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Presentation by Rhys Smith on research. Uploaded using group members account.

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  1. 1. Rhys Smith
  2. 2. I will understand the conventions of a thriller by watching many films of that genre. There will be analysis on a range ofthose texts. I will then be assessed on your ability to name and use shot’s appropriate to the film as well as usingsound to great effect. use of Mise en scene focus and framing will also be assessed. Reading should be a main sourceof the research as it is clear who and who hasn’t shown thorough knowledge of the selected genre. Also adding all ofthe planning that is required to make a realistic looking film.I will be required to make the titles and openings of a new fiction film, to a maximum of two minutes.
  3. 3. Protagonist: The protagonist is the main character in the story usually the hero. A good example of this is in Batman, he isthe main character and therefore the protagonist in the movie. His job is to protect the people of Gotham, fighting crime tokeep them safe. Antagonist: The antagonist is also one of the main characters in a movie/Book usually the villain/enemy.The Joker in the Batman is the antagonist as he wants to do harm and defeat the good. Without the Protagonist andAntagonist there would be no story line, no plot and therefore the whole movie or book would have no meaning and bepointless. Transporter is a mixture of Genre’s Action/Thriller, where Jason Statham has to retrieve a boy who has beenkidnapped and as stated above a lot of short comings are heading his way. He has to do everything in his power to get outof those predicaments. This is where the action and thriller come into it as a lot of negotiating takes place as we know isnon-verbal. The main characteristics are as follows They are always a brave person throwing themselves in harms way.Always a daring person, taking one for the team so to speak and there when he/she is needed. Ambitious is a bigcharacteristic needed within the protagonist, he/she always has a plan that will get them out of trouble.
  4. 4. What is Genre? This word is French meaning any category or literature. Whether it be music, written, spoken, audial orvisual, they are all types of Genre. An example of a Genre is Action, this is where the protagonist usually takes a risky turnwhich in turn may lead him/her getting into a spot of bother (Fight Scenes, Explosions) characters almost always get awaywith seconds to spare from a daring escape leaving the audience in suspense and tension. This is where the climax isusually at, leaving the people reading, watching it gasping wanting to know if the protagonist has survived and if he hasdefeated the bad guy.A good thriller has to have intense excitement: building up suspense, tension and anticipation of things to come. As a moviegenre, it provides thrills from various circumstances presented in the story, where the protagonist or main characterencounters certain types of dangerous situations. When making a thriller movie, you need to keep the question of whatcomes next foremost in the viewers minds as the movie progresses.
  5. 5. A thriller has to have certain codes and conventions for It to actually be classed as a thriller. These are as follows.Narrative Trajectory.Bounded World.Timescape.Character Ethos.What is meant by these words?Narrative Trajectory is basically the audience gets drawn into intense identification with the protagonists will to stay alivethus making a bonding relationship where we can feel like we can relate to the main character.Bounded World is simple enough. The protagonist is segregated from the outside world by physical circumstances, andpsychologically isolated by betrayal.Timescape is basically a short but intense timeline as the main characters fears overtake their perception of real time.Last of all is Character Ethos. What is meant by this is that a relatively uninvolved character or by stander so to speak isdrawn into a larger problem and then finds out the only way to stay alive is through themselves.
  6. 6. Action adventure: Usually a fast paced film, with a unique storyline. But also contains lots of action andfighting which makes the film intense.Disaster thriller: Any kind of disaster that can affect a large amount of people such as Aliens invading or acruise sinking, or a storyline that brings about the end of the world.Historical thriller: This particular sub-genre is rather un common. Thrillers set in the past but are usuallycombined with other sub genresReligious thriller: The most common religious thriller is the ‘Da vinci Code’ This sub-genre uses the longhistory of religion in a film usually with high religious stakes and deadly politics.Serial Killer: This is a really popular genre in the thriller section. In this sub-genre, a serial killer is terrorisinga group of people with horrific violence. In almost all circumstances the main character is usually a detectivewho’s job it is to find the killer.
  7. 7. Character ethos in a thriller: The main character (Protagonist) or the lead starring role has to makes choices whichwill then set the scene for the rest of the movie be it if someones life is in danger the main character will have tomake a quick fire decision which therefore will lead to a series of events that would unfold before them. One of themain plots could be a mystery the main character has to solve and is devoted to the cause. The antagonists willthen go ahead and try and stop them with all means.There are a range of protagonists in each film depending on what the movies is about. For example. The enemycould be a psycho or a released inmate from a prison, a terrorist or an undercover cop turned bad. All theseprotagonists are in certain films but all have the exact intention of stopping the protagonist succeeding and the goodside to prevail.
  8. 8. I have learned there are sub genres that are concealed within each thriller. These give the certain codes andconventions away. I have grasped that all thriller genres must have the following for it to be classed as one.Narrative Trajectory. Bounded world. Timescape. Character ethos are the codes and conventions which I havestudied closely. I have also learned the sub genre categories in which are stuck into a thriller genre to make itwhat it is today. Films like ‘Psycho’ are thrillers but is also a serial killer genre. I have gained an understanding ofall the above and more which must be included to make a successful film.