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Customer Experience Breakfast


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Amigo held a breakfast to talk customer experience with marketing experts from across industry and academia. We've handily collated some of their insights for your benefit and there's a link to a list of resources at the end. Amigo is about enabling marketers to excel at their jobs with the minimum of hassle. You can find out more at

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Customer Experience Breakfast

  1. 1. Customer Experience Breakfast 28.06.17 @ The Anthologist
  2. 2. We invited some marketing experts to breakfast to talk about Customer Experience
  3. 3. Here’s what our guests had to say
  4. 4. Kamal Bal Director of Digital Customer Experience Avon Kamal wrote a great piece about customer experience! “Most brands preach customer- centricity, but in reality they continue to be driven by short-term considerations.” “Customer Experience is the easiest thing to kick out of the window in the spirit of hitting short term profits.”
  5. 5. Claire Faltyn Head of Customer Experience Dixons Carphone “Show your CEO how poor customer experience scores relate to poor commercial outcomes - then you’ll be able to get buy-in on your next experience-related proposal”
  6. 6. James Donovan Account Director Edelman “You have to have context for data. From the marketer’s perspective, clicking on a mobile pop-up ad six times looks like great conversion. From the customer perspective, I’m pissed off that I couldn’t find that tiny cross to close the ad. I won’t be buying from you again.”
  7. 7. Tim Ryan Interim Marketing Director Wahaca “Make sure you partner with suppliers that allow your brand to maintain a high standard of experience post- purchase. Amazon and Pass my Parcel are an exemplar of this.”
  8. 8. Gabrielle Hase CEO CatDogFish “Creating the right customer experience for every customer online is one of ecommerce’s greatest challenges. Sometimes your customer knows exactly what they want and they’ll be annoyed at anything that gets in their way - other times they want be guided, educated & inspired. How do you accommodate both?”
  9. 9. Kate Nightingale Founder Style Psychology “Marketers should start taking advantage of behavioural science research to make brand communications more relevant to the customer and effective for the brand.”
  10. 10. Jordan Poulton Director of Sales and Marketing Makers Academy “Is it all about creating frictionless journeys? We deliberately create friction at Makers Academy. Not everyone can become a Zuckerberg by Christmas”
  11. 11. Abbey Mills Client Services Director Born Social “If a CEO overheard people complaining about their company in a cafe, they’d go over and speak to them to find out what could be done to improve their experience. Social media means that marketing managers can do this all the time.”
  12. 12. Stewart Stanbury Industry Manager Google “It’s not always about removing friction in the customer experience - consider the success that Apple have had in creating a category built around the concept of ‘delay & wait.’”
  13. 13. Phil Ley Founder Branded “When you go into a menswear store, sales advisers immediately suss out your intent. They ask: Do you know what you want? Do you need help buying an outfit for a particular event? Why aren’t brands doing this online?”
  14. 14. +44 20 7724 9363 Who knows? You may even get a free breakfast out of it. BONUS! Extra CX resources