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Information literacy powerpoint


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Published in: Education
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Information literacy powerpoint

  2. 2. WHAT IS INFORMATION LITERACY? (LI) It is knowing when you need the information, where to find it, how to evaluate, use and communicate it in ethical manner. Recognizes that information must be taken to include research data Also encompasses the ability to manage the information and data.
  3. 3.  Information literacy has been known by many different names: library orientation; bibliographic instruction; user education; information skills training.
  4. 4. WHY DO WE NEED IL?  For us to differentiate between facts, opinion and false statement.  Not all information is created equal: some is authoritative, current, reliable, but some is biased, out of date, and misleading.  The types of technology used to access, manipulate, and create information will likewise expand.
  5. 5.  Finding the good stuff is not always quick! And the good stuff does not always come cheaply, either.  In short, to make it in today's Information Age, you have to be even smarter, not dumber than your typewriter.