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Salesforce apex hours : Introduction to external services



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Introduction to external services

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Salesforce apex hours : Introduction to external services

  1. 1. Farmington Hills Salesforce Developer User Group Salesforce Apex Hours :-Introduction to External Services #SalesforceApexHours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug Speaker :- Shruti Sridharan, Amit Chaudhary Date :- Saturday, FEB 10, 2018 10:00 AM EST ( 8:30 PM IST) Venue/Link :-
  2. 2. Who am I ? Amit Chaudhary (Salesforce MVP) • Active on Salesforce Developer Community • Blogging at • Co-Organizer of :- FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug
  3. 3. Our Speaker Shruti Sridharan ( • Speaker at various Dreamin Events, UGs, DUGs • Blogging at • Co-Organizer of :- Kerala Salesforce WIT • Twitter Handle:- @shruti4chess
  4. 4. Agenda ▶ What Problem Are We Solving ▶ How Can We Solve It ▶ Let’s Welcome – External Services (Beta) ▶ How Does It Work ▶ A Currency Converter ▶ Q & A
  5. 5. “What if you could now start doing API Integrations without any code!” —Clicks and No Code!
  6. 6. What Problem Are We Solving The Problem
  7. 7. What Problem Are We Solving  Nowadays there is an API Integration in every Org  Development effort that goes into every implementation  Repetitive Code  Not Admin friendly even with the advent of Processes
  8. 8. Maintain Endpoints Handling Auth Unit Tests Lot of Code What Problem Are We Solving
  9. 9. How Can We Solve It The Solution
  10. 10. How Can We Solve It ENDPOINTS AUTHENTICATION APEX REUSABILITY Manage Them All Handle Auth (OAuth, API Key…) Zero Development Effort Use in Apex, Flows, Processes
  11. 11. Let’s Welcome – External Services (Beta) The Hero
  12. 12. External Services (Beta) Plug & Play Clicks & No Code Everywhere – Processes, Flows Everything is taken care of – Endpoints, Auth..
  13. 13. How Does It Work The Working
  14. 14. How Does It Work 1 2 3 4 5 Write a Schema (Swagger or Integrant) for your API Setup a Named Credential for Authentication Import the Schema (JSON) Select the Named Credential Voila – You have Actions created for all the Verbs!
  15. 15. Demo Consuming the Fixer.IO API for Currency Conversion
  16. 16. Hang On! Points To Note It’s Beta Still! So hold tight.
  17. 17. Hang On! Points To Note  Doesn’t Support Complex Schema as O/P  Doesn’t Support APIs with No Inputs  It’s Beta - There could be gotchas!
  18. 18. A Currency Converter Use Case
  19. 19. A Currency Converter Convert Amount to another Currency 1 2 3 Visual Workflow + External Services Lightning Ready!
  20. 20. Demo A Currency Converter
  21. 21. REFERENCES Deepak K Anand Moral Support, Guidance, Suggestions Joshua Hoskins For Finding Fixer.IO And our wonderful #SalesforceOhana Warmth, love and affection!
  22. 22. Thank You Thank you for attending the session.
  23. 23. Follow Farmington Hills SFDC Developer Group Twitter Hashtag #FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug Meetup/ Facebook Page