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concept note (2)


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concept note (2)

  1. 1. Proposed Concept note on Tourism Promotion activities in Kpk Brief Description The aim of the project was to look at how to make Kpk more attractive for Tourists and how to make our region more connected with other region and cultures. A long term goal is to increase the perceived values of Kpk and by making it accessible and visible for the tourist and as well as for the locals. It’s also needed to elaborate the potential of Kpk in term of spots, Recreations, lake, natural springs, handicrafts, local productions, local culture etc. Main Objective of the project Sustainability of the Tourism Industry in kpk Specific Objectives of the Project To enhance the capacity of the Local community for the purpose to take advantage of the local human recourses. To Create a positive attitudes towards tourists in the local community. To establish safe Community based centers for tourism Promotion. Proposed activities of the project 1. Formation of Local Committees to involve them in tourism promotion of the area. 2. Training of the local Community to build their capacity that how to create the areas of attractions and interests for the tourists like local History, Handicrafts, Visiting places, Tracks of Hiking and Picnic Spots etc. 3. Motivation of community to create positive attitudes towards tourists. 4. Establishment of community Centers in the community which will be a place of attraction for tourist. 5. Promotion of Hujra as a stay markaz in the local community for the tourists. Methodology 1. Participatory approach 2. Arrangements of local folks program, Exhibition for the promotion of local products and handicraft. 3. Promotion through social media and IEC material distribution. By: Amir Hamza