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Sounding Board Introduction

Sounding Board's mission is to help students and professionals in the process of exploring and evaluating new career opportunities by connecting them with a personalized set of advisors, mentors and great companies.

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Sounding Board Introduction

  1. 1. Sounding Board Your Virtual Career Advisory Board
  2. 2. Mission Statement Sounding Board's mission is to help students and professionals in the process of exploring and evaluating new career opportunities by connecting them with a personalized set of advisors, mentors and great companies.
  3. 3. About Us “​For over a decade now, I’ve mentored career switchers leveraging the same tactics I employed to make transitions from Biomedical Engineering into Financial Services. From Banking to Asset Management and from Corporate jobs to Startup gigs. I am proud to have had a 100% success rate to date with all my mentees and clients. We start by getting to know your background, personality, desired roles & industries which helps us create your profile. We then create your personalized sounding board to coach you through new industries or roles. We then accelerate your industry & role knowledge via webinars and career panels. Lastly, we turn our attention to developing your personal brand and a networking strategy to reach your career goals." Amilcar Chavarria, Founder & President
  4. 4. My Background Now
  5. 5. Understanding the problems 01 Dreams are universal but opportunities are not. Sometimes people are limited by the examples of professionals they saw in their communities. Oftentimes, resources available are limited and candidates give up on their dreams. 02 Corporations have a hard finding and retaining talent forcing to waste money on recruiting fees that focus on a matching skill sets but not on personality types, overall size, risk tolerance and other factors. 03 Mentors that are willing to help remain on the sidelines due to time commitments to travel and meet with mentees. Also, some mentors would rather provide specific help and not a one stop for their mentees for all resources.
  6. 6. Our Solution Benefits Candidates Landing your dream job. A better understanding of your ideal role and company size. We create a personalized advisory board for you, help you accelerate your knowledge of your target roles and industries and develop a transition strategy. Access to a pre-vetted source of talent with strong alignment between our candidate's motivators and your company's core values. Reduction in long-term attrition rates. Cost-effective access to diverse talent versus using a recruiter. Volunteering can be done from the location of your choice. Sounding Board will match you directly with a mentee or incorporate you as part of an industry information panel depending on your preferences. It's likely that your mentee may need some pointers on a specific industry, role or general career advice. Minimal time commitment. Companies Mentors
  7. 7. Our Unique Approach Self Discovery We encourage introspection, feedback through a series of career battery tests to gauge aptitude, attitude and skills. Sounding Board We offer a personalized advisory board of directors comprised of mentors, advisors and sponsors for you to consult Branding & Networking We help you brand yourself by assessing your personality and marketable skills.We connect you with folks in your target industry and role. Industry Acceleration We help you accelerate new industry knowledge by assembling panels of experts who can share their experience with you. 01 02 03 04 We create a personalized advisory board for you, help you accelerate your knowledge of your target roles and industries and develop a strategy to reach your goals.
  8. 8. We opened doors at these companies
  9. 9. Target audience Students and Professionals in the process of exploring and evaluating new career opportunities in FinTech, Blockchain, Financial Services and Healthcare.
  10. 10. Big Four Bound Accounting Graduate “Amilcar is committed to the success of his mentees. He helped me assess my strengths and challenges to set a strategic and actionable plan in motion with clear end goals. Having a long tenure both as working professional and entrepreneur, he helps prepare his mentees to take the big leap and overcome obstacles on the way to success.” Jie Ming Loo Ortiz Tax Associate Deloitte
  11. 11. Banking Bound MBA Graduate Military to Corporate Transition "I had the privilege of meeting Amilcar while we were both attending Wharton. My background to that point was in the military, so I sought Amilcar out initially based on his vast experience within the finance industry. Given my desire to make a career change, I felt like he would be a great point of contact to help me network. To my pleasant surprise, Amilcar not only gave me several extremely valuable leads, but he also gave me encouragement and advice on breaking into the industry. In fact, I remember distinctly that I met with Amilcar immediately prior to having a coffee chat with an investment banker. Suffice to say, I was ill prepared to meet with that investment banker until I spoke with Amilcar. He helped set the stage for that initial coffee chat, which eventually led me to land a job with that firm. Amilcar is not only a great advisor, he's extremely personable and a great guy to know. I would enthusiastically encourage anyone looking for career advice to reach out to Amilcar, and then hope that you're fortunate enough to get the meeting." Ryan Nelson Investment Banker Credit Suisse
