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We have 15+ Salesforce developers, including certified ones, doing development for many Salesforce partners. They have good experience in customizing Salesforce, building on Force.com and also releasing apps on appexchange and trialforce and released many apps on Appexchange.

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Dreamwares_Salesforce Updated

  1. 1. Partner of Salesforce Partners Focus on Consulting & Growing Your Business 15+ Salesforce Developers [ Most of them are Certified ] 60+ Projects Completed www.dreamwarestech.com Copyright © 2014 Dreamwares. All Right Reserved We'll take care of salesforce development
  2. 2. 2 Contents 1. About Dreamwares 2. Why Our Partners Enjoy Working with Us 3. Customer Success Stories 4. Salesforce Development Services 5. Our Approach 6. See Our Work – Appexchange Apps 7. Happy Customers 8. Example CV 9. Try Us without Any Risk
  3. 3. 3 About Dreamwares1 Dreamwares was established in 2009 to develop cloud based applications. Its core focus is to become a major Salesforce development hub. It has partnered with many Salesforce consultants and ISV partners. Has more than 4 years experience in Salesforce customization, force.com apps, Appexchange, Force.com sites. Has developed applications on all leading cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine.
  4. 4. 4 Why Our Partners Enjoy Working with Us2 We've used Dreamwares for Apex and Visualforce work, and were impressed with the skill of their developers, their excellent communication, and their timely responses. We've already given them several additional projects since our first one, and are expanding to give them more shortly “Stony Grunow Founder & CEO at Daddy Analytics Excellent communication We hired Dreamwares for a Salesforce development. Very professional, his team did a great work. We will continue to work with Dreamwares for future Dev.“Jerome Moureau Co Founder - VP - CIO Reliability Dreamwares has been extremely helpful and easy to work with. They understand the requirements, are very responsive and deliver in a timely manner. I would highly recommend for any development job, big or small. “ Tom Brown Independent Salesforce Consultant Flexibility & Scalability
  5. 5. 5 Good stuff. We have been working with Dreamwares since a year now and they have developed many useful pieces of code for us. If Standard Salesforce functionality is not enough for your company, try customisation by Dreamwares. We are very contented with the results. “Markus Hebeler Manager, Business Processes at ICEF Deep Expertise in Salesforce Why Our Partners Enjoy Working with Us Over the last few months I've been working with Dreamwares on multiple projects. The projects include Salesforce customization, application logic using APEX and presentation layer with Visualforce and HTML pages, public Salesforce Sites and integration with AWS. I found the stuff at Dreamwares easy to work with, they are dedicated and very responsive. I'm pleased with the results... “ Oded Harniv SaaS Consultant and Salesforce Expert Dedicated and Very Responsive
  6. 6. 6 Customer Success Stories3 iTeachTexas needed a system for students and teachers where teachers can create quizzes for students to solve, review and grade them. We built a Quiz Builder app for them on Salesforce. Quiz Builder provides easy-to-use drag and drop interface to create quizzes. Tools are available to create single select question, multiple choice question and essay type question. User can create question by dragging tool to form. It lets you assign points for correct answer, randomly shuffle the questions, add pictures. After successful completion of this project, they had assigned us one more module of their system where we integrated Authorize.net payment gateway to make online transactions. Even after that they were facing some issues in their other existing modules (not built by us). So they were facing lot of delays in going live. We helped them fix these issues so could go live. Quiz Builder for iTeachTexas1.
  7. 7. 7 We helped an Airline company to manage its sales process through Salesforce. The sales process includes: - capturing aircraft inquiry via emails and external system. - Creating quotes for aircraft Inquiries. - Order and Invoice management. Technical Implementation:  Integrated with External System using web services to fetch flight Inquiries and schedule fetch process for every 5 min using batch apex.  Created complex Visual force pages to manage flight details.  Created Email Services to accept inquiries via emails from clients.  Parsed emails to create inquiries, account, contact and also update Account / Contact details.  Created Approval Processes for various stages of Inquiries, quotes and invoice.  Created Visualforce Email Templates for inquiry acknowledgment, quote, invoice, etc, to be sent to client.  Time based workflow rules for sending reminders for quote and invoice.  Displayed Airports within a specific radius on Google Map  Exposed Apex classes as REST API to integrate with IOS and Andriod Mobile App. Customer Success Stories Airline Management System2.
  8. 8. 8 Business Use Case: Secure Monitoring Archiving & Trustworthy (SMART) Chatter - for the Social Enterprise. It includes:  Create multiple unique levels of Secure Monitoring, Auditing and Archiving Data Retention Chatter Policies for Groups, Individuals and selected Targets.  Preventive restricted Blocking of posts in Post Content, File Content, Link Url, File Type and File Extension make collaboration safer.  Policy based Secure Monitoring allows specific compliance and security related keywords to be aggregated and used across the policy domains for control of Compliance and Proactive measures for Trustworthy Chatter.  The Audit and Archive trail also facilitates view of monitoring the keywords but also tracking all posts which is present in Audit thus enabling e-discovery and retention compliance.  Pre-Delivered Unique Business and Audit driven Compliance Dashboards and Reports. Customer Success Stories Secure Chatter3.
