Component In Flows ▶ lightning:listview ▶ lightning:treeGrid ▶ lightning:carousel ▶ Formatted input components ▶ Create Components Dynamically and Using Find Function ▶ Q&A
  5. 5. New Component Library ▶ Available at https://<myDomain>. ▶ If you don’t want to run lengthy command create a small shell script utility ▶ To open builder pages use below format sfdx force:source:open -f ./force- app/main/default/flexipages/<flexipage>.flexipage-meta.xml
  6. 6. lighnting:inputfield and lightning:recordEditForm ▶ Nested inside recordEditForm ▶ Needs a button of type submit ▶ Document says supports lookup but found some bugs on initial examination ▶ Provide Id if we need to edit the existing record
  7. 7. lightning:recordViewForm ▶ Provide recordId to display the data . ▶ Use lightning:outputfield to display the records .
  8. 8. Use Lightning Component In Flows ▶ Use lightning:availableForFlowScreens to allow lightning component to be used inside flows ▶ Can be used with both headless flows and also flows with screens ▶ Control flow navigations ,look and feel of the lightning component and dynamically update values in flows using lightning components
  9. 9. lighnting:listview ▶ Allows you to create listviews with one line of code ▶ One can make it generic as below
  10. 10. lighnting:treeGrid ▶ Tree view of the data in a table
  11. 11. lightning:carousel ▶ This is helpful for user facing interfaces , community templates much needed this component ▶ Currently in BETA
  12. 12. Formatted input components ▶ Lightning:inputAddress and lightning:inputName for inputs ▶ Below are some helpful formating components
  13. 13. Create Components Dynamically and Using Find Function ▶ Use cmp.find() to find a component that you create dynamically with $A.createComponent()
  14. 14. References ▶ Lightning Components Developer Guide ▶
  15. 15. Q & A ▶ Slides can be found here
  16. 16. Thank You Thank you for attending the session.
  17. 17. Follow Farmington Hills SFDC Developer Group Twitter Hashtag #FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug Meetup/ Facebook Page