SeeTestAutomation - Mobile Test Automation Tool by Experitest


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Run the same test on different mobile devices and operating systems with a mobile test automation tool that allows tests portability
- Perform mobile test automation using real devices and emulators
- Create a test on one device and run it on any other device model or operating system
- Increase coverage with full peripheral testing capabilities - GPS, Touch ID, camera and audio
- Start your mobile test automation quickly with a simple plug, record and play tool
- Enhance your mobile test automation by Integrating into all your major ALM environments
- Integrate with WebDriver (Selenium), HP UFT/QTP, JUnit, Microsoft Visual Studio and more
- Integrate with any continuous integration environment - HP Quality Center (ALM), Jenkins and more

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SeeTestAutomation - Mobile Test Automation Tool by Experitest

  1. 1. SeeTestAutomation
  2. 2. 2 • Automation tool • Same test runs on different devices • Plugs into all testing & continuous integration environments Network virtualization tool for testing applications under real network conditions • Full and complete integration into LoadRunner • Monitor performance of your mobile application on real devices, while the back- end server is loaded with mobile or web traffic, generated by LoadRunner • Device Lab located onsite (in the customer VPN) • Devices can be reserved and accessed by any remote user • Full DevOps capabilities - QA Automation, manual QA and development SeeTestCloud Onsite SeeTestCloud Online • Mobile device lab hosted by Experitest • Dedicated devices for the use of a specific customer C L N • Web-based access to remote mobile devices located in your onsite device lab (SeeTestCloud) • Productivity tool for manual users • Report with screenshots and videos of each step SeeTestManual SeeTestAutomation SeeTest NetworkVirtualization Mobile Add-on for LoadRunner M • View, plan and schedule your suites execution running on the cloud • Work on a large number of devices in parallel SeeTestGrid End-to-End Solution for Mobile DevOps A A commercial, enhanced version of the Appium open-source suitable for large- scale Enterprise deployments Enterprise Appium P
  3. 3. 3 De Facto Industry Standard for Mobile Testing Worldwide customer base of Fortune 500 companies, thousands of users, tests running 24/7
  4. 4. Test Automation Tool for iOS, Android, BlackBerry & Windows Phone • Software-only solution (downloadable) • Devices out of the retail store • Recorder function Simple, plug-and-play set-up • Object identification by native and web properties • No sensitivity to UI changes Cross-platform test portability (e.g. Android script can run on iOS) • Testing: HP UFT (QTP), WebDriver (Selenium), JUnit, Microsoft Visual Studio, Python and others • CI: Plug in for: HP Quality Center (ALM), Jenkins and others Integration into all Testing and Continuous Integration environments 4
  5. 5. Object Identification by Native or Web Properties Object identification by web or native properties (text or image recognition also available ) Native • ID • Name • Text • Class • Accessibility label • Content description • Hint (android) • Placeholder • XPath (e.g. Coordinates, Visible/Hidden) Web • ID • Name • Text • Class • CSS • XPath (e.g. Coordinates, Visible/Hidden) * Optional: Text recognition, image recognition 5
  6. 6. Run the Same Script on Different Devices Record a test on Android (e.g. Galaxy S1) and run on any other Android device – without making changes to the script Record a test on Android, run same test on iOS, WindowsPhone and Blackberry - without any changes to the script 6
  7. 7. Parallel Execution of Test on Several Devices Ability to run your tests on several devices at the same time (in parallel): Single SeeTestAutomation instance Single PC (physical or virtual machine) Single testing framework (for example – Single Eclipse) Unlimited number of parallel devices Can run on different mobile OS types at the same time 7
  8. 8. Testers can connect devices to their PC using a USB cable or WiFi Connect Devices Locally or Remotely Testers can connect devices remotely to a mobile device lab located in a different geographical location (inside the organization’s VPN) – using SeeTestCloud 8
  9. 9. No Dependency on Development Teams The Application is ready for automated testing as-is, no changes required Instrumentation on-the-fly No need for the app source code Non-instrumented Mode Identification on 3rd party apps (settings, Facebook, etc.) 9
  10. 10. SeeTestAutomation UFT Add-On HP ALM (QC) HP UFT Experitest offers UFT users the unique ability of using SeeTestAutomation from within UFT No need for knowledge of SeeTestAutomation tool- fully integrated into UFT Test mobile devices using UFT just as you would use it to test web or desktop applications. Learn more here HP Load runner A 10
  11. 11. Create Unified Environment for all DevOps teams Automation Non Functional Performance Production and MonitoringN Developers Manual QA A A A M M • Reduces debug fix cycle • Feature validation on multiple devices Immediate access to any device Simulates real life network conditions 11
  12. 12. Our Products’ Strengths End-to-End solution Automation, manual and performance testing Run the same test on different devices Same script, different devices/OS Parallel execution of tests (Manual & Automation) Easy to Use Plug, record and test - Support for any device, of the shelf Secure & Reliable Located inside your VPN, ensuring top security No shared devices or third-party dependencies Fully Integrative to all testing & CI environments Create, edit, run and view results from any testing environment Manage your mobile testing from any continuous integration environment Object Identification by Native or Web properties Full native and web support with over 30 identification methods Text and Image recognition also optional 12
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