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Einstein Analytics Part 2


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Einstein Analytics

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Einstein Analytics Part 2

  1. 1. Farmington Hills Salesforce Developer User Group Apex Hours Einstein Analytics #SalesforceApexHours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug Speaker Date Venue/Link Rikke Hovgaard, Amit Chaudhary Saturday, OCT 27, 2018 10:00 AM EST ( 7:00 PM IST)
  2. 2. Who am I ? Amit Chaudhary (Salesforce MVP) • Active on Salesforce Developer Community • Blogging at • Co-Organizer of – FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug • Follow us @Amit_SFDC or @ApexHours #SalesforceApexHours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug
  3. 3. Our Speaker Rikke Hovgaard Einstein Analytics Solution Architect with Salesforce (ACE team) User Group Leader Blogging at Follow me on Twitter @HovsaRikke #SalesforceApexHours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug
  4. 4. ▶ Data, Data, Data ▶ SAQL – Compare Table ▶ SAQL – 2 datasets ▶ SAQL Timeseries ▶ Other Steps ▶ Bindings AGENDA #SalesforceApexHours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug
  5. 5. #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours Apex Hours This presentation may contain forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties, and assumptions. If any such uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, the results of, inc. could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make. All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of product or service availability, subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services. The risks and uncertainties referred to above include – but are not limited to – risks associated with developing and delivering new functionality for our service, new products and services, our new business model, our past operating losses, possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth, interruptions or delays in our Web hosting, breach of our security measures, the outcome of any litigation, risks associated with completed and any possible mergers and acquisitions, the immature market in which we operate, our relatively limited operating history, our ability to expand, retain, and motivate our employees and manage our growth, new releases of our service and successful customer deployment, our limited history reselling products, and utilization and selling to larger enterprise customers. Further information on potential factors that could affect the financial results of, inc. is included in our annual report on Form 10-K for the most recent fiscal year and in our quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the most recent fiscal quarter. These documents and others containing important disclosures are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our Web site. Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other presentations, press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all. Customers who purchase our services should make the purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements. Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 Forward-Looking Statement
  6. 6. #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours Apex Hours Data, Data, Data Without Data Sync With Data Sync
  7. 7. #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours Apex HoursDataflow At minimum has these plus Combine/create any based on these SQL Oracle External Data/ ETL tools/APIs Data Lake SFDC Objects Data Landscape - With Connect CSV (gets added to Dataflow dependent on DF) External on it’s own schedule Other SFDC Orgs Redshift, Other Connectors Marketing Cloud CSV - Manual Connect Trend Report Data in Analytics Dataset Builder Data Recipes (not part of Dataflow) Start from or combine from any of these dataset Recipes
  8. 8. Apex Hours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours Dataflow + Recipe ▶ What: tools to transform and register datasets ▶ Recipe very accessible and user friendly, dataflow more powerful ▶ Example: create a compute expression ▶ Try it yourself: ▶
  9. 9. #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours Apex Hours Let’s look at the Data Manager
  10. 10. #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours Apex Hours Technical Jargon - The Dashboard Sales Wave App Service Wave App Event Monitoring App Dataset XMD Dataset XMD Chart type/properties + Query Chart type/properties + Custom Query (SAQL) + JSON Dashboard SFDC/ oData SOQL/ApexSteps Dbrd aka asset XMD *NEW (summer18) for conditional formatting and related - API accessible only
  11. 11. Apex Hours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours SAQL ▶ What: Salesforce Analytics Query Language – what is used at run time. ▶ Use when you more complexity. Start out building as much as possible in UI then switch to SAQL if needed. ▶ Example: YTD comparison, two datasets, timeseries ▶ Try it yourself: ▶ tables/ ▶
  12. 12. #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours Apex Hours Let’s do some SAQL
  13. 13. Apex Hours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours SOQL Steps ▶ What: A different step type that use data directly from Salesforce ▶ Good for real time – but has an impact. ▶ Example: Logged in user ▶ Try it yourself: ▶ in-user/
  14. 14. Apex Hours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours Bindings ▶ What: A way to link steps together or with widgets. ▶ Example: Dynamic Gauge, Dynamic Groupings etc. ▶ Try it yourself: ▶ dynamic/ ▶ ▶ wave-dashboard/
  15. 15. #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours Apex Hours Let’s do it
  16. 16. Apex Hours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours That’s all folks… ▶ ce-farmington-mi-developers-group-presents-salesforce-apex- hours-einstein-analytics-part-2#/ ▶ Embarking on your EA journey? your-einstein-analytics-journey-start-here/ ▶ Remember to create the Learning Adventure App
  17. 17. Apex Hours #FarmingtonHillsSFDCdug #SalesforceApexHours Follow Farmington Hills SFDC Developer Group Twitter Hashtag #FarmingtonHillsSFDCDug #SalesforceApexHours developers-group/ YouTube