This is Africa 2013 media pack


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This is Africa 2013 media pack

  1. 1. This Is AfricaMEDIA PACK 2013
  2. 2. The magazineThis Is Africa is an award-winning title examining Africa’sevolving relationship with the rest of the world. It is thefirst title to put the continent into a global perspectiveand look at how new relationships are developing acrossthe spheres of business, policy and development.This Is Africa helps to inform senior politicians andbusiness people who are actively engaging with thecontinent through high level interviews, commentaryand analysis from Africa and around the world.For those companies that understand the strategicimportance of Africa to their future business, This Is Africais an indispensable source of business information for thecontinent – it also provides high level networking andsponsorship opportunities through its conferences andbespoke events. 2
  3. 3. Editorial themesThe fast-changing relationships that African countries areforging with other regions and countries of the world are atthe heart of our editorial focus.We make sense of the trends that are reshaping internationalaffairs. Together with countries such as China, India andBrazil, these emerging markets have established themselvesas central actors in Africa. How will their political andeconomic engagement shape the continent’s role in world ACCESS IN-DEPTH ANALYSISaffairs? How will Europe and the USA, bogged down by This Is Africa’s ability to consistently At the core of This Is Africa’s coverageeconomic crisis, respond to these new challengers? provide its readers with commentary lies our unrivalled depth and insight into and analysis from leading African and the trends that are defining Africa’s roleAgainst sluggish growth in developed markets, Africa’s international political and business in the 21st century. We drill down and figures is one of our strongest assets. explain the drivers behind the rapidcommercial potential is being increasingly recognised by These have included African heads of acceleration of engagement betweeninternational business. FDI to the region is forecast to hit $150bn government such as former Nigerian the world’s major emerging markets andby 2015. With investment soaring, what is the role of the private President Olesegun Obasanjo, Ivorian Africa; the role of the Brics in reshapingsector in shaping Africa’s economies in the 21st century? President Alassane Ouattara and Sierra economies and politics on the continent; Leonean President Ernest Bai Koroma; and the strategic response from more as well as European Trade Commissioner established partners in the West.Through unrivalled access, we speak to influential African Karel De Gucht; Kofi Annan; and UKfigures, as well as global business leaders, policy makers, Secretary of State Andrew Mitchell. We have access to leaders like Bill Mills,academics and thought leaders to answer these questions. CEO for the EMEA region at CitigroupIn 2012, interviews and contributed articles included former and Xavier Rolet, CEO of the LondonBrazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Nigerian Central Stock Exchange Group. This Is Africa isBank Governor Lamido Sanusi, Kofi Annan, Graça Machel, a name that world leaders trust.Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Gordon Brown andUN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. 3
  4. 4. Editorial themesSPECIAL REPORTS BUSINESS POLICY DEVELOPMENTThis Is Africa regularly produces As economic crisis continues to grip Few factors shape the business While Africa’s commercial potentialspecial reports that cover a broad developed economies, Africa is fast landscape more than the policy is rapidly transforming the region’srange of themes and sectors. In 2012 becoming a strategically important asset environment and nowhere is political economic landscape, developmentwe produced a supplement for the for global companies that are moving context more important than in Africa, continues to be an important part ofAnnual Meeting of the World Economic from speculative short-term dealmaking where many of the frameworks that are its growth story. Yet the old modelsForum. We also produced Access+ to long-term investment. This Is Africa taken for granted in OECD markets are of aid and development assistancea special report on the current state covers the most important sectors still being developed. Understanding its are being challenged by emergingof education in Africa and Transforming shaping the African business landscape policy landscape is key to harnessing donors with new approaches. InValue Chains a special report on today. From ICT to financial services, the vast