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Social media marketing _ The Future of Marketing


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Social Media Marketing - The Future of Marketing - 2

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Social media marketing _ The Future of Marketing

  1. 1. Social Media marketing – ‘Fire your PR NOW’<br />Author: Kevin Padiachy, University of Mauritius – MBA Cohort 09 -11 <br /> Submitted as partial fulfillment for the module on Strategic Internet Marketing <br />You need a networking manager to build trust with both your online and offline customers<br />
  2. 2. The world of social media<br />The Power of the Long Tail of Internet Marketing<br />Pictures – Example : Flickr <br />Blogs Platforms <br />Video – Example: You Tube <br />Social Networks – Example: Bebo <br />SMS<br />Wiki – Example: Twiki<br />Live casting – Example: Kyte<br />Lifestreams – Example: Ping<br />Customer service Networks – Example :Yelp<br />
  3. 3. Objective of SOCIAL MEDIA marketing<br />Get Feedback on your products quickly and throughout the community <br />Get Engagement from the community through the networks they interact online <br /><ul><li>Provide product information online and dissemination is done by the users themselves
  4. 4. Decrease the overall marketing budget of the business unit</li></ul>Why choosing social media marketing?<br />
  5. 5. How to Get it done ?<br /><ul><li>Examples of how to get it done online
  6. 6. Measure the content and quantity of blogs through specialized software
  7. 7. Make use of social bookmarking sites such as Digg
  8. 8. Use Google to send news alerts on promotional tariffs and services
  9. 9. Build a social network fan page
  10. 10. Create a You Tube channel to enhance viewer interaction
  11. 11. Set up a Twitter account for news </li></ul>Don’t forget to make use of web analytics to measure your return on investment<br />
  12. 12. Why social media will change marketing ?<br />Why social networks? <br />There are over 100 active social networks online presently <br />The fifth P which is making a revolution to Marketing<br />Products – Place – Promotion – Price - Participation<br />The social marketing process is the fact that marketers get in touch with the customers in the online network space<br />Who are the online customers? Almost everybody from individuals to corporations and marketing companies. <br />The future lies in development of software that would enable users to synchronize between the online and offline world, i.e. to a successful bricks and clicks model<br />The future of marketing <br />
  13. 13. Some statistics on Social media usage<br />Sites such as Linked In, MySpace and Facebook are changing from public profiles to platforms for communication, creativity, advertising, and even commerce. <br /> In 2007, roughly 37% of the US adult population used online social networking at least once a month and this figure is expected to reach 50% by 2011.<br /> Global online social network advertisement budget is growing by a factor of two from 2007 will grow 82% from 2007 to date. <br />There are more than 80 million active users on <br />Facebook is the 2nd most-trafficked social media site in the world (comScore) <br />A Forester study in Jan 2007 shows that Facebook and other equivalent social networks inspire trust. <br />Why choosing social media marketing?<br />
  14. 14. THE Process of SOCIAL media Participation<br />Listen <br />Measure <br />Participate<br />SOCIAL MEDIA AWARENESS<br />The Interaction of the stakeholders in Social Media Marketing<br />
  15. 15. The Public Relations Opportunity<br />Conversations & Relationships<br />Social Media Optimization (SMO)<br />Google Search is the new front page<br />Search Engine Optimization (SEO) <br />The Social Network Manager doing the job of the Public Relations Officer. <br />
  16. 16. The EMERGING CULTURE OF SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING<br />SMM operates in an environment of complete transparency and veracity<br />SMM operates in a gift economy where knowledge is shared free of charge as it is only in sharing that information gains in value. <br />SMM is a relationship rather than a campaign when we speak of traditional marketing<br />SMM operates in a sphere which is customer or viewer controlled<br />Finally, SMM makes a bigger leap when online interaction also occurs offline – this leads to referrals and subsequently positive impacts on sales of products marketed online and/or sold offline. <br />Marketing must acknowledge the power today lies in the hands of consumers<br />
  17. 17. Conclusion <br />The most difficult aspect of Social Media Marketing according to me remains the fact that marketers must prepare themselves to face and manage negative feedback while undertaking open dialogues with their customers on a social network. <br />The qualities of marketers and Social Network Managers<br />
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING <br />I look forward to have your comments and see you on Facebook <br />Thank You!<br />