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Present Corporate Indentity


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Present Corporate Indentity

  1. 1. DESIGN PORTFOLIO PRESENTATION Insaniah University CollegeName : MUHAMAD AMIR ASYRAF BIN AWANGProgram : Graphic DesignSubjet : Design PortfolioMatrix No : M 101053607
  2. 2. CORPORATE IDENTITY Company Overview Design Principles and Expectations Design Standards and Usage Examples Visual Grammer Standard Logo Usage on Business Cards
  3. 3. COMPANYʼSOVERVIEW• The following is an overview of what this company is about.• DAman Camp is a body which has 15 years experience in organizing activitiesoutside and inside. Activities organized by the module suitable for student’s ages 6 to 16years.• Modus operandi of organized activities are is to expose students to the direction oflife as a student to be successful, independent lives, a sense of responsibility to self,family and community.• It a corporation company that have more service for customer like accommodation,facilities, seminar, wedding, camping, meeting site, sport site, family day and others.
  4. 4. DESIGN PRINCIPLES AND EXPECTATIONSWhen dealing with corporate identity, it is important to keep in mind thepurpose of the design. The standard is there as a guide for accurate productionof the design, ensuring carefulness and avoiding imitations and awkwardness.It is important to maintain consistency in design with respect of color,typography and size.Key Company Qualities:• Embrace a global change orientation.• Focus on the Customer.• Create a defensible position through corporate strategy.• Empower Management.• Be in the information fast lane.
  5. 5. Customer Perception: Environmentally friendly. Classic.Logo Representation:Elegant and Eco-FriendlyModern & CleanDemonstrate value
  6. 6. Mission• We are committed to provide TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION through.• Providing alert, competent and personalized service.• Assuring whole some and safe accommodation.• Enhancing cooperation and teamwork in the organization.• Ensuring employees welfare and development.• Working towards globally competitive service.Vision• We envisioned D’Aman Inn as a dynamic and leading standard hotel, rendering above-par service, consistent with shared and sustained corporate growth and development.• where everyone feels at home, and where everyone works as a team with a sense of pride, security.
  7. 7. Goal• To build brand identity, awareness and interest in D’Aman Inn in globally in order toachieve target market share and put “heads in beds.”• To raise D’Aman Inn visibility and brand awareness as a worldwide leader in theluxury and upscale lodging industry.
  8. 8. TimelineDescription W W W W W W W W W W W W W W 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14Choosing productResearch about productProduct conceptDoing overall research onthe productProviding a conceptDrawing out a mind mapSWOT analysisCompetitionFlowchartLogo of the productSketch designPresentation
  9. 9. DESIGN STANDARDS AND LOGO USAGE EXAMPLESIt is imperative to depict examples on how the logo can be used by thecompany to maintain consistency. Since the D’Aman Camp cannot controlwhat people may want to do with this logo, however, it is important to specifycorrect and proper usage in order to eliminate falsity.
  10. 10. VISUAL GRAMMER• For the DAman Camp, there are certain qualities with which the companyis associated, namely, professionalism, simplicity and dependability.• The color, textual and font selections all contribute to the uniqueness ofthis company’s logo and corporate identity in general. R: 248 G: 153 R: 124 G: 22 Branding Logo B: 34 B: 24 C: 0 C: 30 M: 47 M: 99 Y: 97 Y: 96 K:0 K: 39 R: 237 R: 152 G: 26 G: 152 B: 78 B: 151 C: 0 C: 43 M: 99 M: 35 Y: 63 Y: 36 K:0 K: 1
  11. 11. Standard Logo Usage on Business Card