commercial opportunity of the addition, the power of the privateunlocking Africas agriculture potential. tourism and aviation we offer in-depth continent. Through unrivalled access to sector has prompted international analysis into the pillars of economic decision makers This Is Africa helps our development actors to develop new activity on the continent. We also readers make sense of this complex strategies to leverage public resources provide our readers with insight on policy environment. to drive economic growth. This Is the sectors of tomorrow, covering Africa’s coverage is at the cutting edge consumer markets and commercial of development practise, helping our agriculture, which are set to become readers understand the changing instrumental drivers of growth. face of development assistance. 4
  5. 5. Themes for 2013BUSINESS SOME OF THE MAJOR THEMES FOR 2013 Event distribution- Africa as a strategic investment destination - World Economic Forum Africa- Doing business amid global uncertainty - Infrastructure This Is Africa distributes- Commercial opportunities in a changing world- Adapting technology for developing markets - UN General Assembly an additional 15,000 - Governance and Institution Building - IMF and World Bank Group annual meeting magazines each yearPOLICY - Innovation and Social Enterprise across approximately- Africa’s role in a multi-polar world - Gender and Equality 25 industry events around- Building new partnerships in a shifting international order - Agribusiness the world, reaching key- Mapping the centres of power in the 21st century - Davos- Political development after the Arab Spring - The Beyond Business Sustainability Awards decision makers in international business.DEVELOPMENT- The private sector as the engine of development These events include large meetings- The complementary approach of emerging partners across mining, energy, investment,- Beyond business towards sustainable growth business, international development,- Does Africa still need aid? health, banking, agriculture, ICT and- Managing development budgets in a global recession climate change. The audience at these events consistIn 2013 This Is Africa will continue to strengthen its coverage of CEOs, Government Officials,of the African business and policy landscape through the Finance Ministers, Central Banklaunching of new products and editorial themes. Governors, Analysts, Fund Managers, Merchant Bankers, Lawyers, BusinessFirst and foremost, we will continue to provide our readers Leaders and Policy Makers.with insightful analysis and commentary that has allowed themagazine to establish itself as a trusted source of information. 5
  6. 6. This Is Africa reportsThis Is Africa produces reports in several different formats. Report costs: As a guide, the costs forTHEMATIC REPORTS: a report are as follows:These tend to coincide with large conferences and events and usually have multiplesponsors. In the past they have included World Economic Forum Africa, the UNGeneral Assembly, the COP17 Climate Change Conference in Durban and the UN 6 pages Millennium Development Goal Review Summit. Content mixes pieces contributed by £35,000 €44,000 $54,000experts in relevant sectors and editorial written by This Is Africa. 12 pages RESEARCH REPORTS: £45,000 €56,000 $72,000This Is Africa also undertakes proprietary research which is then prepared into aneditorial report using the headline findings. Specially packaged with our owninfographics, they provide a weightier product that is ideal for launching initiatives 24 pages that influence our readership. An example of this is the 2012 Africa Learning £65,000 €81,000 $104,000Barometer, developed in partnership with the Center for Universal Education at theBrookings Institution .UPCOMING REPORTS:Thematic and research reports scheduled for 2013 include:- Agriculture as a tool for economic development, in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation- Investing in post-conflict states, in partnership with IFC- The Africa Sustainability Barometer: The first region-wide assessment of sustainable business practice on the continent, developed in partnership with the UN Global Compact- The Investor readiness survey and benchmark: Developed in partnership with FTSECOUNTRY REPORTS:These focus on investment opportunities in African countries. The content is writtenindependently by This Is Africa and may have one or multiple sponsors. 6
