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  1. 1. RGS REBAR SITE can save around 10% of Rebar in the construction projects where Rebar is cut & Bent at the Site. This saving is achieved by “Software guided Site Fabrication”. RGS REBAR SITE generates easily understandable Graphical instructions for Cutting & Bending the bar. Since the instructions are pictorial, the Bar cutters and Benders understands the instructions easily and work accordingly. In the absence of Professional placing companies, it is easier to control the placing, if the Bars are cut in the field. 00. Save around 10 % of REBAR in Site Fabrication RGS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES make life easy Bars are cut in the field. It is good for the contractors to pay extra money for the Steel saving, rather than continuing the Rebar Cutting and Bending in the same old traditional way. Saving 10% of Steel in a project will substantially increase the profit of the contractor. Wherever a Shop Fabrication is not available , a new breed of Rebar Contractors, who can take the total responsibility of Rebar management including Estimation, Detailing, Cutting & Bending, Placing are getting into the industry with the aim of saving steel using RGS REBAR SITE. Stand-alone Site cutting machines are used in the place of Shear lines and Bins are created in the floor. The software guides where the cut bars are to be grouped. This arrangement simulates a controlled Rebar Cutting as it is prevailing in sophisticated hi-tech factories. RGS REBAR SITE also generates “Tags” for cut bars. Tagging the bar helps while Bending and the placers can easily identify the Bar location while placing. RGS REBAR SITE by default comes with the Inventory management module. This enables the complete recording of the Rebar transaction and the Rebar reconciliation statements can be generated automatically at any time.
  2. 2. FEATURESFEATURES REBAR DETAILS IMPORT • Data entry through a Graphical screen • Import from Excel Sheet • Import from popular Industry bar listing formats. REBAR VALIDATIONS • Detailing code compliance checking • Length validations and roundups CUT LENGTH CALCULATIONS • Automatic 01. RGS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES make life easy • Automatic SPECIAL BENDS • Can be defined REBAR INVENTORY DATABASE • Central Database for all jobs • Each job can also have separate Inventory Database REBAR PROJECTIONS • Rebar projections based on optimization • Also possible to project the best non-standard length required to reduce scrap levels. (Automatic Mill order length projection)
  3. 3. REBAR OPTIMIZATION • One of the fastest optimization engines using Heuristic algorithms. • Flexible options to select bars from stock or offcut bars or market available lengths. • Mill ordering based on non-standard lengths (Automatic calculation) can also be considered in optimization. • Highest level of Scrap reduction. FEATURESFEATURES 02. REBAR INVENTORY MANAGEMENT • Material receipt • Data entry through a Graphical screen • Import from Excel Sheet • Material Issue FABRICATION REPORTS • Graphical Cutting Document • Tags with counterfoils • Loading Sheet MACHINE WORK ALLOCATION RGS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES make life easy OFFCUT BAR MANAGEMENT • Innovative and Effective • Material Issue • Issue return • Purchase return • Automatic updating of Inventory data base from Optimization module • Automatic BIN POCKETS ALLOCATION • Automatic • User defined MACHINES INTERFACE • Shear Lines o Cutting Sheet • Bending Machines o Tags
  4. 4. A computer with a minimum of 512 MB RAM and Windows XP operating system with Service Pack 3. Your computer should have at least 1 GB of free hard disk space in your C Drive. HARDWARE & SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS.HARDWARE & SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS. Customer support is available through Telephone and CUSTOMER SUPPORTCUSTOMER SUPPORT 03. RGS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES make life easy Customer support is available through Telephone and through e-mail on standard working hours. Please feel free to discuss with your country’s support person to discuss more about the support . RGS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES (PVT) LIMITED. Old # 182 , New # 271 , Ankur Manor , P.H. Road , Kilpauk , Chennai – 600010. INDIA. Ph : 91 44 4285 9595 / 4285 9228. Fax : 91 22 6645 9590. Email : info@rgsrebar.com Website : www.rgsrebar.com Corporate Head Quarters :Corporate Head Quarters :