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WebRTC 2014 Conference Closing Panel Survey Results


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Results of the audience survey for the closing panel at WebRTC 2014 conference & expo in Paris

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WebRTC 2014 Conference Closing Panel Survey Results

  1. 1. Closing Panel Audience Survey Results
  2. 2. What is the main benefit of WebRTC? • No download • Brings communications to the Web and Mobile developers • An open source media engine • No special benefit, it is the same as current VoIP but from the browser
  3. 3. Are there any roadblocks for WebRTC to be ubiquitous? • No real roadblocks • Awareness among Web developers • Interoperability and fragmentation – ORTC, Video codec, browser support
  4. 4. How do you view the readiness of WebRTC for Android and iOS? • Ready, no problem to compile WebRTC into your app • Android is solved, iOS still complicated • Still complicated to tackle this alone, use an SDK • If there is one reason to use an API platform this is it
  5. 5. What % of Telcos’ WebRTC investment & focus should be around IMS-integrated services?
  6. 6. When we meet at the end of 2015 which of the below will be true (select multiple)? IE and Safari will support WebRTC All browsers will support at least VP8 & H.264 Battle will be on VP9 & H.265 Android & iOS will have WebRTC API in the device for native applications More service providers will launch API platforms that integrate with their networks
  7. 7. Give one prediction for WebRTC in 2015 Strong authenticated identity, and this identity binding to communication encryption key importance will increase. Firefox hello will have taken 50% of MS-Skype market share There will be the same compatibility issues with Webrtc 1.1/Ortc WebRTC will not be mainstream - will be mired in interop and operational issues
  8. 8. Your Feedback
  9. 9. See You Next Year