  7. 7. Events and conferences from This Is AfricaThis Is Africa has a full service events and conferencesfacility with global reach. Our events attract high levelspeakers and delegates and are packaged with contentfrom This Is Africas editorial staff.We work in a number of different formats including full dayconferences, half day briefings and seminars, workshopsand roadshows as well as tailored roundtables. In additionwe are able to offer receptions, breakfasts, lunch anddinner gatherings that are hosted by This Is Africa and FTConferences and Events in association with a main sponsor.Depending on the format we can also integrate multimediapresentations through as well assponsored section write ups in the print version of Thisis Africa.Please contact us regarding the type of event format thatyou need and the costs associated with them. 7
  8. 8. Print readership and circulationThis Is Africa’s print Global circulationcirculation reflects thegrowing significance ofAfrica in all parts of theworld. Our geographical 23%distribution attracts readerswhere there is a demandfor more knowledge 10% Europeabout the continent andits relevance to them. 24% Middle 18% EastGlobal audience 25% Americas Asia20,000 AfricaReadershipBUSINESS 40% Readership by job functionGOVERNMENT 30% 25% 24% 20% 20% 11%INSTITUTIONALINVESTORS 20%NGOs 10% Senior government Consultants and intermediaries C-Suite Director of Policy Institutional investors officials 8
  9. 9. Rates: is your key online resource for a targeted, high-value audience comprised LEADERBOARD 728 X 90 MAX SIZE: 80KBof leading figures in business, government and education who have a strong interest in Africawithin a global context.You will benefit from a truly global platform, with regular visitors from over 190 countries. As well MPU 300 X 250as in-depth feature articles, the website also has exclusive video interviews, downloadable MAX SIZE: 80KBreports, web only pieces and a three year archive. RIBBON 336 X 60The new site has a registration policy which enables us to identify and understand our audiencein even greater depth. This gives you the flexibility to target your prime audience and ensuresyou reach most influential decision makers focusing on Africa today.ONLINE RATES (CPM) £ $ € SIZE (pixels) LEADERBOARD 6,500 10,400 8,130 728 x 90MPU 3,000 4,800 3,752 300 x 250DOUBLE MPU 5,000 8,000 6,254 300 x 600 DOUBLE MPURIBBON 1,500 2,400 1,876 336 x 60 300 X 600E-NEWSLETTER SPONSORSHIP 3,000 4,800 3,752 468 x 60 MAX SIZE: 80KBE-TARGETING – please contact us for further details.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS• Please use the following actionscript on the • We only allow one clickTag to be able to serve the creative from our server."Invisible button" within the Flash : • Do not embed the landing url in the SWF file. Landing URL must be provided separatelyon (release){ to be able to count clicks.getURL(_level0.clickTag,"_blank");} • Please cap the looping into 3 (max).This code must be used for the button that clicks to the link. • Size must not exceed 30kb.• Please can the creative be published in Flash Player 8, Actionscript version 2.0.We are unable to use creatives published in a version higher than the above. • Please provide a back-up gif file. 9
  10. 10. Online readershipOnline visitors’ geographic distribution Monthly impressions 43,000+ May 2012 40% 24% Reach Senior, Influential Decision Makers 38% North Europe 9% of our registered users America are in senior positions of Asia Vice President or above 26% 1% Visitors by industry type Africa Rest of Education the world Other 11% 14% Non-profit 11% 41% 23% Banking International and finance business 10
  11. 11. Rates: The magazinePRINT: DISPLAY RATECARD TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS £ $ € FORMATSFULL PAGE 11,500 18,400 14,385 Hi res PDF – all fonts and pictures embedded. All images must be converted to CMYK (not RGB). Note that special Pantone colours must be matched out of four colour process.OUTSIDE BACK COVER 13,500 21,600 16,885INSIDE BACK COVER 12,000 19,200 15,010 TRANSFERINSIDE FRONT COVER 12,500 20,000 15,635 We have an FTP/Internet Gateway facility: PAGE SPREAD 18,500 29,600 23,140 For further details, email: teresa.newham@ft.com1/2 PAGE 6,950 11,120 8,694 If emailing your advert ensure that all large files are zipped.1/3 PAGE STRIP 3,950 6,320 4,940INSERTS* 8,950 14,320 11,195*Loose inserts under 20gsm, global run of 25,000PRINT: ADVERT AND LOOSE INSERT SPECIFICATIONS (mm) TYPE TRIM BLEEDFULL PAGE 245 x 185 270 x 205 276 x 211DPS 245 x 380 270 x 410 276 x 4161/2 PAGE HORIZONTAL 118 x 182 1/2 PAGE DPS 118 x 380 11
  12. 12. Contact usPUBLISHER EDITORSimon Blackmore Lanre Akinola+44 (0)20 7775 6332 +44 (0)20 7775 lanre.akinola@ft.comASSOCIATE PUBLISHERS SENIOR REPORTERAmina Aziz Adam Green+44 207 873 4736 +44 (0)20 7775 Lloyd REPORTER+34 682 736 571 Eleanor +44 (0)20 7775 6843 Follow us on Twitter @FT_ThisIsAfricaPublished byThe Financial Times Ltd1 Southwark BridgeLondon SE1 9HL