  12. 12. Banking to Asset Management Switch Aileen Gonzalez Business Development BlackRock “I had an incredible experience working with Amilcar to prepare for the interviews to beat out the competition. 500 people applied- only 7 people were hired - only 2 were placed on the coveted Institutional i-Shares team and I was one of them. Amilcar provided me exceptional coaching through the entire interview process, guidance on how to approach the compensation conversation which resulted in getting paid at a higher pay scale than other candidates. He also helped with and reviewed CV, resume and cover letter preparation. Couldn’t thank him enough. The role was my dream career.”
  13. 13. FinTech Career Switch Gagan Gill Product Manager PayPal “I am extremely fortunate to have worked alongside Amilcar! From making the jump in joining his fintech startup as his Chief of Staff (my unofficial title), to moving on to an amazing opportunity at one of the biggest FinTech companies, I appreciate everything that I have learned from him during the 2+ years we closely worked together. With his guidance, I was able to figure out exactly what I wanted in a career and find ways to challenge myself to work toward those goals. He helped me work through my big picture vision, all the way down to the nitty gritty of resume writing… bullet by bullet, which resulted in a bull’s eye career opportunity. Thank you, A!”
  14. 14. BSN, Registered Nurse Graduate Camillae Rocco Registered Nurse Red Cross “Amilcar helped me put together my linkedin profile and my visual resume. He diligently worked with me on my job search and the results speak for themselves. While a lot of nursing graduates are not able to get placed right away, I was able to find a job within a month of working with him. I highly recommend working with him if you want to jumpstart your career”
  15. 15. FinTech Lateral & Functional Switch DuWyane Thomas Account Manager Advisor Software “I have a lot of respect for Amilcar as a mentor as he’s compassionate, genuine but very laser focused, which are important to for a mentor to hold you accountable with the right touch. His patience, active listening and constructive feedback are essential to his approach. He also brings things back to basics, in plain english and with common sense. Amilcar obviously helped me with resume creation, ideation around career choices and who to prospect for new opportunities, but the best part was leading by example. Organically, seeing his commitment at work and overall energy, helped me raise my own bar. He leads by example by delivering results in his own career. I appreciate his friendship, sharing nature, integrity and unique coaching skill set. Work with Amilcar to get the job you want.”
  16. 16. Business Management, Dental Industry Vanessa Rivas Business Manager Private Dental Practice “I had the privilege of working with Amilcar Chavarria after I graduated from CSUEB. Upon graduating Amilcar helped me to put together my resume and Linkedin profile. I am grateful for the time that he took into coaching me through interview questions that I had a hard time preparing for. His guidance helped me to become confident in what I do, which led me into finding a management position in the Dental field. Amilcar also helped my daughter to put together an amazing resume with all the great talents that she has. She is now confident in applying for her first job. We are forever thankful for the coaching that Amilcar provided us with, and definitely recommend him to anyone that is looking to nail that next interview!”
  17. 17. College Graduate. Financial Services Jair Hernandez FX Analyst Wells Fargo “Amilcar was instrumental in helping me understand the financial services industry and business as a mentor. As a first generation college graduate, he helped me assess my strengths and weaknesses through mock interviews, professional advice and continuous support. The advice he provided early on my career forged the building blocks of how I continue to make business decisions daily. To this day, he is committed to professionalism and continues to check in on his mentees.”
  18. 18. Financial Services Lateral Move Sujata Rachakonda Financial Analyst Goldman Sachs “Amilcar worked with me at Merrill Lynch and after he transitioned to Goldman Sachs, he worked closely with me to put the best application forward. That meant going through my resume, preparing for interviews and follow ups. Amilcar also pushed from within as he's passionate about helping his mentees achieve the results they want. Without Amilcar’s mentorship and guidance I don’t think I would’ve completed the interview rounds successfully. I can't ever thank him enough for going the extra mile in helping me prep and landing a job at Goldman Sachs.”
  19. 19. FinTech Functional Change Steve Serra QA Engineer Advent Software “I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with Amilcar when he was spearheading a project at the parent company of my previous firm. I was looking to make a change in my career trajectory and Amilcar helped me craft a multi pronged strategy to bridge my niche experience with my new career goals. Amilcar worked with me and guided me towards identifying portable skills, competencies, and experiences from my prior roles and helped me to build a resume and LinkedIn presence that positioned me to stand out above the crowd for the career I wanted.”
  20. 20. “Future Experts Sounding Boards” AI driven Crowdsourced P2P Networks of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  21. 21. “Future Opportunities Sounding Boards” AI driven Crowdsourced Opportunities for Practical Training via Startups, Corporations and Universities
  22. 22. Our Services & Future Pricing Service Basic Premium Self Assessments x x Personal Brand Definition x x Resume Critique x x Resume Writing x x Linkedin Profile Creation x x Cover Letter Prep x x Job Board Access x x Networking Strategy x Personal Introductions x Webinars & Career Panels x Mentor Access Online x Interview Prep x Thank You Note Writing x Compensation Negotiation x Price $499 $999
  23. 23. “Future Skill Swap Sounding Boards” AI driven Crowdsourced P2P Network to fulfill community needs
  24. 24. Thank you! Sounding Board, Inc Contact: Phone: 415-574-7834