  9. 9. 9 An established AppExchange publishing company came to us with a specific challenge - could we create an app that would let Xero users seamlessly see all their Xero Invoices in Salesforce? After reviewing the architecture of Xero we came back and said yes, it could be done. This presented some challenges, because Xero cannot hold foreign keys from other apps, and does not have any capability to run third-party code. Furthermore, the Xero API is problematic in that it doesn't allow paging of data, and has itself a low daily API limit. Despite those challenges, we were able to create an app that worked with both Salesforce and Xero governor limits, and we were able to code the app entirely in Apex, allowing it to be a native Force.com app. Here's what our Salesforce Certified Developer said about the process of creating the app. "Using open source code, we were able to construct a custom OAuth connector to Xero within just a few days, keeping the overall cost of the project down. From there, we experimented with the API in Xero, determining the best method for the initial sync of historical invoices and the ongoing sync of recently modified or created invoices. The end-user client connects securely by uploading a Certificate to Xero, and recording the resulting tokens in secure custom settings on a Visual Force page. Batch Apex is used, as well as triggers to ensure matching of Xero account to Salesforce account for imported invoices. We're incredibly proud of what we were able to produce - people can finally connect the best cloud CRM with the best cloud Accounting system.“ Customer Success Stories Salesforce – Xero Integration using Apex4.
  10. 10. 10 Case Study: SFDC to Bug Tracking System Integration with Jitterbit The project was to replicate data from Salesforce to Bug tracking system and vice versa using a tool, Jitterbit. To implement this, we have created different jitterbit operations such as http endpoint, fetch data from salesforce, update data to bug tracking system and mySQL database, update fetched bug data in salesforce etc. We have also used salesforce outbound workflows to specify the changes to the fields within salesforce to Bug tracking system. We have notified users on when data is updated. Customer Success Stories Salesforce Integration using Data Integration Tools5.
  11. 11. 11 Salesforce Development Services4 Salesforce Services CRM Customisation Workflows, Custom Button/Links, Record Type Visualforce Pages Apex Component, Google Map, Dynamic Survey Apex Dynamic, Batch Apex, Scheduling Job, Apex Trigger Force.com / Appexchange apps Build App, Security Review Process, LMA, Trial Master Org Web Services / API Integration Twitter, Facebook, Chatter, REST, SOAP, Metadata API Force.com Sites Site Security, Customer Portal, Add Captcha, Autheticating Users 11
  12. 12. 12 Our Approach5 Understand requirements and scope of project Propose solution / workflow and get it approved by client Plan the phases and milestones with timeline Do development and track progress Communicate with client and give updates and demos Testing User acceptability testing Deployment 12
  13. 13. 13 See Our Work - Appexchange Apps6  Daddy Analytics - SF for Google Adwords replacement  Confident Governance - GRC Security Risk Governance  Secure Monitoring Governance for Chatter  Sales Risk Auditor Revenue Recognition  Social GRC - Crowdsourcing Risk Management * Please click to see the App 13
  14. 14. 14 Happy Customers7 14
  15. 15. 15 Happy Customers
  16. 16. 16 Example CV - Rupali Pophaliya (Salesforce.com Certified Force.comDeveloper)8 Rupali is Senior Developer at Dreamwares. She is very good in client communication and expert in integration of Salesforce CRM with Google Maps, twitter etc. Technology Expertise:  Responsible for designing and architecting technical solutions for Salesforce projects  Responsible for creating proposals for new Salesforce projects and performing effort estimation for the same  Integrated Twitter API in Salesforce. Created Social GRC App which identifies, monitors and tracks social conversations in real time. Also shows Twitter geolocation on Google map  Developed Apex, Visualforce, Apex Trigger, Apex Classes, Webservices, Javascript, Ajax, Batch Apex, Dynamic apex code for Sales Cloud Customization, Service Cloud Customization and developing native Force.com Applications  Created Apex Scheduler, Anonymous Block and implementing AJAX in Apex  Expert in writing Unit test methods for testing Apex Code  Implemented Customer Portal  Force.com sites development.  Reports and Dashboards  Worked on Validation Rules, Workflow Rules, Sharing Rules, Approval Processes, Outbound Messages, Time Dependent workflow  Developed apps for clients, publically available on Appexchange 16
  17. 17. 17 Try Us Without Any Risk9 Experience our Salesforce Development Services with 15 hours free trial. No risk involved. You can give us any kind of Salesforce work including:  Apex Trigger  Visualforce Page  Apex Class  Salesforce CRM Customization 17
  18. 18. 18 Contact Us: 3rd Floor, Anand Mall, Jail Road, Nasik Road, Nasik - 422101 (India) www.dreamwarestech.com 18 t s Twitter info@dreamwarestech.com +1 424 54 36723, +44 131 46 36723 @dreamwares agr.abhi Partner of Salesforce Partners