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RGS Rebar Shop Brochure


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Shop Steel Fabrication Software

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RGS Rebar Shop Brochure

  1. 1. RGS REBAR SHOP is a Rebar Production Software, designed to suit the requirements of Professional Rebar fabrication. This is Suitable for Shop Fabrication using semi automated Machines. Small and Medium fabricators can use this product and develop their business and convert this into RGS REBAR SHOP CNC, Once they switch into more sophisticated CNC machines. 00. Production Software for Shop Fabrication using Semi Automated Machines RGS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES make life easy RGS REBAR SHOP by default comes with the Inventory management module. This enables the RGS REBAR SHOP supports the two major fabrication models. 1. Client gives the steel and the fabricator to return the offcut bars and scrap, with justification. 2. Fabricators supplies Fabricated steel using their own stock Features : Rebar Detail Import , Rebar Validations, Cut Length Calculations, Special Bends ,Rebar Inventory Database Rebar Projection, Rebar Inventory Managements, Rebar Optimization, Fabrication Reports, Machine Work Allocation, Bin Pocket Allocation, Offcut Bar Management, Machine Interface. complete recording of the Rebar transaction and the Rebar reconciliation statements can be generated automatically at any time.
  2. 2. FEATURESFEATURES REBAR DETAILS IMPORT • Data entry through a Graphical screen • Import from Excel Sheet • Import from popular Industry bar listing formats. REBAR VALIDATIONS • Detailing code compliance checking • Length validations and roundups CUT LENGTH CALCULATIONS • Automatic 01. RGS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES make life easy • Automatic SPECIAL BENDS • Can be defined REBAR INVENTORY DATABASE • Central Database for all jobs • Each job can also have separate Inventory Database REBAR PROJECTIONS • Rebar projections based on optimization • Also possible to project the best non-standard length required to reduce scrap levels. (Automatic Mill order length projection)
  3. 3. REBAR OPTIMIZATION • One of the fastest optimization engines using Heuristic algorithms. • Flexible options to select bars from stock or offcut bars or market available lengths. • Mill ordering based on non-standard lengths (Automatic calculation) can also be considered in optimization. • Highest level of Scrap reduction. FEATURESFEATURES 02. REBAR INVENTORY MANAGEMENT • Material receipt • Data entry through a Graphical screen • Import from Excel Sheet • Material Issue FABRICATION REPORTS • Graphical Cutting Document • Tags with counterfoils • Loading Sheet MACHINE WORK ALLOCATION RGS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES make life easy OFFCUT BAR MANAGEMENT • Innovative and Effective • Material Issue • Issue return • Purchase return • Automatic updating of Inventory data base from Optimization module • Automatic BIN POCKETS ALLOCATION • Automatic • User defined MACHINES INTERFACE • Shear Lines o Cutting Sheet • Bending Machines o Tags with Bar Code
  4. 4. A computer with a minimum of 512 MB RAM and Windows XP operating system with Service Pack 3. Your computer should have at least 1 GB of free hard disk space in your C Drive. HARDWARE & SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS.HARDWARE & SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS. Customer support is available through Telephone and CUSTOMER SUPPORTCUSTOMER SUPPORT 03. RGS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES make life easy Old # 182 , New # 271 , Ankur Manor , P.H. Road , Kilpauk , Chennai – 600010. INDIA. Ph : 91 44 4285 9595 / 4285 9228. Fax : 91 22 6645 9590. Email : Website : Customer support is available through Telephone and through e-mail on standard working hours. Please feel free to discuss with your Country’s Support person to discuss more about the support . RGS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES (PVT) LIMITED. Corporate Head Quarters :Corporate Head Quarters :